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Gentleman's Magazine 1785 p.969

  Wharton Tomb
  Kirkby Stephen

Lord Wharton's Tomb

ON the N. side of the chancel of the church of Kirkby Stephen, in Westmoreland, is an aisle belonging to the Wharton family, in which is a large monument of alabaster, consisting of a table six feet square, raised three feet and a half from the ground, and containing three figues, at full length, of Thomas, the first Lord Wharton, in the middle, under whose head is a bull's head, supposed by the common people to represent the devil in a vanquished posture; on his right side, Eleanor his first wife, and on his left his second wife Anne. About the table is the following legend:

Thomas Whartonus jaceo. hic utraque conjux:
Eleanora suum hinc, hinc habet Anna locum.
En tibi terra, tuum, carnes atque ossa resume;
In coelos animas, tu, Deus alme, tuum.
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