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Gentleman's Magazine 1791 p.1079

  Luck of Edenhall
  Tarn Wadling

Luck of Edenhall, and Tarn Wadling

Dec. 12.
YOUR correspondent Antiquarius, P.995, asks, whether, "from the letters with which the (case of the) Luck of Edenhall is charged," it may not "be conjectured that it was originally designed for a sacramental chalice?" This, you may tell him, the canons of the church, which he will find in Lyndewode's Provinciale, render impossible. But I have no objection to think that it has been used as a drinking-glass by the superior of some religious house. My inability to procure drawings of this hall and glass (both which I have seen) alone prevents me from giving a new and handsome edition, with curious notes, of the doleful drinking bout, which, I have good authority to say, was not written by the Duke of Wharton.
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