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Gentleman's Magazine 1812 part 2 p.6


New Turnpike from Carlisle

Hints for a Tour in SCOTLAND; in an Original Letter from the Hon. DAINES BARRINGTON to a Friend (probably Mr. PENNANT.)
July 17, 1771.
The following Route is calculated for a wheel-carriage; and you may depend upon being accomodated throughout, at least as well as in Wales.
From Carlisle there is a new turnpike quite to Edinburgh, with regular stages, and very decent accomodations.
I don't recollect any thing worth mentioning on this road, except that when you come to Selkirk you should inquire for Melrose Abbey.- I would advise you to lye there, as the house is a very decent one. It is not above 5 or 6 miles out of the road to Edinburgh.
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