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Gentleman's Magazine 1799 p.518


Accident near Hawkshead

May 13. A few nights ago three gentlemen set off from Hawkeshead, to go to a place near Ulverston, in Lancashire: soon after they got upon the road, which is in some parts very indifferent, and in general very uneven, two of them proposed to gallop their horses to a certain distance, of a few paces, for a trifling wager. They were riding at full speed, when, coming to a place called Foss Bridge (about 6 miles from Hawkshead), at the bottom of a steep hill, both horses ran with such violence against the dry parapet wall of the bridge as to break it down; both, of course, plunged into the stream, the bed and sides of which are rock. One of the gentlemen (a young man of the name of Taylor) was killed upon the spot, as also was his horse. The other one had one of his thighs broken, and the leg shattered in a dreadful manner. The third person, whom they had left at some distance behind, passed the bridge soon afterwards, without perceiving what had happened; but not long after, the discovery was made by a man travelling that way, who was alarmed by the groans of the survivor, whom, with the dead body of his companion, he found in the horrible situation above described.
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