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Gentleman's Magazine 1802 p.1186

  St Oswald's Church

Ravenstonedale Church

Dec. 10.
RAVENSTONEDALE Church, Westmoreland, (fig. 5.) was rebuilt in 1745. The following is part of a monumental inscription in this edifice: "Sacred to the memory of George Fothergill, D.D. and principal of St. Edmund's Hall in Oxford, where he lies interred, who departed this life Oct. 5, 1760, aged 54. He was a person of great parts and learning, and of most exemplary piety and virtue, which made his death greatly lamented." Dr. George Fothergill was the son of a very respectable yeoman of this parish; and his brother, Thomas Fothergill, was many years provost of Queen's college in Oxford, and died in 1796.
In this church is also the following inscription
"To the memory of Anthony Fothergill, / late of Brownber, / whose natural talents, and acquired knowledge, / rendered his character truly respectable. Though placed in a humble station, / he distinguished himself by a firm adherence / to the cause of Truth, Liberty, and rational Religion. / His integrity of heart, / social disposition, / and uncommon abilities, / gained him general esteem. / He departed this (his chequered) life / June 13, 1761, aged 75"
Mr. Anthony Fothergill published a work, entitled "Wicked Christians practical Atheists." From the inscription to his memory it might be inferred, that he had imbibed Deistical notions. It is evident however from his writings, that his disbelief of Christianity proceeded no further than a renunciation of the doctrines of original sin.
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