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St Bees Station, St Bees
St Bees Station
site name:-   Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
locality:-   St Bees
civil parish:-   St Bees (formerly Cumberland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   railway station
coordinates:-   NX97031196
1Km square:-   NX9711
10Km square:-   NX91
SummaryText:-   Opened 1849.

BNC64.jpg (taken 2.1.2007)  
BNC65.jpg (taken 2.1.2007)  

evidence:-   old map:- OS County Series (Cmd 72 2) 
item:-  railway signal
source data:-   Maps, County Series maps of Great Britain, scales 6 and 25 inches to 1 mile, published by the Ordnance Survey, Southampton, Hampshire, from about 1863 to 1948.
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"Railway Station / Coal Depot / S.P."
at St Bees 

evidence:-   old map:- Postlethwaite 1877 (3rd edn 1913) 
source data:-   Map, uncoloured engraving, Map of the Lake District Mining Field, Westmorland, Cumberland, Lancashire, scale about 5 miles to 1 inch, by John Postlethwaite, published by W H Moss and Sons, 13 Lowther Street, Whitehaven, Cumberland, 1877 edn 1913.
station on railway 
item:-  JandMN : 162.2
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   old print:- Linton 1852
item:-  train
source data:-   Print, engraving, Saint Bees, St Bees, Cumberland, drawn by R Shepherd, engraved by W H Lizars, Edinburgh, published by Whittaker and Co, London, and by R Gibson and Son and by Callander and Dixon, Whitehaven, Cumberland, 1852.
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Tipped in opposite p.24 of A Handbook of the Whitehaven and Furness Railway, by John Linton. 
printed at bottom left, right, centre:-  "R. Shepherd delt. / W. H. Lizars sc. / SAINT BEES."
item:-  Armitt Library : A1158.4
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   old print:- 
item:-  rail
source data:-   Print, uncoloured engraving, Saint Bees, Cumberland, drawn by R Shepherd, published 1850s-60s.
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Notice the Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway. 
printed at bottom:-  "SAINT BEES"
item:-  Dove Cottage : 2008.107.520
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CDK45.jpg (taken 23.6.2015)  
BXQ15.jpg  Station clock:-
"R. SUTTON / WHITEHAVEN" (taken 16.11.2012)  
BNC68.jpg  Signal box.
(taken 2.1.2007)  
BNC69.jpg  Signal box.
(taken 2.1.2007)  
BNC70.jpg  Platform 9 Restaurant
(taken 2.1.2007)  

BNC66.jpg  View N.
(taken 2.1.2007)  
BNC67.jpg  View S.
(taken 2.1.2007)  

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