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Keswick parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY2623
10Km square:-   NY22
10Km square:-   NY21
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   descriptive text:- Ford 1839 (3rd edn 1843) 
placename:-  Crosthwaite parish
source data:-   Guide book, A Description of Scenery in the Lake District, by Rev William Ford, published by Charles Thurnam, Carlisle, by W Edwards, 12 Ave Maria Lane, Charles Tilt, Fleet Street, William Smith, 113 Fleet Street, London, by Currie and Bowman, Newcastle, by Bancks and Co, Manchester, by Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh, and by Sinclair, Dumfries, 1839.
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"... For a long period, indeed, the population must either have been extremely small, or their religious interests neglect-"
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Page xi:-  "[neglect]ed; perhaps both might be the case. As proof of this, we need only point to the large and extensive parishes of Kendal, Greystoke, Crosthwaite, Brigham, and Saint Bees, and the numerous dependent chapelries which have been erected within them since the time of the Reformation. These chapels present no architectural features worthy of notice, and the mother churches are for the most part extremely plain, partaking of the progressive alteration of style from Norman to early English."

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 5183 (1971)

NY26912316 Acorn Cottage, Keswick 
NY26892316 Acorn House, Keswick 
NY2623 Assembly Rooms, Keswick 
NY26562350 Bank Tavern, Keswick L
NY26932363 Bankes Memorial, Keswick 
NY26122227 battery, Derwent Isle gone
NY27552379 Birk's Nook, Keswick 
NY26612402 BMX Pump Track, Keswick 
NY26142248 boat house, Derwent Isle L
NY26362240 boat house, Keswick 
NY26512308 boat house, Keswick (2) 
NY26382256 boat house, Keswick (3) 
NY26402277 boat house, Keswick (4) 
NY26422386 Bond Museum, Keswick gone
NY26952372 boundary stone, Keswick 
NY26512335 bowling green, Keswick gone
NY27852382 brewery, Keswick 
NY26852356 bridge, Keswick (2) 
NY28582412 Briery Bobbin Mill Siding, Keswick 
NY28572416 Briery, Keswick 
NY28012395 Brigham Forge Cottages, Keswick L
NY28082397 Brigham Forge, Keswick 
NY27492381 Brigham School, Keswick 
NY27762385 Brigham, Keswick 
NY22 Bristow Hills, Keswick 
NY2822 Brockle Beck 
NY27332305 Brow Top, Keswick 
NY27642383 Browfoot, Keswick 
NY26432251 building, Keswick 
NY27432384 Calvert's Bridge, Keswick L
NY26722346 Cars of the Stars, Keswick 
NY24942495 Cast Rigg, Keswick 
NY27112277 Castle Head Quarry, Keswick 
NY26972268 Castle Head, Keswick 
NY27042272 Castlehead Wood, Keswick 
NY28202295 Castlerigg Brow, Keswick 
NY27852339 Castlerigg Cottage, Keswick 
NY27412306 Castlerigg Manor Lodge, Keswick L
NY27332308 Castlerigg Manor, Keswick L
NY26682313 Castlett Cottage, Keswick 
NY26792339 chapel, Keswick 
NY28082367 Chestnut Hill, Keswick 
NY26172245 church, Derwent Isle gone
NY26532274 Cockshot Hill, Keswick 
NY26562269 Cockshot Wood, Keswick 
NY26812346 County Hotel, Keswick L
NY26772376 cricket club, Keswick 
NY25912411 Crossings Bridge, Great Crosthwaite 
NY26402364 Crosthwaite Parish Room, Keswick 
NY265235 Crosthwaite's Museum, Keswick gone
NY26322304 Crow Park, Keswick 
NY2723 Cuddy Beck 
NY26332379 Cumberland Pencil Museum, Keswick 
NY27352373 Denton's Well, Keswick 
NY25112400 Derwent Bridge, Keswick 
NY26122238 Derwent Isle House, Derwent Isle L
NY26142239 Derwent Isle, Derwent Water 
NY2822 Derwentwater Castle, Keswick once?
NY26832320 Derwentwater Place, Keswick 
NY25592409 Doctor's Dub, Keswick 
NY26682336 Dog and Gun, Keswick L
NY2623 Dovecote, Keswick 
NY26162393 drain, Keswick 
NY26902343 drain, Keswick (2) 
NY26442283 drain, Keswick (3) 
NY26872317 drain, Keswick (4) 
NY26702314 drain, Keswick (5) 
NY26162388 drinking fountain, Keswick 
NY26122240 Druids Stone, Derwent Isle gone
NY26152226 Druids Temple, Derwent Isle gone
NY27082384 engine shed, Keswick 
NY26962313 Eskin Place, Keswick 
NY26652342 exhibition room, Keswick 
NY26962361 Fitz Parks, Keswick 
NY265195 floating island, Derwent Water 
NY26662373 footbridge, Keswick 
NY27992395 Forge Bridge, Keswick L
NY26132227 fort, Derwent Isle gone
NY26672328 Four in Hand, Keswick 
NY26612357 gas works, Keswick gone
NY26712337 George Hotel, Keswick L
NY26032415 Great Crosthwaite, Keswick 
NY25832419 Great Crosthwaite: Church Lane 
NY26182388 Great Crosthwaite: High Hill 
NY262236 Greta Bridge pencil works, Keswick 
NY28082403 Greta Bridge, Keswick (2) 
NY26522379 Greta Hall, Keswick L
NY25682375 Greta Hamlet, Keswick 
NY26502381 Greta Lodge, Keswick 
NY267237 Greta Side pencil works, Keswick 
NY28072381 Hawthorns, Keswick 
NY26482355 Heads House, Keswick L
NY26402338 Heads, Keswick 
NY28732399 High Briery, Keswick gone
NY262238 High Hill, Keswick 
NY26472409 hospital, Keswick 
NY28042394 house, Brigham 
NY26212355 Howray, Keswick 
NY266233 Hutton's Museum, Keswick 
NY26672325 hydrant plate, Keswick 
NY26682339 hydrant plate, Keswick (2) 
NY26802346 hydrant plate, Keswick (3) 
NY27042352 hydrant plate, Keswick (4) 
NY26202383 hydrant plate, Keswick (5) 
NY27062376 hydrant plate, Keswick Station 
NY26022271 Isthmus Bay, Derwent Water 
NY259228 Isthmus Wood, Keswick 
NY262227 Isthmus, Keswick 
NY26192382 Ivy Cottage, Keswick L not foundout of sight
NY26572397 Keswick Association Football Club, Keswick 
NY26952366 Keswick Bowling Club, Keswick 
NY27342374 Keswick Bridge, Keswick 
NY272236 Keswick Fire Station, Keswick 
NY26822324 Keswick Library, Keswick 
NY26682340 Keswick Lodge, Keswick 
NY27062356 Keswick Mill, Keswick gone?
NY26652360 Keswick Mining Museum, Keswick 
NY26592356 Keswick Police Station, Keswick L
NY25752424 Keswick School, Great Crosthwaite 
NY28082397 Keswick Smelting House, Brigham 
NY27062378 Keswick Station, Keswick L
NY26762358 Keswick Youth Hostel, Keswick 
NY26762332 Keswick: Alhambra Cinema 
NY26602346 Keswick: Banks and Park 
NY26652339 Keswick: Barclays Bank 
NY26642354 Keswick: Bell Close 
NY26672357 Keswick: Blencathra Stone Craft 
NY270234 Keswick: Blencathra Street 
NY26692318 Keswick: Borrowdale Road 
NY26692316 Keswick: Borrowdale Road, 10 to 15 L
NY26702353 Keswick: Brewery Lane 
NY26722329 Keswick: Derwent Street 
NY26702327 Keswick: Derwent Street, 3 
NY26712326 Keswick: Derwent Street, 4 and 6 L
NY26782344 Keswick: Derwentwater Record 
NY27012316 Keswick: Eskin Street, 2 L
NY27012317 Keswick: Eskin Street, 4 and 6 L
NY27012318 Keswick: Eskin Street, 8 and 10 L
NY26802345 Keswick: Gallery 26 at 27 
NY26672326 Keswick: George Fisher 
NY26732341 Keswick: Grandy Nook 
NY26992344 Keswick: Greta Street 
NY26452352 Keswick: Heads Lane 
NY26502344 Keswick: Heads Road 
NY26182382 Keswick: High Hill, 2 to 6 L
NY26122389 Keswick: High Hill, 18 L
NY26732324 Keswick: High Street 
NY26342368 Keswick: Keswick Bikes 
NY26652345 Keswick: King's Head Yard 
NY26662330 Keswick: Lake Road 
NY26692325 Keswick: Lakeland Photo Gallery 
NY26722340 Keswick: Lakeland Sandwich Shop 
NY26662336 Keswick: Lakeland Slate Co 
NY26842348 Keswick: Linnet Hill 
NY26432357 Keswick: Luchini's 
NY26452357 Keswick: Main Street 
NY26612342 Keswick: Main Street, 21 to 25 L
NY26452356 Keswick: Main Street, 81 to 83 
NY26442357 Keswick: Main Street, 85 to 91 L
NY26382362 Keswick: Main Street, 115 to 121 
NY26362364 Keswick: Main Street, 123 and 125 L
NY26602346 Keswick: Market Place 
NY26642325 Keswick: Maysons L
NY26742333 Keswick: Open All Hours 
NY27262365 Keswick: Penrith Road 
NY26822347 Keswick: Penrith Road, 3 L
NY26702336 Keswick: Price Walker 
NY26682344 Keswick: Shambles 
NY26692329 Keswick: Shepherd Jewellery 
NY26932351 Keswick: Shorley Croft 
NY26722334 Keswick: St John's Street 
NY26782330 Keswick: St John's Street, 17 to 23 L
NY26802328 Keswick: St John's Street, 25 L
NY26772328 Keswick: St John's Street, 36 to 50 L
NY26892363 Keswick: Station Road 
NY26792347 Keswick: Station Street 
NY26612347 Keswick: Sweet Temptation 
NY26732325 Keswick: Union Street 
NY26202430 Keswick: Vicarage Hill 
NY26762344 Keswick: W H Smiths 
NY26532355 Keswick: Wild Strawberry 
NY26652343 Keswick: Ye Olde Friars L
NY25672349 Kiddams, Keswick 
NY26112426 Lairbeck Cottage, Great Crosthwaite 
NY26012429 Lairthwaite, Great Crosthwaite gone?
NY26662336 Lake Road Inn, Keswick 
NY27672316 Larch House, Keswick 
NY25352377 Long Bridge, Keswick 
NY27972317 Lonsties, Keswick 
NY27502364 Low Brigham, Keswick 
NY25662379 Low Howray, Keswick 
NY27552389 Lydia's Cottages, Keswick 
NY268233 meeting house, Keswick 
NY26262354 meeting house, Keswick (2) 
NY26382353 Methodist Chapel, Keswick 
NY25372384 milestone, Keswick 
NY28542414 mill, Briery 
NY28582420 mill, Briery (2) 
NY27992392 mill, Brigham 
NY26352380 mill, Keswick gone
NY26662369 mill, Keswick (2) gone
NY27182359 Millfield House, Keswick 
NY26452408 Monk Hall, Keswick gone
NY263240 Monk's Hall, Keswick 
NY26632343 Moot Hall, Keswick L
NY27872368 Nether Place, Keswick 
NY26952314 Oak Apple House, Keswick 
NY26922315 Oak Cottage, Keswick L
NY26632343 Oddfellows Arms, Keswick L
NY26542354 office, Keswick 
NY26602346 Olde Golden Lion Inn, Keswick 
NY26982353 Otley's Well, Keswick 
NY26672343 Pack Horse Inn, Keswick L
NY26852311 Parsonage, Keswick 
NY267229 Plosh, Keswick 
NY26132424 post box, Great Crosthwaite 
NY26952325 post box, Keswick 
NY26362366 post box, Keswick (2) 
NY27242307 post box, Keswick (3) 
NY26692317 Prior Holme, Keswick L
NY26332302 race course, Keswick 
NY28562409 railway bridge, Briery 
NY28742430 railway bridge, Briery (2) 
NY28872444 railway bridge, Brundholme 
NY26372434 railway bridge, Great Crosthwaite 
NY27852381 railway bridge, Keswick 
NY27422371 railway bridge, Keswick (2) 
NY27352373 railway bridge, Keswick (3) 
NY27162377 railway bridge, Keswick (4) 
NY26592415 railway bridge, Keswick (5) 
NY27832381 railway milepost, Keswick 
NY28272395 railway tunnel, Keswick 
NY26382243 Rawnsley Memorial, Keswick 
NY28702370 roadsign, Keswick 
NY2623 roman fort, Keswick suggested
NY27532382 Row, Keswick 
NY26392227 Ruskin Memorial, Keswick L
NY25712430 seat, Great Crosthwaite 
NY26482289 seat, Keswick 
NY27782306 Sheepclose Plantation, Keswick 
NY27962354 Shelley Cottage, Keswick L
NY27002352 Shorley Croft, Keswick gone
NY26232430 Skiddaw Cottage, Keswick L
NY26302428 Skiddaw Lodge, Great Crosthwaite 
NY1255 Skinburness to Keswick Canal proposed
NY2624 smithy, Great Crosthwaite 
NY28092355 spring, Keswick 
NY27762258 Springs Wood, Keswick 
NY26152391 St Herbert Social Centre, Keswick L
NY26782317 St John, Keswick L
NY26792324 St John's School, Keswick 
NY26772332 St John's Street Hall, Keswick 
NY269227 stone circle, Castle Head imagined
NY28222377 Stormy Hill, Keswick 
NY26612209 Strandshag Bay, Derwent Water 
NY25642403 Swang Bridge, Keswick 
NY26802355 tanyard, Keswick gone
NY27442381 Toll Bar Cottage, Keswick L
NY27822323 Toll Bar Cottage, Keswick (2) 
NY26152389 toll gate, Keswick gone
NY26922314 toll gate, Keswick (2) 
NY26082298 Town Cass, Keswick 
NY268235 Upper Fitz Park pencil works, Keswick 
NY26122421 Vicarage, Great Crosthwaite L
NY2622 viewpoint, Cockshot Wood 
NY26122421 viewpoint, Crosthwaite Vicarage 
NY26352305 viewpoint, Crow Park 
NY22 viewpoint, Derwent Water by boat 
NY22 viewpoint, Derwent Water by moonlight 
NY26372224 viewpoint, Friar's Crag 
NY25642380 viewpoint, Low Howray 
NY22 viewpoint, Mr Wren's House 
NY26812349 war memorial, Keswick 
NY26712341 war memorial, Royal Oak 
NY26432282 Water Edge, Keswick 
NY27822398 water trough, Keswick 
NY27722405 water trough, Keswick (2) 
NY25742422 weather station, Great Crosthwaite 
NY27632400 Windebrowe, Keswick L
NY26562352 workhouse, Keswick 
NY27032352 Wren Villa, Keswick 
NY27142359 Wren's Mill, Keswick gone
NY28762400 bridge, Keswick 
NY2723 bridge, Keswick (3) suggested
NY26472320 Hope Park, Keswick 
NY2623 Keswick: Abrahams 
NY2623 Reliance Printing Works, Keswick 
NY26252375 Luca's Ristorante, Keswick L
NY264236 Albion Hotel, Keswick 
NY265229 Belle Vue, Keswick 
 Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway 
NY2623 Derwent Lake Hotel, Keswick 
NY267234 Fisher's Temperance Hotel, Keswick 
NY270234 Grosvenor Boarding House, Keswick 
NY26562348 Keswick Cycle Depot and Motor Garage, Keswick 
NY267234 Keswick: J Johnston 
NY26572347 Keswick: Main Street, 38 
NY2623 Keswick: Mayson's Auctioneering 
NY267236 Keswick: Miss Hawell 
NY265229 Keswick: Mrs Mayo 
NY268236 Mikado Cafe, Keswick 
NY26742357 Old Brewery, Keswick 
NY26712342 Royal Oak, Keswick L
NY265235 Skiddaw Temperance Hotel, Keswick 
NY267233 Temperance Hotel, Keswick 
NY26662339 Keswick: Furnace jeweller 
NY26302374 Greta Bridge, Keswick 
NY2623 Art Gallery, Keswick 
NY2623 Blencathra Hotel, Keswick 
NY2623 Derwentwater Lake Hotel, Keswick 
NY26642371 Greta Pencil Works, Keswick gone
NY27082373 Keswick Hotel, Keswick 
NY263238 Southey Works, Keswick 
NY2623 Younghusband's Hotel, Keswick 
NY26372227 Friar's Crag, Keswick 
NY26622345 Queen's Hotel, Keswick 
NY25282361 Derwentwater Hotel, Portinscale 
NY26612344 King's Arms, Keswick 
NY26272113 Derwent Water 
NY2924 Greta, River 
NY26832353 Frances Rolleston Fountain, Keswick 
NY26652341 Keswick 
NY26172393 Quaker Cottage, Keswick 
NY26912370 Keswick Museum, Keswick 
NY26642345 Keswick: Jonathan Otley's 
NY2623 Keswick: Telford, J 
NY25512395 Stormwater Bridge, Keswick 
NY25702427 topograph, Great Crosthwaite 
 Windermere and Keswick Railway 
NY26972267 viewpoint, Castle Head 
NY25742429 St Kentigern, Great Crosthwaite L
NY26402269 landing stage, Keswick 
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