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Nicholforest parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY4577
10Km square:-   NY48
10Km square:-   NY47
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 318 (1971)

Part of the West March, one of the three border march areas on the english side.

NY4274 Andrews Sike 
NY42877474 Arthurs Cross, Nicholforest once
NY46488112 Atterson's Crook, Nicholforest 
NY4475 Back Burn 
NY47428284 Barn Pool, Kershopefoot 
NY41987564 Baxton Gill, Nicholforest 
NY44407897 Bendal Pool, Nicholforest 
NY4781 Bent Sike 
NY47448150 Bentshield Knowe, Nicholforest 
NY45867692 Bessiestown, Catlowdy 
NY45877613 Beyond the Moss, Nicholforest 
NY43327623 Beyond the Wood, Nicholforest 
NY44727471 Birchtimber Hill, Scuggate 
NY45827814 Birney Wood, Nicholforest 
NY4475 Black Burn (4) 
NY42897641 Black Kist Pool, Nicholforest 
NY45987856 Black Moss, Nicholforest 
NY49258143 Black Rigg, Bewcastle 
NY45767563 Blacklands Plantation, Nicholforest 
NY45797850 Blacksmith's Cottage, Nicholforest 
NY43127713 Blae Pot, Nicholforest 
NY44547848 Blowlowing, Nicholforest 
NY44497879 Boat Pool, Nicholforest 
 Border Union Railway 
NY47538289 boundary sign, Kershopefoot 
NY43307747 boundary sign, Nicholforest 
NY43837652 Bridge Inn, Nicholforest 
NY46487558 bridge, Holywell 
NY48368277 bridge, Kershopefoot 
NY43287737 Broad Clint, Nicholforest 
NY4680 Brocket Sike 
NY47497903 Brown Knowe, Nicholforest 
NY47517914 Brownknowe, Nicholforest 
NY42307529 Burntfauld, Nicholforest 
NY46238006 Carl Pool, Nicholforest 
NY4173 Carwinley Burn 
NY44137822 Cat Linns, Scotland 
NY46227697 Catlowdy Cottage, Catlowdy 
NY46067686 Catlowdy, Nicholforest 
NY4477 Chapel Burn (2) 
NY45947532 Chapel Ford, Nicholforest 
NY46617667 Chapel Hill, Nicholforest 
NY46707676 chapel, Nicholforest gone
NY45587809 chapel, Nicholforest (2) gone
NY4881 Chickensfield Sike 
NY4882 Clinty Sike 
NY4781 Coldwell Sike 
NY46107687 Corner Cottage, Catlowdy 
NY45267754 Cowan's Knowe, Nicholforest 
NY43297741 Cowugly Pool, Nicholforest 
NY47397606 Cragburn, Nicholforest 
NY45917657 Croftangry Tree, Catlowdy 
NY45857667 Croftangry, Catlowdy gone?
NY50197846 Crookburn Head, Nicholforest gone
NY47378162 Crowwood Pool, Nicholforest 
NY42907578 Dikehead, Nicholforest 
NY48248179 Doctor's Well, Nicholforest 
NY44047817 Dormont Pool, Nicholforest 
NY45947866 Drakemire, Nicholforest 
NY4374 Draught Sike 
NY43797378 Draughtsike, Nicholforest 
NY46438073 Dunk Pool, Nicholforest 
NY47877820 Fairy Knowes, Nicholforest 
NY46607567 Field Foot, Nicholforest gone?
NY48158265 fingerpost, Kershopefoot 
NY47777850 fingerpost, Nicholforest 
NY43857651 fingerpost, Nicholforest (2) 
NY47118204 Flock Pool, Nicholforest 
NY48228281 ford, Kershopefoot 
NY48118270 Forest Lodge, Kershopefoot 
NY48937866 Forster Monument, Nicholforest L
NY46628060 Fowl's Nest Pool, Nicholforest 
NY44907949 Francis Ford, Nicholforest 
NY42477605 Gill Cottage, Nicholforest gone?
NY4070 Gilsland 
NY45687677 Gleba Bank, Catlowdy 
NY44057563 Glendinning Rigg, Nicholforest 
NY44017594 Glendinningrigg, Nicholforest 
NY48568159 Green Knowe, Nicholforest 
NY490790 Green Rigg, Nicholforest 
NY44087337 Green, Nicholforest 
NY4680 Grindstone Sike 
NY4780 Hagg Sike 
NY4475 Hagling Burn 
NY44737589 Hagling, Nicholforest 
NY43847652 Haithwaite Cottage, Nicholforest 
NY44457671 Haithwaite Moss, Nicholforest 
NY44357727 Haithwaite, Nicholforest 
NY44357772 Haythwaite Burn, Nicholforest gone?
NY44957734 Hazel Cottage, Nicholforest 
NY47047811 Heatheryfold, Nicholforest 
NY46157717 High Catlowdy, Catlowdy 
NY44127439 High Plains, Scuggate 
NY45177607 Hilbre, Nicholforest 
NY42537503 Hilltop, Nicholforest 
NY46707747 Hilltop, Nicholforest (2) gone
NY43987411 Hilltop, Scuggate 
NY46457934 Hirsthead, Nicholforest 
NY43527810 Hog Wash, Nicholforest 
NY454755 Hollands, Nicholforest 
NY47878256 Homestead Moat, Kershopefoot 
NY44587869 Hudd's Hole, Nicholforest 
NY44357859 Huddshole Ford, Nicholforest 
NY44797844 Hunter's Knowe, Nicholforest 
NY47757852 Huntsman Inn, Nicholforest 
NY45877665 Jerrys Knowe, Catlowdy 
NY45787671 Jerry's Well, Catlowdy 
NY44427607 Jock's Moss, Nicholforest 
NY46988231 Kerr Pool, Nicholforest 
NY5184 Kershope Burn 
NY52848371 Kershope Forest, Bewcastle 
NY47798223 Kershope House, Kershopefoot 
NY47988234 Kershope Lodge, Kershopefoot 
NY47988283 Kershope Mill, Kershopefoot 
NY47468292 Kershopefoot Bridge, Kershopefoot 
NY47518288 Kershopefoot Station, Kershopefoot 
NY47658286 Kershopefoot, Nicholforest 
NY4780 Kiln Sike (2) 
NY43577756 Kilnholme, Nicholforest 
NY45687787 Kingfield House, Nicholforest 
NY45507788 Kingfield, Nicholforest 
NY51827508 Kinkry Hill Lodge, Roadhead 
NY4881 Kitchen Sike 
NY46397907 Knowehead, Nicholforest 
NY47347810 Lads Lodge, Nicholforest 
NY48178018 Leabrae Well, Nicholforest 
NY47547940 Leagair Quarry, Nicholforest 
NY47417936 Leagair, Nicholforest 
NY47447852 Liddel Common, Nicholforest 
NY46767745 Liddel Park, Nicholforest 
NY47757877 Liddel Tower, Nicholforest 
NY4377 Liddel Water 
NY46487921 Liddel, Nicholforest 
NY44367832 lime depot, Nicholforest 
NY47438269 limekiln, Kershopefoot 
NY46847749 limekiln, Liddel Park 
NY44177819 limekiln, Nicholforest 
NY44437861 limekiln, Nicholforest (2) 
NY44087757 limekiln, Nicholforest (3) 
NY48248150 limekiln, Nicholforest (4) 
NY45447774 Lodge, Kingfield House 
NY4781 Long Cleugh 
NY47808131 Longcleughside, Nicholforest 
NY43077740 Loup Pool, Nicholforest 
NY44317467 Low Plains, Scuggate 
NY46137688 Lowfield House, Catlowdy 
NY4882 March Sike 
NY4780 March Sike (2) 
NY48477791 Marchgate, Nicholforest gone?
NY45207560 Mare Hill, Nicholforest 
NY45537521 Meadowspots Well, Nicholforest 
NY42267628 Meggie's Ford, Nicholforest 
NY45967688 Megsmire, Catlowdy gone
NY45117956 Mepsys Crook, Nicholforest 
NY48928189 Merlin Crags, Nicholforest 
NY45717683 Mid Catlowdy, Catlowdy 
NY46397832 Mid Kingfield, Nicholforest gone
NY46177693 Milbourne House, Catlowdy 
NY43227728 Mill House, Nicholforest 
NY4781 Moor Gill 
NY46157646 Mosshead, Nicholforest 
NY4680 Nethershield Sike 
NY47888215 New Houses, Nicholforest gone?
NY45767748 Nichol Forest, Nicholforest 
NY44917734 Nicholforest Village Hall, Nicholforest 
NY464800 Nook Pasture Station, Nicholforest 
NY46307917 Nook, Nicholforest 
NY4578 Nookfoot Sike 
NY45547913 Nookfoot, Nicholforest 
NY46487904 Nookgate, Nicholforest 
NY45137905 Old Hall, Nicholforest L
NY44157439 Parkhead, Scuggate 
NY47867783 Parkhouse, Nicholforest 
NY46587943 Pasture Well, Nicholforest 
NY43277744 Penton Bridge, Nicholforest 
NY43457695 Penton House, Nicholforest 
NY43077738 Penton Linns, Nicholforest 
NY43357729 Penton Mill, Nicholforest 
NY43947731 Penton Station, Nicholforest 
NY43147682 Penton Wood, Nicholforest 
NY47057782 Peppermoss, Nicholforest 
NY44027789 Peter's Crook, Nicholforest 
NY46697893 Pike Bank, Nicholforest 
NY47207892 Pike Flow, Nicholforest 
NY46707865 Pike, Nicholforest 
NY46867854 Pike, Nicholforest (2) 
NY46927887 Pikedike Head, Nicholforest 
NY482827 pillbox, Kershopefoot 
NY47587871 Pinfold Knowe, Nicholforest 
NY46797616 Piperdean, Nicholforest gone
NY46437643 Piperdeanrigg, Nicholforest 
NY45957678 Pleaknowes, Catlowdy 
NY51887510 police house, Roadhead 
NY43097729 Pomeroy Bank, Nicholforest 
NY44947948 Pot, Nicholforest 
NY45567704 Priests Sike 
NY45727688 Priest's Well, Catlowdy 
NY46178006 Pudding Crook, Nicholforest 
NY48008174 Quarry Field Cottage, Nicholforest 
NY4571 Rae Burn 
NY45287609 Rae Stocks, Nicholforest 
NY44927371 Raeburn, Nicholforest 
NY47568295 railway bridge, Kershopefoot 
NY44567848 railway bridge, Nicholforest 
NY43397705 railway bridge, Nicholforest (2) 
NY46628024 railway bridge, Nicholforest (3) 
NY43757722 railway bridge, Nicholforest (4) 
NY44217795 Railway Cottages, Nicholforest 
NY45037526 Redgatehead, Nicholforest 
NY43437571 Riggcroft, Nicholforest 
NY4776 Rispie Sike 
NY45367661 Roan, Catlowdy 
NY45387533 Roddingheads, Nicholforest 
NY46497760 Roughlands, Nicholforest gone
NY4478 Rutherford, Nicholforest onceperhaps
NY46988110 Rutty Pool, Nicholforest 
NY46537851 Rye Knowe, Nicholforest 
NY46408111 Sandy Pool, Nicholforest 
NY47318263 saw mill, Kershopefoot 
NY46487902 school, Nicholforest (2) gone
NY44577443 Scugg Farm, Scuggate 
NY44247452 Scuggate, Nicholforest 
NY43867733 Shankend, Nicholforest gone?
NY4475 Shinby Sike 
NY45897705 Simon's Onset, Catlowdy 
NY45087677 spring, Nicholforest 
NY46257852 Springs Knowe, Nicholforest 
NY45477795 St Nicholas, Nicholforest L
NY44727622 Stand, Nicholforest gone
NY47947926 Stone Chest, Nicholforest 
NY48038186 Stonegarthside Hall, Nicholforest L
NY47348032 Stonegarthside, Nicholforest 
NY46118031 Stonehouse Crook, Nicholforest 
NY46318041 Stonehouse Tower, Nicholforest 
NY45737846 Stonygate, Nicholforest 
NY45777846 Stonygate, Nicholforest (2) 
NY4882 Storey's Sike 
NY47617848 Sunnyside, Nicholforest 
NY45657456 Sunnythwaite, Nicholforest 
NY4680 Thacky Sike 
NY4982 Thief Cleugh 
NY44077428 Thorney Knowe, Scuggate 
NY49098280 Thorny Knowe, Nicholforest 
NY45597873 Thorny Knowe, Nicholforest (2) 
NY46778111 Tom Bell's Linn, Nicholforest 
NY45377825 vicarage, Nicholforest 
NY45497795 war memorial, Nicholforest 
NY44927730 Warwicksland, Nicholforest 
NY44567837 Watleyhirst, Nicholforest 
NY43427696 Waverley House, Nicholforest 
NY44937721 weather station, Penton 
NY4781 Well Sike (2) 
NY45627545 Well Thorn, Nicholforest 
NY47368033 Westmains Farm, Nicholforest 
NY46417804 Whiteknowe, Nicholforest 
NY4577 Yearning Sike 
NY44917674 Yearningsike, Nicholforest gone?
NY46387551 Holy Well, Nicholforest 
NY43417702 Penton, Nicholforest suggested
NY43577682 milestone, Nicholforest 
NY42117466 milestone, Nicholforest (2) L
NY43397568 milestone, Nicholforest (4) 
NY46087688 fungus, Catlowdy 
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