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Blindcrake parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY1635
10Km square:-   NY13
10Km square:-   NY23
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 313 (1971)

NY18003405 Bankhead, Blindcrake 
NY14443632 beacon, Moota Hill 
NY19053552 Beckgrains Bridge, Blindcrake 
NY20223293 Becksalkeld Wood, Blindcrake 
NY1935 Bewaldeth Beck 
NY16573425 Bewsgill Wood, Blindcrake 
NY13703438 Black Cock, Blindcrake 
NY14813473 Blindcrake 
NY14843475 Blindcrake Hall, Blindcrake L
NY14763459 Blindcrake Village Hall, Blindcrake 
NY1634 Blumer Beck 
NY17633492 Blumer Bridge, Blindcrake 
NY1133 Brides Beck 
NY19983222 Bridge End, Ouse Bridge 
NY15623376 bridge, Isel (2) 
NY20073220 bridge, Ouse Bridge 
NY18933317 Brock Hole, Blindcrake 
NY18003559 Brook Cottage, Sunderland 
NY19643318 Buckholme Closes, Blindcrake 
NY19483315 Buckholme Island, Blindcrake 
NY20263288 Buckholme Lonning, Blindcrake 
NY19673303 Buckholmebanks Wood, Blindcrake 
NY16483379 Calfshaw Wood, Blindcrake 
NY14763461 chapel, Blindcrake 
NY16363542 Clints Crags, Blindcrake 
NY15873540 Clints Park, Blindcrake 
NY15853645 Clints Quarry, Blindcrake 
NY2032 Coal Beck 
NY20513278 Coalbeck Bridge, Blindcrake 
NY20623283 Coalbeck, Blindcrake 
NY13803384 Croft Cottage, Redmain L
NY19663414 Croft Hill, Blindcrake 
NY14793461 Croft House, Blindcrake (3) L
NY13813386 Croft House, Redmain L
NY17923550 Croft House, Sunderland L out of sight
NY18363456 Cross Hill, Blindcrake 
NY18573459 Crosshill Moss, Blindcrake 
NY14123406 Derwent Bank, Redmain 
NY13343309 Ellermire Wood, Blindcrake 
NY15073421 Ellers Wood, Blindcrake 
NY14853479 fingerpost, Blindcrake 
NY18103570 fingerpost, Sunderland 
NY16263333 gate, Isel 
NY1434 Gill Beck (10) 
NY14913411 Gill Wood, Blindcrake 
NY14913465 Gillgate, Blindcrake 
NY19353466 Glebe Farm, Blindcrake 
NY14843484 Grange Farm, Blindcrake L
NY13843393 Grange Farm, Redmain L
NY17973552 Grecian House, Sunderland L
NY18083559 Green Well, Sunderland 
NY18353621 Gregg Hill, Blindcrake 
NY18203583 Gregg Well, Sunderland 
NY17243556 Heads Wood, Blindcrake 
NY19963220 Herdwick Croft Farm, Ouse Bridge 
NY15023504 High Farm, Blindcrake L
NY19483479 Hodge's Moss, Blindcrake 
NY18033560 Holly House, Sunderland L
NY19923226 house, Ouse Bridge 
NY13803387 house, Redmain L
NY17903547 house, Sunderland 
NY17873543 house, Sunderland (2) 
NY19483391 Howgill Wood, Blindcrake 
NY17123384 Hunter How, Blindcrake 
NY13823390 hydrant plate, Redmain 
NY19753448 Irton Cottages, Blindcrake 
NY20273436 Irton House, Blindcrake 
NY19893384 Irton Wood, Blindcrake 
NY16333334 Isel Bridge House, Isel L
NY16413329 Isel Bridge, Isel L
NY15733378 Isel Grange, Isel L
NY15843367 Isel Hall, Isel L
NY15833397 Isel Mill House, Isel L
NY15863397 Isel Mill, Isel L out of sight
NY19373435 Isel Old Park, Blindcrake 
NY15803466 Isel Park, Blindcrake 
NY16573339 Iselgate Cottage, Isel 
NY16733348 Iselgate, Isel 
NY19013498 Isell Common, Blindcrake 
NY19683215 island, Blindcrake 
NY1933 Jonah's Gill 
NY1735 Kiln Beck 
NY16353348 Kirk Hill, Blindcrake 
NY18023676 limekiln, Bothel (5) 
NY13793396 limekiln, Redmain 
NY17563579 limekiln, Sunderland 
NY20203372 Lingeybank Wood, Blindcrake 
NY20443371 Lingeybank, Blindcrake 
NY17583450 Linskeldfield, Blindcrake 
NY17923336 Long Close Farm, Blindcrake 
NY18593387 Low Barn, Blindcrake 
NY14803470 Low Farm, Blindcrake L
NY17913541 Low House, Sunderland L
NY13283340 Marketgate Wood, Blindcrake 
NY20733330 Messengermire Wood, Blindcrake 
NY12913343 milestone, Blindcrake 
NY14903579 milestone, Blindcrake (2) L
NY13863456 milestone, Blindcrake (3) 
NY17923531 Mill Hill, Sunderland 
NY17883542 Millbanks, Sunderland 
NY13653590 Millstonemoor, Blindcrake 
NY13083318 Mily Scroggs, Blindcrake 
NY18093571 Mission Hall, Sunderland 
NY14843650 Moota Common, Blindcrake 
NY16033693 Moota Farm, Blindcrake 
NY14443632 Moota Hill, Blindcrake 
NY14903574 Moota House, Blindcrake 
NY14813616 Moota Quarry, Blindcrake 
NY17823398 Nut Hill, Blindcrake 
NY17903368 Nuthill Wood, Blindcrake 
NY16283361 Old Almshouses, Blindcrake 
NY14903492 Old Post Office, Blindcrake 
NY15413395 Old School House, Isel 
NY21173318 Oldpark Gate, Blindcrake 
NY19963216 Ouse Bridge Inn, Ouse Bridge 
NY19983219 Ouse Bridge, Blindcrake 
NY19963210 Ouse Bridge, Ouse Bridge L
NY17013424 Oxpasture Wood, Blindcrake 
NY13603359 Park Hill, Blindcrake 
NY16253444 Park Wood, Blindcrake 
NY18743313 Pepper Holme, Blindcrake 
NY14823470 pinfold, Blindcrake 
NY13663380 pinfold, Redmain 
NY13763385 post box, Redmain 
NY16843334 Prior Wood, Blindcrake 
NY13733372 Redmain Hall Farm, Redmain 
NY13913395 Redmain Hall, Redmain L
NY13803389 Redmain House, Redmain 
NY13783386 Redmain, Blindcrake 
NY18043566 Retreat, Sunderland 
NY18323508 Rolly Bridge, Blindcrake 
NY17363334 Rook Hill, Blindcrake 
NY14953497 Rose Farm, Blindcrake 
NY16583602 Salkeld Close, Blindcrake 
NY16413395 school, Isel not found
NY18393647 Setrah Hill, Blindcrake 
NY15613381 sheep feeder, Isel 
NY17643319 Simpson's Wood, Blindcrake 
NY16573530 Spindlebank Wood, Blindcrake 
NY17923642 Stinkeld Quarry, Blindcrake 
NY18773528 Sunderland Gill, Blindcrake 
NY17273581 Sunderland Heads, Blindcrake 
NY17153509 Sunderland Springs, Blindcrake 
NY17963549 Sunderland, Blindcrake 
NY12493465 Tarnities, Blindcrake 
NY16443521 Thackray Cottage, Blindcrake 
NY16263502 Thackray Wood, Blindcrake 
NY1733 Thornthwaite Forest, Blindcrake 
NY1637 Threapland Gill 
NY1635 Ullerance Gill 
NY18013560 Upgate, Sunderland 
NY16233329 war memorial, Isel 
NY14833470 water trough, Blindcrake 
NY14863482 well, Blindcrake L
NY18323573 Wesleyan Cottage, Sunderland 
NY14763456 Westgate Farm, Blindcrake L
NY18033533 Westray House, Sunderland L
NY17703506 Westray Wood, Blindcrake 
NY13683434 Williamsgate, Blindcrake 
NY16813543 Willie White's Well, Blindcrake 
NY17893535 bridge, Sunderland 
NY1534 pinfold, Isel gone
NY1735 pinfold, Sunderland suggested
NY16193629 Clints Quarry, Blindcrake (2) 
NY16143580 Clints Quarry, Blindcrake (3) 
NY16403334 Isel, Blindcrake 
NY16233331 St Michael, Isel L
NY21183517 meeting house, Isel 
NY2515 Derwent, River 
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