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Gentleman's Magazine 1804 p.305

  roman camp
  Pykethwaite Fell

Pikethwaite Fell Camp

Carlisle, Jun. 12.
IN this Northern nook of our England, contiguous formerly to that lawless territory of the Border, the monuments of the elegant arts are none, or few; while martial relicks, and remains of bold though crude architecture, are frequent. The Antiquary often stumbles upon the Roman Cassis, or Saxon helm; and even in our wildest Muir-land the Grouse are frequently found encamped on the deserted station of the Victor Legions, or lurking under Saxon Dykes. I send you, Sir, the outline of a camp on Pykethwaite fell, near Christenbury Craggs in this county, (fig. 9). It does appear to our Antiquaries, whether it should be classed among the Saxon or the Roman ones. Without troubling you with any more remarks, which would but fill, without adorning, the pages of your excellent Magazine, I subjoin the drawing, fig. 9.
A. A. Ruins of a wall, about two feet and a half wide.
B. B. Ruins of ditto, about one foot and a half wide.
C. Sunken εννεαγων, nearly paved round with strongly cemented stones.
D. Sunken circles, paved round in the same manner, supposed to be meant for fires.
It seems as if a large fire was kept in the centre of the camp, others between two walls, and more occasionally without; probably as beacons at night, or to keep off the wolves. I leave it to some of your ingenious correspondents to comment upon the shape of this singular camp, and to assign it to its proper definition, style, title, and addition.
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-- (roman camp, Pykethwaite Fell)

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