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Kirkandrews parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY3570
10Km square:-   NY37
10Km square:-   NY47
10Km square:-   NY36
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 685 (1971)

NY4274 Andrews Sike 
NY37606898 auction room, Longtown 
NY368708 Bank Head, Kirkandrews gone
NY41707435 barn, Kirkandrews 
NY37817150 Batenbush, Kirkandrews 
NY3469 battle site, Solway Moss 
NY3571 Beck Burn 
NY36007263 Beck, Kirkandrews 
NY35187156 Becklees Cottages, Kirkandrews gone
NY35517150 Becklees, Kirkandrews 
NY35517139 Becklees, Kirkandrews (2) 
NY35447106 Beckside Bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY35497108 Beckside, Kirkandrews gone
NY35497099 Beckside, Kirkandrews (2) 
NY40817333 Bellfield, Kirkandrews 
NY34087095 Benson's Pool, Kirkandrews 
NY40317352 Birnieshill, Kirkandrews 
NY33666960 Black Brows, Kirkandrews 
NY40427476 Black Roots, Kirkandrews 
NY35106741 Blackbank Cottage, Kirkandrews 
NY35516856 Blackbank Sawmill, Kirkandrews 
NY35086783 Blackbank Wood, Kirkandrews 
NY34896737 Blackbank, Kirkandrews 
NY39977415 Blackroots Wood, Kirkandrews 
NY34487271 Bob's Well, Kirkandrews 
NY3472 Bog Burn 
NY34837235 Bogburn Bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY34817235 Bogburn, Kirkandrews 
 Border Union Railway 
NY32776691 boundary sign, Kirkandrews 
NY33236802 boundary sign, Kirkandrews (2) 
NY38727320 boundary sign, Kirkandrews (3) 
NY40967379 Boyds Croft, Moat Common 
NY35987245 bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY36257022 Browhead, Kirkandrews gone
NY35667081 Brownrigg, Kirkandrews gone
NY41607327 Burnthouses, Kirkandrews gone
NY36636750 Bush Cottage, Kirkandrews 
NY36056724 Bush on Esk, Kirkandrews 
NY365730 Bush, Kirkandrews 
NY39117381 Caldron Pool, Kirkandrews 
NY36477243 Campers' Corner, Kirkandrews 
NY3672 Camper's Corner, Kirkandrews 
NY36696866 Cargate Head, Kirkandrews once
NY35917022 Carson's Lane, Kirkandrews 
NY4173 Carwinley Burn 
NY40767319 Carwinley High Bridge, Carwinley 
NY40327289 Carwinley Low Bridge, Carwinley 
 Chapel Flash, Kirkandrews 
NY36896871 Clarkestown, Kirkandrews once
NY35826985 Closegap, Kirkandrews 
NY37136960 Cochranes Nurseries, Kirkandrews 
NY34857192 Coldwellpath, Kirkandrews 
NY36716926 Collinstown, Kirkandrews once
NY337724 Coom, Kirkandrews gone
NY34527183 Corries Mill Bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY37137301 Coultard Scar, Kirkandrews 
NY37097307 Coultardtown, Kirkandrews gone?
NY35716713 Crossdikes, Kirkandrews 
NY35017335 Cubbyhill, Kirkandrews 
NY36807212 Daffiestonrigg Wood, Kirkandrews 
NY36857229 Daffiestonrigg, Kirkandrews 
NY37 Debatable Land, Kirkandrews 
NY36317197 Dick's Moss, Kirkandrews 
NY37076991 Dickstree Cottage, Kirkandrews 
NY36796891 Dikestown Gutter, Kirkandrews 
NY41637640 Dougal Pot, Kirkandrews 
NY34537140 Drownedcow Moss, Kirkandrews 
NY41197541 Earlings Bank, Kirkandrews 
NY38017274 Edgars Clump, Kirkandrews 
NY34757235 Edwardstown, Kirkandrews 
NY33517314 Englishtown, Kirkandrews 
NY41147402 fingerpost, Moat Common 
NY34537207 Firs, Kirkandrews 
NY35776608 Fish House, Kirkandrews 
NY39217197 footbridge, Netherby L
NY32436686 ford, Kirkandrews 
NY35147229 Frankstown, Kirkandrews 
NY35117162 Frankstowncroft, Kirkandrews gone
NY35976854 Gaitle Bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY3668 Gaitle Burn 
NY35616943 Gap Wood, Kirkandrews 
NY35407012 Gapmoor Wood, Kirkandrews 
NY3772 Glinger Burn 
NY37887226 Glinger Cottage, Kirkandrews 
NY38057151 Glinger Mill, Kirkandrews 
NY38087165 Glingerbank, Kirkandrews 
NY37307268 Glingerburn, Kirkandrews 
NY33276739 Graham's Arms, Mill Hill 
NY41177409 Green Croft, Moat Common 
NY35516805 Greenmill Wood, Kirkandrews 
NY334729 Greenwich, Kirkandrews gone
NY33476721 Gretna Junction, Kirkandrews gone
NY33016665 Guards Cottages, Kirkandrews 
NY33146585 Guards Marsh, Kirkandrews 
NY33006716 Guards Mill, Kirkandrews 
NY33196674 Guards, Kirkandrews 
NY35036975 Gulf, Kirkandrews 
NY33686965 Hag Town, Kirkandrews once
NY40957551 Hall Pool, Kirkandrews 
NY41137384 Heather Head, Moat Common 
NY36606950 Henrystown, Kirkandrews 
NY42117424 High Plains, Kirkandrews 
NY41427473 High Tree, Kirkandrews once
NY39697378 Highmoat, Kirkandrews 
NY34307151 Hillstown Cottage, Kirkandrews gone?
NY34157110 Hillstown, Kirkandrews gone
NY41537491 Hilltop, Kirkandrews 
NY41337562 Hobbs Holme, Kirkandrews 
NY39797304 Huggin Sike, Kirkandrews once
NY41427587 Inch Pool, Kirkandrews 
NY41547591 Inch, Kirkandrews 
NY36637014 Janesdike Nook, Kirkandrews 
NY3569 Kirkandrews 
NY38877190 Kirkandrews Tower, Kirkandrews L
NY36076809 Know, Kirkandrews once
NY3468 Knows, Kirkandrews 
NY36546976 Lake House, Kirkandrews once
NY40177416 Liddel Strength, Kirkandrews 
NY41057551 Liddel Viaduct, Kirkandrews L
NY4377 Liddel Water 
NY403743 Liddel, Kirkandrews 
NY40867349 Livingston House, Moat Common 
NY37756889 Longtown Bridge, Longtown L
NY377689 Longtown Fold, Longtown 
NY37626891 Longtown Junction, Longtown 
NY37626905 Longtown Station, Longtown 
NY39777330 Lowmoat, Kirkandrews L out of sight
NY37236969 Meadhope, Kirkandrews once
NY3669 Medohush Wood, Kirkandrews 
NY40277495 Middle Town, Kirkandrews once
NY34016783 Midways, Kirkandrews 
NY38687227 milestone, Kirkandrews L
NY38727320 milestone, Kirkandrews (2) 
NY37867090 milestone, Kirkandrews (4) 
NY32946677 milestone, Kirkandrews (5) L not found
NY37186958 milestone, Kirkandrews (6) L
NY35366807 milestone, Kirkandrews (8) L
NY36806875 milestone, Kirkandrews (9) L
NY34276583 milestone, Kirkandrews (11) 
NY34086784 Mill Hill, Kirkandrews 
NY33656761 Mill Hill, Kirkandrews (2) 
NY38497161 mill, Kirkandrews once
NY32846702 mill, Kirkandrews (2) gone
NY38577269 Millees, Kirkandrews 
NY33366736 Millhill Bridge, Millhill 
NY33316742 Millhill Station, Millhill 
NY36827012 Mirrenstown, Kirkandrews 
NY41117398 Moat Common, Kirkandrews 
NY40937412 Moat Common, Kirkandrews (2) 
NY41117405 Moat School House, Moat Common 
NY41087404 Moat Village Hall, Moat Common 
NY40017412 Moatcove Wood, Kirkandres 
NY34377081 Moss Side, Kirkandrews 
NY35316858 Moss Wood, Kirkandrews 
NY34406565 Mossband Hall Cottages, Kirkandrews 
NY34406547 Mossband Hall, Kirkandrews 
NY34496568 Mossband Viaduct, Kirkandrews 
NY34776548 Mossband, Kirkandrews 
NY34066457 Mossbandhall Marsh, Kirkandrews 
NY33046699 motorway junction, Kirkandrews 
NY40087490 Nether Town, Kirkandrews once
NY35267082 Nineveh, Kirkandrews gone?
NY36777003 Oakbank Quarry, Kirkandrews 
NY36817025 Oakbank, Kirkandrews 
NY36877172 Old Schoolhouse, Kirkandrews 
NY36447022 Pattonstown, Kirkandrews gone?
NY360697 Peartree, Kirkandrews gone
NY36367026 Peat Hill, Kirkandrews gone
NY33886821 peat works, Solway Moss 
NY3464 Peter Sike 
NY338724 Philipstown, Kirkandrews once
NY374689 pillbox, Longtown 
NY37686894 pinfold, Longtown gone
NY375689 placename sign, Longtown 
NY33166801 Plump Bridge, Plump 
NY33396815 Plump, Kirkandrews 
NY35896741 Pound, Kirkandrews once
NY35217003 Quaw Plantation, Kirkandrews 
NY376724 Quebec, Kirkandrews once
NY41427553 railway bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY33236756 railway bridge, Kirkandrews (2) 
NY33296748 railway bridge, Kirkandrews (3) 
NY36836877 railway bridge, Kirkandrews (4) 
NY38137219 railway bridge, Kirkandrews (5) 
NY35176467 railway viaduct, Rockcliffe 
NY33467395 Reamyrigg, Kirkandrews gone
NY3872 Red Cleugh 
NY33756788 Redbrae, Kirkandrews 
NY38217261 Redcleugh, Kirkandrews gone
NY37067113 Rhodds Cottage, Kirkandrews gone
NY369714 Rhodds, Kirkandrews 
NY40897497 Riddings Cleughs, Kirkandrews 
NY40917537 Riddings Junction, Kirkandrews 
NY40807517 Riddings Station, Kirkandrews 
NY40797503 Riddings, Kirkandrews 
NY40937437 Riddingshill, Kirkandrews 
NY41117394 Road End Villa, Moat Common 
NY34587189 Roadend, Kirkandrews gone?
NY35596681 Rosetrees, Kirkandrews 
NY35826915 Samuel's Brae, Kirkandrews 
NY37406921 Sandbed, Kirkandrews 
NY32716698 Sark Bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY33246804 Sark Dam Bridge, Kirkandrews gone?
NY34617188 Sark Hall, Kirkandrews 
NY32766696 Sarkbank Hotel, Kirkandrews 
NY40677320 saw mill, Carwinley 
NY35086739 school, Kirkandrews 
NY37306954 school, Meadhope once
NY38757234 Scotch Dyke Station, Kirkandrews 
NY37557337 Scots' Dike, Kirkandrews 
NY36857345 Scotsdike Plantation, Kirkandrews 
NY38727318 Scotsdike, Kirkandrews 
NY35937086 Silverhill Wood, Kirkandrews 
NY41677480 Skurrlywarble Wood, Kirkandrews 
NY36816895 Smalmstown, Kirkandrews 
NY34366926 Solway Moss, Kirkandrews 
NY41667423 Spa Well, Kirkandrews 
NY41837615 Stony Knowe, Kirkandrews 
NY41757371 Sunnyrigg, Kirkandrews 
NY41077417 Terchyn, Moat Common 
NY39047290 Thistle Viaduct, Kirkandrews 
NY34806749 Tighnacoille, Kirkandrews 
NY41937434 tile works, Kirkandrews gone
NY35756921 Todbank, Kirkandrews once
NY37366898 Toll Bar Cottage, Kirkandrews L
NY38717315 toll gate, Scotsdike 
NY38437203 Townhead, Kirkandrews gone?
NY41057355 Turnbulls Cleugh, Moat Common 
NY39937241 Wax Pool, Kirkandrews 
NY38047326 Whistlebare Open, Kirkandrews 
NY35316853 White Sike (2) 
NY39407386 Willow Pool, Kirkandrews 
NY35966897 Yade Fauld, Kirkandrews once
 Caledonian Railway 
NY35486491 Metal Bridge, Metalbridge 
NY39117198 St Andrew, Kirkandrews on Esk L
NY36346856 Gaitle High Bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY36546827 Gaitle Low Bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY36036751 Gaitle Low Bridge, Kirkandrews (2) gone?
NY36526862 Gaitle Middle Bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY36396799 Gaitle Old Bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY38137123 Glingerfoot Bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY36707020 Oakbank Bridge, Kirkandrews 
NY40967365 Croft Bridge, Moat Common 
NY3372 Sark, River 
NY3666 Esk, River 
NY33266805 Sark Turnpike, Kirkandrews gone
NY32606666 Snab Turnpike, Kirkandrews gone
NY33856790 milestone, Kirkandrews (12) 
NY34547214 fingerpost, Kirkandrews 
NY33796792 fingerpost, Kirkandrews (2) 
NY40967362 milestone, Kirkandrews (3) L
NY42117466 milestone, Nicholforest (2) L
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