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Gentleman's Magazine 1790 p.57

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  Survey of the Lakes
  James Clarke

James Clarke's Survey of the Lakes

A Survey of the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire; together with an Account, historical, topographical, and descriptive, of the adjacent Country. To which is added, A Sketch of the Border Laws and Customs. By James Clarke, Land-surveyor. Penrith printed. folio.
THE thirst after variety having awakened a curiosity to visit the lakes in our own country, Mr. C. proposed a subscription, 1787, for a survey of them, in eleven large and beautiful plates, consisting of the roads to them, with the adjacent country, and then the lakes themselves, with their environs; which he completed in 1789.
The Introduction, in upwards of 40 pages, contains an account of the manners, customs, and dialects of the inhabitants, and of the scenery of the country, with strictures on the accounts of our tour-writers and describers of these lakes; such as Gray, Pennant, West, Hutchinson, Young, Gilpin, &c. &c. - The Border-history, or a farther view of the state and customs of the Marches, or debateable land, in several pages, concludes the whole.
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