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Gentleman's Magazine 1824 part 2 p.548


Horseshoe, Carlisle

A very ancient horse-shoe was recently found, embedded in solid clay, four feet deep, in Mr. Cowen's brick-field, on the banks of the Eden, near Carlisle, a little beyond where the Roman wall crossed that river. It is of an extraordinary size, weighing no less than twenty-eight ounces. There were originally thirteen nails in it, extending all round the front, eight of which still remain in an almost perfect state. It is much wider than the modern shoe; and the hollow is filled up by a thick plate of iron, as if destined to protect the foot of the horse from the spikes used in ancient warfare, and continued down to the Border contests, in order to check the operations of cavalry. The situation in which it was found, buried so deep in pure clay, implies an antiquity much greater than the period of the moss-troopers, or the wars of the Bruces and the Edwards.
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