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Gentleman's Magazine 1817 part 1 p.404

  1745 Rebellion
A Remarkable Escape from the Rebel Army

Narrative of a Remarkable Escape from the Rebel Army in 1745
[following] The recent publication of the Culloden Papers ...
... I have been induced to look over some papers in my possession relating to it that had long lain unattended to. Among these a letter, giving an account of a remarkable escape from the Rebel army while at Derby ... the Narrative has never yet appeared in print, further than a few particulars of the occurrence being inserted, rather incorrectly, in a small volume printed in a cheap form at Carlisle in 1755, entitled, "A Complete History of the Rebellion, from its first Rise in 1745, to its total suppression in April 1746. By James Ray, of Whitehaven, Volunteer under his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland;" a publication which, notwithstanding its homely garb and style, is not inferior, as a record of facts, to some of much higher pretensions.

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