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Whicham parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD1385
10Km square:-   SD08
10Km square:-   SD18
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   old map:- Donald 1774 (Cmd) 
placename:-  Whitchamp
source data:-   Map, hand coloured engraving, 3x2 sheets, The County of Cumberland, scale about 1 inch to 1 mile, by Thomas Donald, engraved and published by Joseph Hodskinson, 29 Arundel Street, Strand, London, 1774.
item:-  Carlisle Library : Map 2
Images © Carlisle Library

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 371 (1971)

SD0887 Annas, River 
SD09038574 Annaside Banks, Whicham 
SD099853 Annaside stone circle, Whicham 
SD09018655 Annaside, Whicham 
SD13708196 Baldmire, Whicham 
SD10778692 Barfield Tarn, Whicham 
SD10408703 Barfield, Whicham 
SD13298212 barn, Silecroft 
SD15018454 barn, Whicham 
SD17078561 Baystone Bank Farm, Whicham 
SD171859 Baystone Bank Reservoir, Whicham 
SD17288545 Baystone Bank, Whicham 
SD15218466 Beckside, Whicham 
SD13548548 Black Combe, Whicham 
SD13508403 Black Crags, Whicham 
SD1485 Blackcombe Beck 
SD139858 Blackcombe Screes, Whicham 
SD09618676 bridge, Whicham 
SD14358384 bridge, Whicham (2) 
SD15258468 bridge, Whicham (3) 
SD11488462 bridge, Whitbeck 
SD120861 Brocklebank's Monument, Whicham 
SD1187 Broomhill Beck 
SD13778662 Charley Fold, Whicham 
SD140807 Christ Church, Kirksanton gone
SD14128440 Cotley, Whicham 
SD13068191 Cross House, Silecroft 
SD13318256 Cumpstones, Whicham 
SD12858165 drain, Silecroft 
SD13128196 Fairfield, Silecroft 
SD11518750 Far End, Whicham 
SD11578591 Fell Cottage, Whicham 
SD11438604 fish ponds, Whicham 
SD09008676 ford, Whicham 
SD16228548 Fore Slack, Whicham 
SD11418623 Foss House, Whicham gone
SD11658468 Gate House, Whitbeck 
SD14488396 Gateside, Whicham 
SD13558517 Gray Stones, Whicham 
SD17098620 Grice Croft, Whicham 
SD14918620 Guinea Bridge, Whicham 
SD09918409 Gutterby Spa, Whicham 
SD10398444 Gutterby, Whicham 
SD112857 Hall Foss stone circle, Whicham 
SD11638701 Hall Foss, Whicham 
SD13648398 Hall Gill, Whicham 
SD14988460 Hallbeck House, Whicham 
SD1187 Hallfoss Beck 
SD1383 Hallgill Beck 
SD093860 Hawes, Whicham 
SD13868164 Hellpool Bridge, Whicham 
SD14308384 Hill End, Whicham 
SD11398619 Hill End, Whicham (2) 
SD11538446 Hillcrest, Whitbeck 
SD13258213 Hodgson's Green, Silecroft 
SD1186 Holegill Beck 
SD11258678 Holegill Bridge, Whicham 
SD11218687 Holegill, Whicham 
SD09998672 Holmegate, Whicham 
SD16408575 Hook Knott, Whicham 
SD147861 Horse Back, Whicham 
SD14018476 Horse Shoe, Whicham 
SD13088193 house, Silecroft L
SD12948239 John Bull, Whicham 
SD13298239 Kellbank, Whicham 
SD13238282 Kirkbank, Whicham 
SD106843 Kirkstones, Gutterby 
SD14488153 Lacra Bank, Whicham 
SD16498493 Lanthwaite Bridge, Whicham 
SD1585 Lathery Beck 
SD126867 Little Fell, Whicham 
SD13028194 Manor House, Silecroft L
SD1085 Millergill Beck 
SD15158513 Millhaw, Whicham once
SD13528219 mine, Whicham 
SD13148198 Miners Arms, Silecroft 
SD11288565 Monk Foss Farm, Whicham 
SD1185 Monkfoss Beck 
SD13138318 Moor Gill, Whicham 
SD11758457 Moor Green, Whitbeck 
SD1383 Moorgill Beck 
SD11468305 New Buildings, Whicham 
SD13568349 Parsonage Breast, Whicham 
SD13528285 Parsonage Farm, Whicham 
SD13928402 Pen End, Whicham 
SD14598244 Pohouse Bridge, Whicham 
SD13258207 police station, Silecroft 
SD11878398 post box, Whitbeck 
SD13148202 post office, Silecroft 
SD14278439 Rabbit Crags, Whicham 
SD11718368 railway bridge, Whitbeck 
SD15268493 Ralliss, Whicham 
SD13488285 Rectory, Whicham 
SD13818370 rock, Whicham 
SD12848164 sheep feeder, Silecroft 
SD12528721 sheepfold, Whicham 
SD13168310 sheepfold, Whicham (3) 
SD13968349 sheepfold, Whicham (4) 
SD13548548 shelter, Black Combe 
SD1483 Sicklemill Beck 
SD1282 Silecroft Beck 
SD13108193 Silecroft, Whicham 
SD12568264 Sledbank, Whicham 
SD12468042 Southfield Bank, Whicham 
SD12858060 Southfield, Whicham 
SD11298528 Stangrah, Whicham L
SD13108198 Station House, Silecroft 
SD11828717 stone wall, Whicham 
SD11598652 stone wall, Whicham (2) 
SD13068188 stop cock, Silecroft 
SD154873 Stoupdale Crags, Whicham 
SD14828550 Sty Knotts, Whicham 
SD11398248 Summer Hill, Whicham 
SD15338561 Swine Crag, Whicham 
SD11728617 Tarn Dimples, Whicham 
SD13578530 tarn, Black Combe 
SD1284 Townend Gill 
SD11988400 Townend Hall, Whitbeck L
SD1354985488 trig point, SD1354985488 
SD13048234 Valley End Service Station, Whicham 
SD13228206 village hall, Silecroft 
SD15777949 Waingate Bridge, Millom 
SD13278214 war memorial, Silecroft 
SD13498270 war memorial, Whicham 
SD11918467 waterfall, Whitbeck 
SD14208486 Watery Crag, Whicham 
SD11488465 Wayside, Whitbeck 
SD11968385 weather station, Whitbeck 
SD15188550 weir, Whicham 
SD14618367 Wha, Whicham once
SD13268249 Whicham 
SD1583 Whicham Beck 
SD14378301 Whicham Hall, Whicham 
SD15258510 Whicham Mill, Whicham 
SD13538272 Whicham Old School, Whicham 
SD130829 Whicham trial, Whicham 
SD152833 Whicham Valley, Whicham 
SD16718570 Whirl Pippin, Whicham 
SD11598388 Whitbeck Crossing, Whitbeck 
SD11778466 Whitbeck Mill, Whitbeck L
SD11828439 Whitbeck, Whicham 
SD15178669 White Combe, Whicham 
SD15568558 White Hall Knott, Whicham 
SD15808518 White Hall, Whicham gone
SD1585 Whitecombe Beck 
SD15208570 Whitecombe Beck Mine, Whicham 
SD145868 Whitecombe Screes, Whicham 
 Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway 
SD12438298 Wood House, Whicham 
SD11938397 St Mary, Whitbeck L
SD13498270 St Mary, Whicham L
SD085840 Black Leg Rock, Irish Sea 
SD13168206 bridge, Silecroft 
SD0886 Scala Fold Style Rock, Irish Sea 
SD12988274 Fell Brow, Whicham 
SD11518647 sheepfold, Whicham (2) 
SD11948410 barn, Whitbeck 
SD15697994 Haverigg Crossing, Millom 
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