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Gentleman's Magazine 1821 part 2 p.370

  Princess of Cumberland
The Princess of Cumberland

The following curious notice was industriously placarded on the walls of the Metropolis:
'PRINCESS OF CUMBERLAND IN CAPTIVITY, Contrary to her Rights, Privileges, and Rank, at Mr. Davis's, 45, King-street, Soho.
'The Princess of Cumberland informs the English nation, that an execution has been served on her body for debt; and that the late King bequeathed her 15,000l. which has been proved according to law, and an application made to Lord Sidmouth for the payment of that sum, without effect; therefore, not having received one guinea from the Government, nor any of this large sum bequeathed to her by her uncle, King George III. she is under the painful necessity of appealing to the honourable generosity of the British public.
'45 King-street, Soho, Oct. 9.
Mrs. Serres' statements, respecting her high pretensions, appear to be fabrications too ridiculous to detail. Her maiden name was Olivia Wilmot, of Warwick, where she was born in 1772. Her brother, Mr. T. Wilmot, is now resident at Coventry.
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