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Gentleman's Magazine 1816 part 2 p.173


Hail, Cumberland etc

July 21. A tremendous storm of thunder and lightning, with heavy rain, was experienced in Lancashire, and the adjoining counties. The electric fluid struck a public-house near Tockholes, which it greatly damaged, and killed the landlord. - About three o'clock in the afternoon, at Longpark, after a considerable deal of thunder and lightning, a dense whitish cloud cloud was observable, apparently about Barrock, which advanced with great rapidity, and, on its nearer approach, presented the appearance of the waves of the sea tumultuously rolling over each other. This phaenomenon was doubtlessly occasioned by the hail composing the body of the cloud, and whirled along by the hurricane which enveloped it. ... ... The same afternoon the hurricane visited Longtown and the neighbourhood. At Netherby upwards of 700 panes of glass were broken in the hot-houses of Sir James Graham, bart.; and 60 squares in the house were driven in with great violence by the hail-stones. A particularly large tree at Kirkandrews upon Esk, and more in the neighbourhood, were completely torn up by the roots. The country about Scaleby and Kirklinton also experienced the severity of the storm to a violent degree. ...
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