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Gentleman's Magazine 1820 part 1 p.406

  Carlisle Cathedral

Carlisle, Carlisle Cathedral

(Concluded from p.315.)
BIDDING adieu to my Scotch friends, from whom I separated with regret, pleased with the sobriety of their manners, and their steady conduct; I pursued my rout to a place that has given an aching heart to many a parent; and if I object more particularly to one thing than another, it is the abominable system of matrimony upon an anvil, and uniting persons by the means of a horseshoe-maker. Gretna Green was the only place passed on the North side of the Tweed with disgust, and it arose from this contemptible adoption of means for an honourable connexion between the sexes. I must also observe, that my feelings were somewhat shocked at the naked feet and ancles of the females, fearing that they would be lacerated by sharp stones, and bruised by hard roads. My friend observed, 'that they required not my sympathy; observe,' says he, 'their feet are perfect, free from wounds, and capable of the greatest freedom of action, better, Sir, than yours and mine, which have been cramped in the cobbler's stocks from our infancy.' As facts speak louder than words, I was silent. The Borderers, however, determined still to be in opposition, adopted on the English line thick clumsy heavy oppressive wooden shoes; and in the towns I found the term 'clogger' written up as a branch of business, and a delectable one it seems to be.
Having entered Carlisle, and walking sedately about to take a view of the City, I was insulted by a drunken Elector, for it was during the agreeable time of the General Election that I found myself in this pleasant situation. - I expostulated; the reply was, 'all was fair at an Election;' now I thought otherwise; for meeting two out of three tipsy, I thought all was foul; and felt comfortable (that is negatively so) that we had not yet improved so far as to have Annual Elections or General Suffrage.
A fresh day brought fresh ideas and fresh circumstances. Happily for us mortals, we do not here 'continue in one stay;' events are but passing, and we ought to make them as agreeable or as pleasant as we can. To attain to the first, we are to be attentive to duty; and walking past the venerable red stone Cathedral of the time of red-haired William Rufus, I attended Divine Service on a Prayer-day; - the simple Choristers, some with fine expressive countenances, gave me new feelings, new ideas, and completely did away with the unpleasantries of the City - a few pious women and myself were the Congregation. Such characters were to be found when Christianity was in its infancy; they were to be found at the foot of the Cross, when all else had fled! and they are still to be found in out week-day worship, where male idlers seldom are seen. To such women as
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