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Gentleman's Magazine 1804 p.954

  Earl of Carlisle

Earl of Carlisle, Verses

VERSES sent by the Earl of CARLISLE to the Archbishop of YORK, on his inclosing the Tomb of Archbishop GREY (a principal Benefactor ot the Minster) with a beautiful Gothic Railing of Cast-iron.

FROM rude approach, and from the touch profane,
This gen'rous Markham guards this crumbling fane,
Revives just praise to Grey, makes widely known
A course of lib'ral actions like his own.
And should a baser age, unmov'd, survey
Our much-lov'd Prelate's mould'ring tomb decay,
View Time's coarse hand each grateful line efface,
Nor the broad tablet to his worth replace;
Yet on the spot, where once was plac'd his urn,
Shall true Religion ever weep and mourn;
A reverential awe around shall spread,
And Learning point where rests his holy head.

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