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Gentleman's Magazine 1794 p.111


Naturalist's Ramble in the North

Jan. 30.
YOUR valuable Miscellany has just presented the publick with the ramble of a gentleman, who seems to have some taste for Natural History: his remarks were made in the South of England; and, with your premission, I will communicate, through the same channel, a short account of a similar excursion in the North.
Being in Westmorland last summer, I undertook a journey to Kent-sands, in search of natural curiosities, in the company of a friend whose taste is congenial to my own. The scenery of the country, and manners of its inhabitants, have been described by abler pens than mine; for which reason it will be proper to confine the following observations to the fossils, plants, and animals, that came under our notice.
We set off from Kendal on the first of August, on foot; which mode of travelling a judicious Naturalist will always prefer, because it affords him the best opportunity of pursuing his favourite study.
Kendal Fell is a hill which does not rise more than 160 yards above the river Kent in the highest part, The superior strata, to a great depth, consist of compact limestone, being that variety called stink stone as it emits a disagreeable smell when rubbed against a hard body, Its colour is grey, its fracture rough, and its specific gravity [2.723]. It abounds with petrifactions,
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