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St Bees parish
St Bees
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NX9812
10Km square:-   NX91
10Km square:-   NY01
10Km square:-   NX90
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   descriptive text:- Ford 1839 (3rd edn 1843) 
placename:-  Saint Bees
source data:-   Guide book, A Description of Scenery in the Lake District, by Rev William Ford, published by Charles Thurnam, Carlisle, by W Edwards, 12 Ave Maria Lane, Charles Tilt, Fleet Street, William Smith, 113 Fleet Street, London, by Currie and Bowman, Newcastle, by Bancks and Co, Manchester, by Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh, and by Sinclair, Dumfries, 1839.
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"... For a long period, indeed, the population must either have been extremely small, or their religious interests neglect-"
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Page xi:-  "[neglect]ed; perhaps both might be the case. As proof of this, we need only point to the large and extensive parishes of Kendal, Greystoke, Crosthwaite, Brigham, and Saint Bees, and the numerous dependent chapelries which have been erected within them since the time of the Reformation. These chapels present no architectural features worthy of notice, and the mother churches are for the most part extremely plain, partaking of the progressive alteration of style from Norman to early English."

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1506 (1971)

NX96861222 Abbey Farm, St Bees L
NX96611193 Abbots Court House, St Bees 
NX97101194 Albert Hotel, St Bees 
NX97221189 Ashley House, St Bees L
NX98751534 Bank House, St Bees 
NX993125 Bankend Quarries, St Bees 
NX96551188 Beck Mill, St Bees 
NX97771426 Bell House, St Bees 
NY003127 Bigrigg Pit, St Bees 
NX95531542 Birkham's Quarry, St Bees Head 
NX96901349 bridge, St Bees 
NX96171255 Christy Meadow Bridge, Rottington 
NX94051407 Cloven Barth, St Bees Head 
NX96081171 coast, St Bees 
NX95221546 coast, St Bees Head 
NX98270938 Coneyside Cop, St Bees 
NX98320926 Coneyside House, St Bees 
NX97391191 Croft House, St Bees L
NX96871214 cross, St Bees L
NX97141188 Crosshill House, St Bees L
NX98881205 Dike Nook, St Bees once
NX98781103 Ellergill Bridge, St Bees 
NX97101154 Fairladies Farm, St Bees L
NX98881210 fingerpost, St Bees 
NX97131126 fingerpost, St Bees (2) 
NX98241026 fingerpost, St Bees (3) 
NX98691109 fingerpost, St Bees (4) 
NX96731056 fishgarth, St Bees 
NX94501330 Fleswick Bay, St Bees Head 
NX99541472 Foulyeat, St Bees 
NX97351190 gate, St Bees 
NX97051196 gate, St Bees (2) 
NX95211195 geological site, St Bees Head 
NX98591013 Ghyll Cottage, St Bees 
NX98790995 Ghyll Farm, St Bees L
NX98790994 Gill Cottage, St Bees L
NX98760978 Greenslade, St Bees 
NX97241186 Grindall Place, St Bees 
NX95131420 Hannah Moor, St Bees Head 
NX95381446 Hannahmoor Lane, St Bees 
NY00121235 Hay Pit, St Bees 
NX97581213 High House, St Bees 
NX99331545 High Low Hall, St Bees 
NX98301277 High Walton, St Bees 
NX99491457 Holehouse, St Bees 
NX97101141 house, St Bees 
NX97081147 house, St Bees (2) 
NX97081149 house, St Bees (4) 
NX97101184 house, St Bees (5) 
NX98261021 Howman, St Bees L
NY0014 iron mine, St Bees 
NX96111167 Isle of Man Submarine Telegraph, St Bees 
NX99231251 Ivy Tarn, St Bees 
NY00181237 James's Pit, St Bees 
NX9413 Kelsoe Kirk, St Bees suggested
NY00221255 Langhorn, St Bees 
NX9413 Lawson's Leap, St Bees suggested
NX97041199 level crossing, St Bees 
NX99001380 Linethwaite Hall, St Bees 
NX98651206 Loughrigg, St Bees 
NX98661506 Low Hall, St Bees 
NX98541312 Low Walton, St Bees 
NX97131184 Manor House, St Bees L
NX97231188 Mayfield, St Bees L
NX98851547 milestone, St Bees 
NX98341277 milestone, St Bees (2) 
NX98231027 milestone, St Bees (3) gone
NX96961244 milestone, St Bees (4) 
NX98791392 mill, St Bees suggested
NY00241506 Montreal Farm, St Bees 
NX98351045 Moor Platt, St Bees 
NY00611458 Moor Row West Junction, Moor Row 
NX98501054 Moorleys Farm, St Bees L
NX9914 Needless Beck 
NX99641417 Needless Bridge, Egremont 
NX94011450 North Head, St Bees Head 
NX97101182 Nursery Cottage, St Bees L
NX97231160 Old Police Station, St Bees 
NX97121171 Orchard House, St Bees L
NX97381155 Outrigg Quarries, St Bees 
NX95331192 Pattering Holes, St Bees Head 
NX97181161 pinfold, St Bees 
NX97231160 police station, St Bees 
NX97111179 post box, St Bees 
NX97101179 Post Office, St Bees 
NX9712 Pow Beck (3) 
NX97011202 Pow Bridge, St Bees L
NX984114 race course, Egremont 
NX96351128 race course, St Bees 
NX97121153 Redbourn House, St Bees L
NX9612 Rottington Beck 
NX95881356 Rottington Common, St Bees 
NX96101289 Rottington Cottages, Rottington 
NX96191309 Rottington Hall, Rottington 
NX96231327 Rottington, St Bees 
NX95681660 Saltom Bay, Irish Sea 
NX96241434 Sandwith Newtown, Whitehaven 
NX9813 Scalegill Beck 
NX99591439 Scalegill Hall, St Bees L
NX98811468 Scalegill Pit, St Bees gone
NX98851467 Scalegill, St Bees gone?
NX96901089 Sea Mill, St Bees gone
NX95191220 South Head, St Bees Head 
NX97131193 St Bees Liberal Club, St Bees 
NX96031180 St Bees Lifeboat, St Bees 
NX97111157 St Bees Methodist Church, St Bees 
NX984114 St Bees Moor, St Bees 
NX96951219 St Bees School, St Bees L
NX97031196 St Bees Station, St Bees 
NX989120 St Bees Stone, St Bees gone
NX97131134 St Bees Village School, St Bees 
NX97151190 St Bees: Finkle Street 
NX97201188 St Bees: Finkle Street, 16 L
NX97181194 St Bees: Lonsdale Terrace L
NX97131169 St Bees: Main Street 
NX97101134 St Bees: Main Street, 81 L
NX97101135 St Bees: Main Street, 82 L
NX97151159 St Bees: Outrigg Place 
NX97211192 St Bees: Vale View L
NX98471425 Stanley Pond, St Bees 
NX98161401 Stanley, St Bees 
NX98881210 stone wall, St Bees 
NX94061468 stone wall, St Bees Head 
NX94981516 stone wall, St Bees Head (2) 
NX97071191 Stonehouse Farm, St Bees L
NX95891443 Summer Hill, St Bees 
NX95371520 tarn, St Bees Head 
NX94791457 Tarnflat Hall, St Bees Head 
NX9713 Thorney Beck 
NX94881250 Tomlin Rock, St Bees Head 
NX952126 Tomlin, St Bees Head 
NX95221191 viewpoint, St Bees Head 
NX96911215 war memorial, St Bees L
NX97011200 war memorial, St Bees (2) L
NX97021222 war memorial, St Bees (3) 
NX97111176 Westwell House, St Bees 
 Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway 
NY00351253 William Pit, St Bees 
NX96871211 St Mary and St Bega, St Bees L
NX97111185 St Bees 
NX99571491 Ingwell, St Bees 
NX97071197 Grindal House, St Bees L
NX97091188 Queens Hotel, St Bees 
NX96251170 Seacote Hotel, St Bees 
NX94151437 St Bees Lighthouse, St Bees Head 
NX97631216 barn, St Bees L
NX9813 Linethwaite Beck 
NX95211337 St Bees Head, St Bees 
NX9413 geological walk, St Bees Head 
 Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway 
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