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Gentleman's Magazine 1813 part 2 p.51

  Carlisle Castle
Carlisle Castle

In a 'Review of New Publications' of the 'Border Antiquities of England and Scotland'.
There are few Cities in England which have been the scenes of more momentous or more interesting events than Carlisle. During those years when the borders of the two countries were the theatre of alternate triumph and defeat of both, it shared with suffering fidelity in the fierce contests of its warlike possessors; and even at a later period, when Rebellion reared her bloody standard in the North, Carlisle was at once the witness of crime, and the scene of its punishment. Recently, also, the Muse of a popular writer has excited an increasing interest concerning all that relates to Border transactions, where will one be found of any importance, that is not more or less connected with Carlisle and its towers of defence? The office of Warden of the Marshes was one commnly bestowed upon Nobles of tried fidelity and known courage; and in their train were to be found the youthful aspirers after military glory, who longed to signalize themselves in feats of arms, where bravery was opposed to bravery, and the wreath of glory was won, not by a single achievment, or by desultory prowess, but by continued watchfulness, labour, and skill. In modern times, since Law has held its mild dominion instead of the ferocious and turbulent supremacy of arms, Carlisle Castle has lost much of its importance and much of its utility. It is now regarded rather as a vernerable relick of antiquity, than as an edifice formed for defence; and yet the mind feels a sentiment of sober and solemn delight in recalling the occurrences which are connected with it through every period of English history.
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