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Gentleman's Magazine 1780 p.130

  All Saints Church

All Saints, Bolton, Carvings

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These figures are carved upon a stone joining to the Inscription as in the plate.
The size of these two stones is not specified, any more than the time when they were first noticed; and, whether owing to any accident, as plaister falling off, it seems, however, to be quite a modern discovery, as Dr. Burn, whose History of Cumberland was published in 1777, mentions nothing of it.
This Inscription is on a stone above the old door-way, on the outside of the North wall of the Chapel of Bolton.
The characters and points are both exactly represented.
The places marked [hash] are convex; where probably some letter or letters are defaced.
And those marked ---- are long spaces; where no characters appear.
Bolton Chapel stands in the parish of Morland, about four miles North of Appleby, to which it is adjoining, on the Western bank of the river Eden, in Cumberland.
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