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Gentleman's Magazine 1799 p.833

  Gosforth Cross
Gosforth Cross

Sept. 29.
THE inclosed drawing (Plate I. fig. 2.) may, perhaps, be a small subject of entertainment to your Antiquarian readers. It represents a column at present extant in the church-yard of the parish of Gosforth, situated 12 miles Southward of Whitehaven, in the county of Cumberland. It stands above 15 feet above the ground, and is about 14 inches mean diameter, and formerly, as is reported, had a fellow column at about 7 feet distance, with an horizontal stone between the two, on which was rudely cut the figure of a large and antique sword. This stone has been taken away within memory; and the cross which crowned the two columns, after that the column was cruelly cut down and converted into a style for a sundial, which was put into the parson's garden of Gosforth, and there remains. On this column I once, by means of chalking, discovered two figures of horses and men; but these were faint. It is much more perfect, and perhaps less injured by time, than those spoken of by Camden as being in Penrith church-yard; and are much taller, and of more elegant shape. They are sepulchral monuments, and of Christian days. What else may be supposed of them, I leave to your Antiquarian correspondents.
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