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Gentleman's Magazine 1790 p.983
These remains are mentioned in Gibson's Camden,2d. edit. vol.II. p.1020; where several inscriptions are recorded.
Considering that a sketch of the above altar might prove acceptable, I have ventured to send you a rough drawing, in which I have however endeavoured to give a faithful representation of the altar, and, as near as I could, the shape of the letters, which are cut but faintly and rudely, being in every part of equal thickness. See Plate III. fig. I.
The altar is formed of sand-stone, similar to that which abounds in the neighbourhood of Penrith; and, as near as I could guess (for I had no means of measuring it), is about three feet in height, and about fifteen inches across the face, without any other ornament than what is shewn in the upper parts.
I hope some of your ingenious correspondents will favour your readers with an explanation of the inscription.
Yours, &c.
* We are obliged to J.B. for his copy of the above inscription, and chearfully accept his offer of sending us some others which have never been published.
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