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Gentleman's Magazine 1806 pp.412-413

  Ponsonby Family
Ponsonby Family

April 10.
IN turning over the pages of Nicolson and Burn's History of Westmorland and Cumberland, I find the following particulars of the Ponsonby family, which seem to have escaped the notice of our Genealogists. Vol.II. article Ponsonby. "Ponsonby, the habitation of Ponson, was so denominated from a family of that name of antient time, which family afterwards took name from the place De Ponsonby, of which family and name there are several yet remaining.
There was one Ponson in the reign of King Stephen and Henry I. His son, John Fitz ponson, was fined in Henry the Second's time, because he wanted pledges. Alexander, son of Richard Ponsonby, lived about the
page 413:-
time of Edward II.; and William in the reign of Edward III; and Robert in the reign of Richard II.
Yours, &c.

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