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Gentleman's Magazine 1790 p.982

  museum, Keswick
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Roman Altar, Keswick Museum

Feb. 10.
BEING at Keswick in the course of last autumn, I went to inspect the natural and artificial curiosities which have been collected by Crosthwaite and Hutton, (Guides to the Lakes,) and which form their separate museums. - At the house of the latter I observed a Roman altar, which, he informed me, he had recently purchased. It is about a year since it was observed in Cumberland, at Plimpton wall, upon the remains of the fort Petriana, now called Castle Steeds.
In an abstract which Hutton shewed me from West's Guide to the Lakes, this spot is thus described, p.149:
"The Castrum is 168 paces from South to North, but 110 within the Foss, which was also surrounded by a stone wall: the stones have been removed to the fence wall, and the fence side, being in Plimpton, is called Plimpton wall. The station is a vast heap of ruins of stone buildings, the walls of great thickness, and cemented. The town has surrounded the station, except on the side of the Pitteral."
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