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Gentleman's Magazine 1801 p.143

  Housman's Tour of The Lakes

Housman's Tour of The Lakes

41. A descriptive Tour and Guide to the Lakes, Caves, Mountains, and other natural curiosities, in Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lancashire, and a part of the West Riding of Yorkshire. By John Housman.
"THE following sheets form part of a more extensive topographical work by the same author; and a few copies have been printed for the accommodation and convenience of such travellers as may think the whole work either too bulky or too expensive. Besides his own observations, made in the course of his different tours, the author has had recourse to the works of several popular writers, from which he has extracted such passages as appeared to him the most interesting; and upon the whole has endeavoured to digest and arrange a concise and correct Guide to the Lakes, &c.; which he humbly hopes will be found an useful companion to the visitors of the many scenes and uncommon works of Nature within the district. With respect to the several stations for views, he has confined himself to general directions, leaving to the artist of taste to select for himself such as may answer his particular purpose. Unexaggerated descriptions, in plain and simple language, are here principally aimed at; and if the author in any instance has failed in the truth and justness of his representation, he intreats the candid reader to attribute such inaccuracies either to some unperceived mistake of his own, or to the misinformation of others, and not to any design of passing a deception upon the publick. Corby, June, 1800." Advertsiement.

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