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Caldbeck parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY3136
10Km square:-   NY24
10Km square:-   NY34
10Km square:-   NY23
10Km square:-   NY33
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 635 (1971)

NY35013530 Alcock Fold, Caldbeck 
NY29623726 Askew Mire, Branthwaite L
NY29963732 Authwaite House, Branthwaite 
NY29913393 Balliway Rigg, Caldbeck 
NY35773807 Bankend Mill, Caldbeck 
NY35333806 Banks Foot, Caldbeck 
NY35773480 Bannest Hill, Caldbeck 
NY34134112 barn, Caldbeck L
NY34154113 barn, Caldbeck (2) L
NY34203365 beacon, Carrock Fell 
NY318350 beacon, High Pike 
NY29983907 Beck Grange, Caldbeck 
NY31123973 Beckstones, Whelpo 
NY33973859 Beech Cottages, Hesket Newmarket L
NY34053860 Beeches, Hesket Newmarket L
NY33953862 Berkeley Cottage, Hesket Newmarket L
NY33963861 Berkeley House, Hesket Newmarket L
NY30673091 bield, Caldbeck 
NY33683500 bield, Caldbeck (2) 
NY32593632 bield, Caldbeck (3) 
NY32013871 Biggards, Caldbeck 
NY29773731 Billy Yard, Branthwaite L
NY3035 Birk Gill 
NY30813544 Birk Hill, Caldbeck 
NY30943503 Birk Moss, Caldbeck 
NY3236 Birket Beck 
NY33063634 Birket, Caldbeck 
NY341336 Black Arches, Carrock Fell fictional?
NY3534 Black Beck (23) 
NY35253414 Black Dub, Caldbeck 
NY35563392 Black Moss, Caldbeck 
NY2937 Black Sike (8) 
NY3436 Blea Gill 
NY3034 Blea Gill (4) 
NY3237 Blea Wath 
NY2836 Bog Gill 
NY35073660 Bog, Caldbeck 
NY29443713 Bonners Farm, Branthwaite 
NY3240 Bowten Beck 
NY34793556 Bracken Heads, Caldbeck gone
NY34363725 Brackenriggs, Caldbeck 
NY28763520 Brae Fell, Caldbeck 
NY29853566 Braefell Mine, Caldbeck 
NY2937 Branthwaite Beck 
NY29743730 Branthwaite Farm, Branthwaite L
NY29813728 Branthwaite House, Branthwaite 
NY29803731 Branthwaite, Caldbeck 
NY32233979 Brewery House, Caldbeck L
NY28813860 brickworks, Caldbeck 
NY32223984 Bridge End House, Caldbeck L
NY32103926 Bridge House, Caldbeck 
NY29863728 bridge, Branthwaite 
NY28793705 bridge, Burblethwaite 
NY32223981 bridge, Caldbeck 
NY34303710 bridge, Caldbeck (2) 
NY35603541 bridge, Caldbeck (3) 
NY36053423 bridge, Caldbeck (4) 
NY36373636 bridge, Haltcliff 
NY32143921 bridge, Upton 
NY31024058 Brownrigg, Caldbeck 
NY2937 Burblethwaite Beck 
NY28713714 Burblethwaite, Caldbeck L
NY31773952 Bushby House, Caldbeck 
NY3339 Cald Beck 
NY32403977 Caldbeck 
NY32353989 Caldbeck Bridges, Caldbeck 
NY3336 Caldbeck Commons, Caldbeck 
NY32643982 Caldbeck Cricket Club, Caldbeck 
NY29874120 Caldbeck Fells, Caldbeck 
NY32033949 Caldbeck Parish Hall, Caldbeck 
NY32043954 Caldbeck: Old Map Shop 
NY32353972 Caldbeck: Strong and Sons L
NY34733583 Calebreck Farm, Caldbeck 
NY34513590 Calebreck Hall, Calebreck 
NY34583587 Calebreck, Caldbeck 
NY34003860 Canny House, Hesket Newmarket L
NY3435 Carrock Beck 
NY35573543 Carrock Cottage, Caldbeck L
NY34233372 Carrock Fell, Caldbeck 
NY35563545 Carrock House, Caldbeck L
NY3239 castle, Caldbeck suggested
NY32163944 Cat Crags, Caldbeck 
NY2735 Charleton Gill 
NY27813637 Charleton Wath, Ireby 
NY32513991 Church Bridge, Caldbeck L
NY32523978 Church View, Caldbeck L
NY29193829 Clay Gap, Caldbeck 
NY3034 Clints Gill 
NY31003271 Coomb Height, Caldbeck 
NY34733760 Cottage, Caldbeck L
NY35822552 Croft Cottage, High Row 
NY31843774 Crook Bank, Caldbeck 
NY31913586 Curly Job Well, Caldbeck 
NY3036 Dale Beck 
NY31303616 Deer Hills, Caldbeck 
NY34153862 Denton House, Hesket Newmarket L
NY34033865 Dickens House, Hesket Newmarket L
NY34113863 drain, Hesket Newmarket 
NY3235 Driggith Beck 
NY35113805 Druids Grove, Caldbeck 
NY28303488 Dry Gill, Caldbeck 
NY32223450 Dry Gills, Caldbeck 
NY29633533 Dry Smale Gill, Caldbeck 
NY3234 Drygill Beck 
NY31833421 Drygill Head, Caldbeck 
NY32283454 Drygill Mine, Caldbeck 
NY32793633 Dumpy Stone, Caldbeck 
NY32153988 Dyke Nook, Caldbeck 
NY315347 eighteeneighteen Level, Caldbeck 
NY2938 Eller Beck (9) 
NY28523818 Ellerbeck Common, Caldbeck 
NY34203866 Elm Lodge, Hesket Newmarket 
NY31833978 Fairy Bridge, Howk 
NY31863978 Fairy Kettle, Howk 
NY31863978 Fairy Kirk, Howk 
NY29794076 Faulds Brow, Caldbeck 
NY29713942 Faulds, Caldbeck 
NY30393747 Fell Side, Caldbeck 
NY30993698 Fellside Brow, Caldbeck 
NY30503755 Fellside Centre, Caldbeck 
NY32083956 Fellview Primary School, Caldbeck 
NY32273996 fingerpost, Caldbeck 
NY28323845 fingerpost, Caldbeck Common 
NY34023862 fingerpost, Hesket Newmarket 
NY31393962 Flat, Caldbeck gone
NY30103081 footbridge, Caldbeck 
NY31273127 ford, Mungrisdale possible
NY32463994 Friar Hall, Caldbeck 
NY32143983 gate, Caldbeck 
NY34113865 gate, Hesket Newmarket 
NY32373974 Gatehouse, Caldbeck L
NY32333971 Gates Bridge, Caldbeck 
NY3138 Gill Beck (3) 
NY34773817 Gillfoot Bridge, Caldbeck 
NY34803816 Gillfoot, Caldbeck 
NY32073932 Glen View, Upton L
NY31023393 Great Lingy Hill, Caldbeck 
NY29133389 Great Sca Fell, Ireby 
NY3035 Green Gill (2) 
NY32154002 Green, Caldbeck 
NY34053865 Green, Hesket Newmarket L
NY28573714 Greenhead, Caldbeck L
NY28973816 Greenrigg Cottage, Caldbeck 
NY29163827 Greenrigg Farm, Caldbeck L
NY29273840 Greenrigg House, Caldbeck L
NY29693814 Greenrigg, Caldbeck 
NY28833756 Greenrigg, Caldbeck (2) 
NY32074016 Greenside Cottage, Caldbeck 
NY33263505 Groves Gill, Caldbeck 
NY36013722 Haltcliff Hall, Caldbeck L
NY35833627 Haltcliff House, Low Row L
NY35803640 Haltcliff School Cottage, Low Row 
NY35133585 Haltcliff View, Caldbeck L
NY31123464 Hare Stones Umber Mine, Caldbeck 
NY31543442 Hare Stones, Caldbeck 
NY32383976 Harkness Barn, Caldbeck L
NY35593639 Harrison House, Caldbeck 
NY34504086 Hartrigg, Caldbeck gone
NY304360 Hay Gill 
NY30433629 Hay Knott, Caldbeck 
NY29173658 Hazelhurst, Caldbeck 
NY31894116 Height, Caldbeck 
NY32043952 Heron Rigg, Caldbeck 
NY34313886 Hesket Bridge, Hesket Newmarket L
NY33973864 Hesket Hall, Hesket Newmarket L
NY34043860 Hesket House, Hesket Newmarket L
NY34073863 Hesket Newmarket 
NY34143860 Hesket Newmarket Brewery, Hesket Newmarket 
NY34163866 Hesket Newmarket Free Church, Hesket Newmarket 
NY34753789 Hews House, Caldbeck gone
NY30644036 High Brownrigg, Caldbeck L
NY28873761 High Greenrigg House, Caldbeck L
NY34294087 High Hartrigg, Caldbeck 
NY34203704 High House, Wood Hall L
NY27573761 High Intack, Caldbeck 
NY31873501 High Pike, Caldbeck 
NY35763555 High Row Hall, High Row 
NY35793554 High Row, Caldbeck 
NY34133855 High Trees, Hesket Newmarket 
NY34973502 High Wath, Caldbeck 
NY34183363 hillfort, Carrock Fell 
NY28353687 Holborn, Caldbeck L
NY35503597 Hole Crook, Caldbeck 
NY3239 hospital, Caldbeck 
NY36073524 house, Caldbeck (5) L out of sight
NY318350 house, High Pike 
NY3437 How Beck (4) 
NY34503852 Howbeck Bridge, Howbeck 
NY34573846 Howbeck Farm, Howbeck L
NY34483857 Howbeck House, Howbeck L
NY34663834 Howbeck School House, Howbeck 
NY34583842 Howbeck, Caldbeck 
NY31923976 Howk Mill, Caldbeck 
NY31843977 Howk waterfall, Caldbeck 
NY31893975 Howk, Caldbeck 
NY34393553 Howthwaite Stone, Caldbeck 
NY34333546 Howthwaite, Caldbeck 
NY33283742 Hudscales Cottage, Caldbeck L
NY33123754 Hudscales, Caldbeck 
NY35093761 Hutton Sceugh, Caldbeck L
NY3036 Ingray Gill 
NY27753774 Intacks, Caldbeck 
NY30393409 Iron Crag, Caldbeck 
NY28763746 Issues, Caldbeck 
NY29713872 John Peel Cottage, Caldbeck L
NY29753873 John Peel Farm, Caldbeck L
NY34003861 Kings Arms House, Hesket Newmarket L
NY32463979 Kirkland Store, Caldbeck 
NY31554090 Knocker House, Caldbeck 
NY29613298 Knott, Caldbeck 
NY31623881 limekiln, Biggards 
NY27743821 limekiln, Caldbeck 
NY32063910 limekiln, Upton 
NY35603431 Linewath, Caldbeck 
NY31283733 Little Fellside, Caldbeck 
NY30213344 Little Lingy Hill, Caldbeck 
NY2932 Little Wiley Gill 
NY297322 Little Wiley Gill Mine, Caldbeck 
NY3135 Long Grain (3) 
NY30703866 Long Lea, Caldbeck 
NY36083638 Lonning Foot, Caldbeck 
NY28583746 Lonning Head, Caldbeck 
NY35823647 Lonning Head, Low Row 
NY31224089 Low Brownrigg, Caldbeck L
NY35643562 Low House, High Row 
NY27983788 Low Intack, Caldbeck 
NY32293583 Low Pike, Caldbeck 
NY35833641 Low Row, Caldbeck 
NY31424090 Lowthwaite Green, Caldbeck 
NY31793950 Maidens' Hill, Caldbeck 
NY32063787 Mall Hill, Caldbeck 
NY30543749 Manor Cottage, Caldbeck L
NY34053862 market cross, Hesket Newmarket L
NY32413982 Martha's Cottage, Caldbeck 
NY29463698 Matthew Field, Branthwaite 
NY33033901 Matthew Rudding, Caldbeck 
NY32623864 Mickle How, Caldbcek 
 Mid Cumberland Light Railway proposed
NY27693774 Middle Intack, Caldbeck 
NY32413979 Midtown Cottage, Caldbeck L
NY32433979 Midtown Cottages, Caldbeck L
NY32393973 Midtown Farm Cottages, Caldbeck L
NY32383974 Midtown Farm, Caldbeck L
NY32443976 Midtown House, Caldbeck 
NY32203979 Mill House, Caldbeck L
NY32663990 mill, Caldbeck gone
NY32303958 mill, Caldbeck (2) 
NY34053729 mill, Wood Hall L
NY36173767 Millhouse Bridge, Millhouse 
NY32903418 Milton Hill, Caldbeck 
NY32573992 Miners Arms Inn, Caldbeck 
NY32903418 Miton Hill, Caldbeck 
NY31223792 Moor House, Caldbeck 
NY34043862 moot hall, Hesket Newmarket L
NY32393780 Nether Row, Caldbeck 
NY32533676 Netherrow Brow, Caldbeck 
NY27823686 Norman, Caldbeck 
NY35683788 oak tree, Caldbeck 
NY34123862 Oak View Cottage, Hesket Newmarket 
NY32393977 Oddfellows Arms, Caldbeck L
NY32223976 Old Brewery, Caldbeck L
NY34143862 Old Crown, Hesket Newmarket 
NY33263575 Old Fell, Caldbeck 
NY32503987 Old Rectory, Caldbeck L
NY32033834 Ox Park, Caldbeck 
NY30164023 Paddigill, Caldbeck L out of sight
NY2938 Parkend Beck 
NY30033888 Parkend Bridge, Parkend 
NY30093889 Parkend, Caldbeck 
NY34733685 Pasture Lane Farm, Caldbeck 
NY34803643 Pasture Lane House, Caldbeck 
NY34713742 Pasture Lane, Caldbeck 
NY30403481 Peteraw, Caldbeck 
NY29943888 Pikeless Gate, Parkend 
NY30193945 Pikes, Caldbeck 
NY32183921 pinfold, Caldbeck gone
NY32283991 police station, Caldbeck 
NY32213995 pond, Caldbeck 
NY35563544 post box, Caldbeck 
NY34013860 post box, Hesket Newmarket 
NY30053887 post box, Parkend 
NY31843733 Potts Gill Fold, Potts Gill 
NY31813734 Potts Gill, Caldbeck 
NY32613990 Priests Mill, Caldbeck L
NY34713522 Quaker Hill, Caldbeck 
NY30374074 quarry, Faulds Brow 
NY30293989 quarry, Whelpo 
NY29794076 race course, Caldbeck 
NY33413420 Rae Crags, Caldbeck 
NY2936 Ramps Gill 
NY32144012 Ratten Row, Caldbeck 
NY32233487 Red Covercloth, Caldbeck 
NY32713449 Red Gate, Caldbeck 
NY2934 Red Gill (4) 
NY2932 Red Gill (5) 
NY29963096 Red Scar, Underskiddaw 
NY29513470 Redgill Mining Works, Caldbeck 
NY32963791 Rigg, Caldbeck 
NY34153855 Rose Cottage, Hesket Newmarket L
NY34503497 Rospow Hills, Caldbeck 
NY27803669 Rough Close, Caldbeck L
NY3034 Roughton Gill 
NY33413374 Round Knott, Caldbeck 
NY33433373 Round Knott, Mungrisdale 
NY33393631 Sandbed Mine, Caldbeck 
NY36533631 Scalerigg House, Haltcliff 
NY32423993 School House, Caldbeck 
NY28663716 school, Caldbeck 
NY34583836 school, Howbeck gone
NY28324006 Seat, Caldbeck 
NY34113864 seat, Hesket Newmarket 
NY31863500 seat, High Pike 
NY32463897 Sharpe House, Caldbeck 
NY39233613 sheepfold, Caldbeck 
NY31863317 sheepfold, Caldbeck (2) 
NY30823102 sheepfold, Caldbeck (3) 
NY33383494 sheepfold, Caldbeck (4) 
NY32383454 sheepfold, Caldbeck (5) 
NY32064007 sheepfold, Caldbeck (6) 
NY30193612 sheepfold, Caldbeck Fells 
NY32083216 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (16) 
NY29633321 sheepfold, Uldale Fells 
NY29993375 sheepfold, Uldale Fells (2) 
NY3135 Short Grain 
NY3034 Silver Gill 
NY30143618 smelt mill, Caldbeck 
NY35193506 smelter, Caldbeck 
NY32123903 Smithy Lane, Caldbeck 
NY30373159 Snab, Caldbeck 
NY35383450 Sowcray, Caldbeck 
NY32513990 St Kentigern's Well, Caldbeck 
NY31563955 Stadle Dykes, Caldbeck 
NY34833556 stile, Caldbeck 
NY30593763 stone wall, Caldbeck 
NY31473883 stone wall, Caldbeck (2) 
NY30633771 stone wall, Caldbeck (3) 
NY32263710 stone wall, Caldbeck (4) 
NY33503611 Stony Bank, Caldbeck 
NY34283779 Stott Ghyll, Caldbeck 
NY33443850 Street Head, Caldbeck 
NY31723879 Street, Caldbeck 
NY34033859 Sun House, Hesket Newmarket L
NY33523516 Sunny Bank, Caldbeck 
NY30563965 Sunnyside, Caldbeck 
NY33433789 swallow hole, Caldbeck 
NY2934 Swinburn Gill 
NY33983860 Temperance Hall, Hesket Newmarket L
NY2933 Thief Gills 
NY27563820 Thorney Stone, Boltons 
NY33143980 Throstle Hall, Caldbeck 
NY31953957 Todcrofts, Caldbeck L
NY3034 Todd Gill 
NY27983824 toll gate, Caldbeck suggested
NY32063955 Toothill, Caldbeck 
NY31863500 topograph, High Pike 
NY36123524 Townend, Caldbeck 
NY32163922 Townhead, Caldbeck 
NY3187435008 trig point, NY3187435008 
NY33 Upper Dale Beck 
NY32063923 Upton House, Caldbeck 
NY32083927 Upton, Caldbeck 
NY32523981 war memorial, Caldbeck 
NY32103882 Wath, Caldbeck 
NY34573534 Weasel Hills, Caldbeck 
NY33443545 West Fell, Caldbeck 
NY29583523 Wet Smale Gill, Caldbeck 
NY3039 Whelpo Beck 
NY30823965 Whelpo Bridge, Whelpo L
NY30383970 Whelpo Head, Whelpo L
NY30913965 Whelpo House, Whelpo L
NY30823963 Whelpo, Caldbeck 
NY30813958 Whelpo, Whelpo 
NY28553649 White Hill, Caldbeck 
NY33943668 White Well, Caldbeck 
NY33963678 Whitewell Hill, Caldbeck 
NY2931 Wiley Gill 
NY28913630 Willy Knott, Caldbeck 
NY34113730 Wood Hall, Caldbeck 
NY33953654 Woodhall Park, Caldbeck 
NY35673791 Woodhouse, Caldbeck L
NY29693454 Yard Steel, Caldbeck 
NY32543990 St Mungo, Caldbeck L
NY34073865 Smithy Cottage, Hesket Newmarket L
NY32073886 Wath Bridge, Caldbeck 
NY28863860 bridge, Caldbeck (5) 
NY35093421 Carrock End Mine, Caldbeck 
NY32763527 Driggith Mine, Caldbeck 
NY295348 Red Gill Mines, Caldbeck 
NY30283445 Roughtongill Mines, Caldbeck 
NY320361 Caldbeck Fells Barytes Mines, Caldbeck 
NY308360 Hay Gill Mines, Caldbeck 
NY34713831 meeting house, Gillfoot L
NY30883964 meeting house, Whelpo 
NY32353972 Caldbeck: Wright gone
NY29783730 house, Branthwaite L
NY34073860 Greenside, Hesket Newmarket L
NY34193865 house, Hesket Newmarket L
NY33693501 Willywood Well, Caldbeck 
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