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Gentleman's Magazine 1802 p.1157

  John Hatfield
  Mary Robinson

John Hatfield and Mary Robinson

Monday, December 27.
John Hatfield this day went through a fourth examination at Bow-street; in the course of which the following letter from "Mary of Buttermere" was read by Mr. Reeves:
"The man who I had the misfortune to marry, and who has ruined me and my aged and unhappy parents, always told me that he was the Hon. Col. Hope, the next brother of the Earl of Hopetoun.
"Your grateful and unfortuunate
"servant, MARY ROBINSON."
The unaffected simplicity of this letter, coming from one who, though wounded in the most feeling manner, abstained from the severity of reproach; and though it breathed the soft murmur of complaint, yet was, throughout, remote from virulence or abuse, excited in the breast of every person present the sympathetic emotion of pity and respect for the unmerited sorrows of a female, who has manifested a delicacy of sentiment, and nobleness of mind, infintely beyond her sphere of education.
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