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Gentleman's Magazine 1823 part 2 p.642

  William Green

Obituary, William Green



April 28. At Ambleside, aged 62, Mr. William Green of Keswick and Ambleside. He had lived twenty years at the last two places, in the midst of beautiful scenery. It was the business of his life to study Nature, and to that business he brough talents, perseverance, and enthusiasm. He knew the recesses of the groves and woods, as well as the stock-doves, and the cliffs and recesses of the fells, as well as the ravines. He was witty and pleasant, and there was a simplicity, a naivitié and bonhommie, about the man himself, which any one who conversed with him, or perused his works, could not fail to be pleased with. - He published "Studies from Nature, containing 78 outline engravings of scenery in Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire, with descriptions," fol. 1809. - "The Tourist's New Guide; containing a Description of the Lakes, Mountains, and Scenery in Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire; with some account of their bordering Towns and Villages," 2 vols. 8vo. 1822.

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