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  Journal of a Tour through the North and England and Part of Scotland

Journal of a Tour through the North and England and Part of Scotland

Review of New Publications.
238. Journal of a Tour through the North of England and Part of Scotland; with Remarks on the present State of the Established Church of Scotland, and the different Secessors therefrom: together with Reflections on some Party Distinctions in England, shewing the Origin of these Disputes, and the Causes of their Separation. Designed to promote Brotherly Love and Forbearance among Christians of all Denominations; and some Remarks on the Propriety of what is
called Lay and Itinerant Preaching. By Rowland Hill. M.A. late of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Minister of Surrey Chapel.
THE title-page sufficiently discovers the design and tendency of this pamphlet. We learn from it, that, when Mr. Hill was a member of the University of Cambridge, that University "was almost in total darkness. ... ... He hopes some Gospel hero in the neighbourhood of Penrith will make it a point to to besiege that town (p.8); and he laments that "there seems to be an awful death prevailing over the people of Carlisle, though they have not wanted the blessing of some most faithful Gospel sermons from the dean, and his brother, the late Mr. Milner, of Hull, whose abundant services to the Church of Christ, not only as a preacher but as an ecclesiastical historian, together with his other useful publications, will render his name deservedly respected by all livers of the Gospel, and of good and useful literature" (p.9); yet "his sentiments, perhaps, might have been more correct according to Scripture rule, if less favourable to high-church discipline." ... ...
And more of the same into Scotland.

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