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Gentleman's Magazine 1807 p.40

  Court Room

Whitehaven Court Room

Whitehaven, Jan. 1.
YOUR Readers will be glad to be informed of a circumstance that must afford great pleasure to numbers. The Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount Lowther has, it is believed, (without any solicitation) given orders for the immediate fitting up of the building in Lowther-street, long known by the name of the Reckoning House, which, from its ruined state, was re-erected a few years ago, but left unfinished. His Lordship has been pleased to direct the completing of this edifice, with the liberal view of accommodating the town with a suitable COURT-ROOM, COFFEE-ROOM, and LIBRARY, under one roof; and considerable progress has already been made in the work. All who have seen the plan, highly approve of the arrangement; of which some idea may be formed by others, from the following imperfect sketch: On the ground-floor, on the right hand side of the lobby, will be the Court-room, with a smaller apartment, for the purpose of a withdrawing-room for the magistrates. To the left of the entrance, the apartments for the housekeeper, or manager; which consist of a large parlour, two bed-rooms, pantry, closet, &c. and a private stair-case to the library and reading-room. The winding stair-case to the first-floor (or upper story) is in the centre of the building, fronting the street; a double flight of 20 steps on each side: surmounted by a very handsome portico. This floor comprises (to the right) the Coffee-room; with two smaller apartments for filing the newspapers, &c. and on the left are the Library and Reading-room. The dimensions of the principal rooms are as follows, viz. the Court-room, 22 feet by 21 feet 8 inches; private box, 10 feet 8 inches by 7 feet; the Coffee-room, 24 feet by 22 feet; the Library, 16 feet 4 inches by 7 feet; the Reading-room, 19 feet by 14 feet. The whole is well lighted; and the interior, we understand, is to be fitted up in a very handsome style. The line of iron palisadoes, extending the length of the building, will be 50 feet, including the gates in the centre; and the breadth of the area, within it, is 32 feet. The arrangement, and the manner in which it is intended to be finished, are such as cannot fail of uniting elegance with convenience. It is expected to be completed by Whitsuntide.
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