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Gentleman's Magazine 1788 p.310

  Bishop of Carlisle
  John Kite
  James Usher

Bishop Kite

In a list of prelates translated from Ireland to see's in England.
... ...
V. 1396. Robert Read, a Dominican friar, from Waterford to Carlisle, by Papal bull. (ibid [Godwin], p.766.)
VIII. 1521. John Kite, from Armagh to Carlisle,or rather from Armagh to the archbishoprick of Thebes, with which he held Carlisle, by a perpetual comendam. (Ibid. p.770, not.1.) And it is observable, that in the inscription on his monument in the chancel of Stepney church (Weever, p.539), his archbishoprick in Greece is only mentioned:

In Greece Arch Byshop elected wortheley,
And late of Carliel rulying pastorally.
To accept the diminutive see of Carlisle in lieu of the primacy of all Ireland, shewed a strong predilection for England. He probably took the other titular archbishoprick, that he might not lose the titles usually annexed to that superior dignity. - In the epitaph, which is in a language very uncouth, he is denominated, 'John Kitte, Londoner natyffe.'
XIII. 1641. James Usher, from Armagh to Carlisle. It was not, strictly speaking, a translation, because this excellent and eminently learned man never ceded his archbishoprick; but, when compelled to leave Ireland, the see of Carlisle was granted to him in commendam, that he might have somewhat to support him. Godwin, p.772.

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