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Gentleman's Magazine 1778 p.189

  John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones, Whitehaven

April or May?
Thursday 23.
The town of Whitehaven in Cumberland, opposite the Irish coast, was suddenly alarmed by a party from an American privateer, who landed in the night and set fire to one of the ships in the harbour, with a design to burn the town, which, however, was providentially prevented by the exertion of the inhabitants, who extinguished the flames before they had reached the rigging. One of the party, who was left behind, on his examination declared, that the party landed consisted of 30 men, that they belonged to the Ranger privateer, fitted out at Piscataqua in New England, Capt. Jones commander; that she mounted 18 guns besides swivels, and had on board between 140 and 150 men; that she had taken two prizes and sent them into France. The same privateer has since landed some men on the western coast of Scotland, and pillaged the house of Lord Selkirk, near Kirkcudbright, of plate, jewels, and all the moveables that were of value. His Lordship was in London, but his Lady and family were in the house.
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