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Bassenthwaite parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY2331
10Km square:-   NY23
10Km square:-   NY22
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   old map:- Donald 1774 (Cmd) 
placename:-  Bassenthwaite
source data:-   Map, hand coloured engraving, 3x2 sheets, The County of Cumberland, scale about 1 inch to 1 mile, by Thomas Donald, engraved and published by Joseph Hodskinson, 29 Arundel Street, Strand, London, 1774.
item:-  Carlisle Library : Map 2
Image © Carlisle Library

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 518 (1971)

NY20703249 Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite L
NY20863258 Armathwaite Lodge, Bassenthwaite L
NY26623073 Bakestall, Bassenthwaite 
NY2430 Barkbeth Gill 
NY24113111 Barkbeth Hill, Bassenthwaite 
NY24143125 Barkbeth, Bassenthwaite L
NY24743073 Barkbethdale, Bassenthwaite 
NY21793264 Bassenfell, Bassenthwaite 
NY22783164 Bassenthwaite Church Room, Bassenthwaite L
NY25202974 Bassenthwaite Common, Bassenthwaite 
NY22973193 Bassenthwaite Parish Room, Bassenthwaite 
NY22823172 Bassenthwaite School, Bassenthwaite 
NY2233 Bewaldeth Gill 
NY26993099 Birkett Edge, Bassenthwaite 
NY22923020 Black Moss, Bassenthwaite 
NY22932789 boat house, Bassenthwaite 
NY23482820 boundary stone, Bassenthwaite/Underskiddaw 
NY22252936 Bowness Bay, Bassenthwaite Lake 
NY22422905 Bowness Farm, Bassenthwaite L
NY222290 Bowness, Bassenthwaite 
NY21163244 Brackenrigg Cottages, Bassenthwaite 
NY23083235 bridge, Bassenthwaite 
NY20073220 bridge, Ouse Bridge 
NY25923075 Broad End, Bassenthwaite 
NY21862971 Broad Ness, Bassenthwaite 
NY22252971 Broadness, Bassenthwaite 
NY22943229 Brook House, Bassenthwaite 
NY25273091 Brown Knott, Bassenthwaite 
NY20263288 Buckholme Lonning, Blindcrake 
NY2233 Burthwaite Beck (2) 
NY21533313 Burthwaite Bridge, Bassenthwaite 
NY21333328 Burthwaite Wood, Bassenthwaite 
NY23603205 Burthwaite, Bassenthwaite 
NY25012971 Buzzard Knott, Bassenthwaite 
NY25482810 Carlside, Underskiddaw 
NY25203299 Cass Beck Bridge, Bassenthwaite 
NY21493271 Castle Inn, Bassenthwaite 
NY226285 Castocks Wood, Bassentwhaite 
NY22672840 Catstocks Wood, Bassenthwaite 
NY2331 Chapel Beck 
NY22753165 Chapel House, Bassenthwaite L
NY22763163 Chapel, Bassenthwaite 
NY22372881 Church Bay, Bassenthwaite Lake 
NY2032 Coal Beck 
NY20513278 Coalbeck Bridge, Blindcrake 
NY229335 Cobblers Hollow, Bassenthwaite 
NY2431 Cockup Gill 
NY25953140 Cockup, Bassenthwaite 
NY2331 Collier Sike 
NY23393160 Colliersike Wood, Bassenthwaite 
NY227321 Cottage Wood, Bassenthwaite 
NY20763205 cottage, Bassenthwaite 
NY2731 Dash Beck 
NY2631 Dead Beck (2) 
NY26223119 Dead Beck Trial, Bassenthwaite 
NY26643116 Dead Crags, Bassenthwaite 
NY21893063 Dower House, Scarness L out of sight
NY22963219 drain, Bassenthwaite 
NY2328 Dry Scale Gill 
NY23472994 Dyke Nook, Bassenthwaite 
NY24152936 Edge, Bassenthwaite 
NY23132834 fence, Bassenthwaite 
NY23102844 fence, Bassenthwaite (2) 
NY22753163 fingerpost, Bassenthwaite 
NY23362912 fingerpost, Bassenthwaite (2) 
NY21633255 fingerpost, Bassenthwaite (3) 
NY22913231 ford, Bassenthwaite 
NY22333026 Freedoms, Bassenthwaite 
NY22743151 Gibbeson Bridge, Bassenthwaite 
NY26002938 Gibraltar Crag, Bassenthwaite 
NY24623003 Great Knott, Bassenthwaite 
NY23053225 Green Farm, Bassenthwaite L
NY22882929 Green Hill, Bassenthwaite 
NY22693037 Green Lane, Bassenthwaite 
NY22213343 Greenclose Wood, Bassenthwaite 
NY21983347 Greenclose, Bassenthwaite 
NY26173197 guide stone, Bassenthwaite 
NY2231 Hall Beck (3) 
NY2532 Halls Beck 
NY22883224 Halls, Bassenthwaite once
NY24142875 Hanging Stone, Bassenthwaite 
NY22962793 Hexam Gill 
NY24443278 High Close, Bassenthwaite 
NY24393197 High Melbecks, Bassenthwaite 
NY23843197 High Mill, Bassenthwaite gone
NY23503061 High Side Farm, Bassenthwaite L
NY23713128 High Side House, Bassenthwaite 
NY23473054 High Side, Bassenthwaite 
NY23533090 Hill Crest, Bassenthwaite 
NY24163147 Hole House, Bassenthwaite 
NY22083289 How Close, Bassenthwaite once
NY24202956 Kiln Pots, Bassenthwaite 
NY21633252 Kilnhill, Bassenthwaite 
NY23483023 Lakeview Cottage, Bassenthwaite 
NY24153004 Ling How, Bassenthwaite 
NY24593049 Little Knott, Bassenthwaite 
NY24772848 Longside Edge, Bassenthwaite 
NY24402837 Longside, Bassenthwaite 
NY21363221 Low House, Bassenthwaite L
NY24163222 Low Melbecks, Bassenthwaite 
NY23322866 Maltdub Wood, Bassenthwaite 
NY24333188 Melbecks Farm, Bassenthwaite L
NY24273198 Melbecks, Bassenthwaite 
NY22963216 Methodist Chapel, Bassenthwaite 
NY20843239 milestone, Bassenthwaite 
NY22133213 milestone, Bassenthwaite (2) 
NY2431 Mill Beck (8) 
NY23093232 mill, Bassenthwaite 
NY22643077 Mire Side, Bassenthwaite L
NY2328 Mirehouse Woods, Bassenthwaite perhaps
NY23172837 Mirehouse, Bassenthwaite L
NY22933045 Moss Side, Bassenthwaite L
NY23352885 North Lodge, Mirehouse 
NY22283196 North Row Bridge, Bassenthwaite 
NY22213243 North Row Farm, Bassenthwaite 
NY22533238 North Row Farm, Bassenthwaite (2) L
NY22343247 North Row, Bassenthwaite 
NY22553181 Old Police House, Bassenthwaite 
NY22943215 Old Reading Room, Bassenthwaite 
NY23093226 Orchard Cottage, Bassenthwaite 
NY2229 Park Hill, Bassenthwaite imagined
NY23843295 Park Wood, Bassenthwaite 
NY23443033 Parker Gate, Bassenthwaite L
NY24973243 Peter House Farm, Bassenthwaite 
NY21663254 pinfold, Kilnhill gone
NY22783167 police station, Bassenthwaite 
NY2231 Pooley Beck 
NY22773164 post box, Bassenthwaite 
NY21603159 Priest's Share, Bassenthwaite 
NY25432945 Randel Crag, Bassenthwaite 
NY23962954 Raven Crag, Bassenthwaite 
NY23512979 Ravenstone, Bassenthwaite 
NY23003232 Riverside Cottage, Bassenthwaite L not found
NY227330 Robin Hood Mine, Bassenthwaite 
NY22793285 Robin Hood, Bassenthwaite 
NY23702937 Sand Beds, Bassenthwaite 
NY23212888 Sand Hill, Bassenthwaite 
NY2329 Sandbeds Gill 
NY21343043 Scar Ness, Bassenthwaite 
NY21703027 Scarness Bay, Bassenthwaite Lake 
NY22023052 Scarness Cottage, Scarness L
NY22033066 Scarness Farm, Scarness 
NY21933057 Scarness Mansion, Scarness 
NY22793163 school, Bassenthwaite 
NY26883156 sheepfold, Bassenthwaite 
NY24263044 sheepfold, Bassenthwaite (2) 
NY24333051 sheepfold, Bassenthwaite (3) 
NY25222992 sheepfold, Bassenthwaite (4) 
NY25242861 sheepfold, Bassenthwaite (5) 
NY26032909 Skiddaw Man, Skiddaw 
NY2328 Skill Beck 
NY23562972 Slack House, Bassenthwaite 
NY2429 Southerndale Beck 
NY24682946 Southerndale, Bassenthwaite 
NY25122878 spring, Southerndale 
NY22652875 St Bega, Bassenthwaite L
NY23083231 Sun Inn, Bassenthwaite 
NY23563108 Syke, Bassenthwaite gone?
NY24663215 Tenter Hill, Bassenthwaite 
NY21253263 Toll Bar Cottage, Bassenthwaite 
NY24392884 Ullock Pike, Bassenthwaite 
NY23243116 vicarage, Bassenthwaite 
NY20473234 viewpoint, Armathwaite Hall 
NY2329 viewpoint, Bassenthwaite Common 
NY22042968 viewpoint, Broadness 
NY2032 viewpoint, Ouse Bridge Inn 
NY23 viewpoint, Rakes 
NY2329 viewpoint, Sandbeds Gill 
NY2130 viewpoint, Scarness 
NY26032907 viewpoint, Skiddaw 
NY24073177 Walk Mill Bridge, Bassenthwaite 
NY22903158 war memorial, Bassenthwaite 
NY24023038 Watches, Bassenthwaite 
NY24412986 waterfall, Southerndale 
NY25263035 White Horse, Bassenthwaite 
NY27213134 Whitewater Dash, Bassenthwaite 
NY21993056 Scarness, Bassenthwaite 
NY22803161 Chapel Bridge, Bassenthwaite 
NY23053264 Robin Hood Wood, Bassenthwaite 
NY23003220 Bassenthwaite 
NY22903159 St John, Bassenthwaite 
NY21432975 Bassenthwaite Lake 
NY239319 High Mill Trial, Bassenthwaite 
NY26032909 Skiddaw, Underskiddaw 
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