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Brampton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY5360
10Km square:-   NY46
10Km square:-   NY56
10Km square:-   NY45
10Km square:-   NY55
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 4033 (1971)

NY53336008 Aaron's Town, Brampton 
NY55326324 Abbey Bridge, Lanercost L
NY55366323 Abbey Mill, Lanercost 
NY52916110 Bank Court, Brampton L
NY52906112 Bank House, Brampton L
NY52726104 Barley Stack Inn, Brampton L
NY559622 Barns House, Brampton 
NY53056112 Barracks, Brampton L
NY55326051 Beck Gate, Milton 
NY53695997 Beck Side Cottage, Brampton 
NY53855981 Beckside, Brampton 
NY50686119 Bee Tree, Brampton 
NY53996187 Berry's Plantation, Brampton 
NY52866109 Bethesda Evangelical Church, Brampton 
NY5560 Birch Heads, Brampton 
NY55596073 Birch Heads, Milton 
NY55515975 Birky Brow, Brampton 
NY558605 Black Hill, Brampton 
NY54045994 Bleaberry Bent, Brampton 
NY56026258 boat house, Naworth Castle L
NY55066288 Boothby, Brampton 
NY53056100 bowling green, Brampton 
NY52865984 Brackenfell, Brampton L
NY56206078 Brackenside, Brampton 
NY5161 Brampton Beck 
NY52966125 Brampton Community Centre, Brampton 
NY53905905 Brampton Fell Station, Brampton gone
NY52846145 Brampton Fire Station, Brampton 
NY55035996 Brampton Junction Station, Brampton 
NY55105999 Brampton Junction, Brampton 
NY53546071 Brampton Memorial Hospital, Brampton 
NY53126119 Brampton Methodist Church, Brampton 
NY51646117 Brampton Park, Brampton 
NY52726105 Brampton Police Station, Brampton L
NY53186130 Brampton Primary School, Brampton 
 Brampton Railway 
NY53796176 Brampton Ridge, Brampton 
NY53756110 Brampton Staith, Brampton 
NY53086117 Brampton United Reformed Church, Brampton 
NY52986107 Brampton: Barclays Bank L
NY524609 Brampton: Carlisle Road 
NY52706103 Brampton: Carlisle Road, 13 to 17 L
NY52916104 Brampton: Front Street 
NY53006105 Brampton: Front Street, 5 L
NY52946104 Brampton: Front Street, 23-25 L
NY52936104 Brampton: Front Street, 27 L
NY52866103 Brampton: Front Street, 45 and 47 L
NY52866105 Brampton: Front Street, 52 L
NY52866105 Brampton: Front Street, 54 and 56 L
NY52846105 Brampton: Front Street, 58 L
NY53056110 Brampton: Goodteeth L
NY52856142 Brampton: Greenfield Lane 
NY53046113 Brampton: High Cross Street 
NY52626125 Brampton: Longtown Road 
NY52726107 Brampton: Longtown Road, 10 L
NY52916096 Brampton: Lonning 
NY52916103 Brampton: Lorne Terrace L
NY52916107 Brampton: Low Cross Street 
NY52996116 Brampton: Main Street 
NY52986115 Brampton: Main Street, 31-33 L
NY52906110 Brampton: Main Street, 63 L
NY52966116 Brampton: Mark Terrace L
NY53066108 Brampton: Market Place 
NY53026110 Brampton: Market Place, 4 L
NY53026107 Brampton: Midland Bank L
NY53096118 Brampton: Moat Side 
NY53156125 Brampton: Moat Street 
NY53306047 Brampton: Paving Brow 
NY53026110 Brampton: Sandra Forster Associates 
NY53056110 Brampton: Simply Gorgeous Gifts L
NY53096116 Brampton: Thompson Brothers Meals L
NY54125947 Bramptonfell, Brampton 
NY52816251 Breconhill, Brampton L
NY552632 Bridge End, Lanercost 
NY55346327 bridge, Lanercost 
NY49375915 Bridgewood Foot, Brampton gone
NY53096108 building, Brampton L
NY50956268 Cambeck Bridge, Brampton L
NY5662 Capon Cleugh 
NY53176029 Capon Hill, Brampton 
NY52525960 Capontree Hill, Brampton 
NY53106018 Capontree House, Brampton 
NY55896299 Carl Ford, Nether Denton 
NY45 Carlisle, Brampton and Milton Railway proposed
NY5662 Castle Beck 
NY54256153 Catgallows Hill, Brampton 
NY52896098 chapel, Brampton 
NY55636056 chapel, Milton 
NY52816102 Church Cottage, Brampton L
NY52856103 Church House, Brampton L
NY52946059 Clay Dubs, Brampton 
NY53426246 Cotehill, Brampton L
NY53235870 Crews, Brampton 
NY52786124 Croft House, Brampton L out of sight
NY51066200 Crooked Holme, Brampton L
NY53286101 Crow Hall, Brampton 
NY54756115 Cumcatch, Brampton L
NY53036111 drain, Brampton 
NY53396108 Drill Hall, Brampton 
NY53076108 drinking fountain, Brampton 
NY54006281 Easby Farm, Brampton 
NY52496085 Elmfield, Brampton 
NY56416135 Folly Wood, Brampton 
NY54346163 Four Gables, Brampton L
NY53106103 Garden Terrace, Brampton 
NY52646148 Garth House, Brampton L
NY52656110 gas works, Brampton gone
NY53376089 Geltsdale Brewery, Brampton 
NY52906109 Gill Place, Brampton L
NY53306051 Grange, Brampton 
NY53876288 Great Easby, Brampton 
NY50876143 Great Scar Plantation, Brampton 
NY50876145 Great Scar, Brampton 
NY52496066 Greenhill, Brampton 
NY52586077 Greenlane House, Brampton L
NY56066185 Hagghead Wood, Brampton 
NY53086108 Hallhouse, Brampton gone
NY51386130 Hawk Hirst, Brampton 
NY51226141 Hawkhirst Cottage, Brampton gone?
NY50846109 Hawkhirst Wood, Brampton 
NY5358 Hell Beck 
NY53895788 Hellbeck Bridge, Brampton 
NY53576051 Hemblesgate, Brampton 
NY53785968 Hollas, Brampton once
NY52866110 Hollies, Brampton L
NY49906006 Hollinstone, Brampton L
NY52456324 Holmes, Brampton once
NY54416158 Horensby's Hole, Brampton 
NY5361 hospital, Brampton 
NY525609 house, Brampton (3) gone
NY55516055 house, Milton L
NY55546056 house, Milton (2) 
NY52986105 Howard Arms, Brampton L
NY53576122 Howard Memorial Shelter, Brampton L
NY53336126 Howard Monument, Brampton L
NY54256107 Howgate Head, Brampton 
NY53156133 hydrant plate, Brampton 
NY51286232 Irthing Bridge, Brampton L
NY51046265 Johnson's Arms, Brampton 
NY55406198 Jubilee Pond, Brampton 
NY54476190 Keep Cottage, Brampton 
NY52986173 King George's Field, Brampton 
NY52366147 Kirby Moor, Brampton 
NY55346332 Lanercost Bridge, Lanercost 
NY53036119 Laurel House, Brampton L
NY53106108 Lawson Masonic Hall, Brampton L
NY53955912 level crossing, Brampton 
NY56496164 level crossing, Brampton (2) 
NY55556055 level crossing, Milton 
NY55066007 Lindens, Milton 
NY53776241 Little Easby, Brampton once
NY53026076 Lonning Head, Brampton 
NY51975916 Low Gelt Bridge, Brampton 
NY51965929 Low Geltbridge, Brampton 
NY51136061 Middle Farm, Brampton L
NY51915947 milestone, Brampton L
NY55146162 milestone, Brampton (4) L
NY56666199 milestone, Brampton (5) L
NY55166059 mill, Milton once
NY53446093 Millfield, Brampton 
NY5560 Milton Beck 
NY55356049 Milton Bridge, Milton 
NY54966014 Milton Hall, Milton 
NY54976058 Milton Hill, Milton 
NY55046021 Milton Lodge, Milton L
NY55476053 Milton, Brampton 
NY56016138 Miltonrigg Wood, Brampton 
NY53386136 Moat Houses, Brampton 
NY53835981 Moss House, Brampton 
NY56626188 Moss Wood, Brampton 
NY53476124 Mote Cottage, Brampton L
NY53216124 Mote Well, Brampton 
NY53326128 Mote, Brampton 
NY553632 motte, Lanercost 
NY53286113 Murray Park, Brampton 
NY53046106 Nags Head, Brampton L
NY55996259 Naworth Castle, Brampton L
NY56106285 Naworth Parks, Nether Denton 
NY56506167 Naworth Station, Brampton 
NY560625 Naworth, Brampton 
NY52676115 Nea Alhandi, Brampton 
NY52726110 New Brewery, Brampton 
NY51765922 New Gelt Bridge, Brampton 
NY54896158 New Mills Bridge, Brampton 
NY55326180 New Mills Plantation, Brampton 
NY54996175 New Mills, Brampton 
 Newcastle and Carlisle Railway 
NY53046072 North View, Brampton 
NY52386174 Oakbank Gardens, Brampton 
NY52636188 Oakwood, Brampton 
NY51026159 Old Church Farm, Brampton L
NY51756150 Old Church Lane, Brampton 
NY52586101 Oulton House, Brampton L
NY50625970 Park Barns, Brampton 
NY52136144 Park Head, Brampton 
NY5261 park, Brampton 
NY53306051 Paving Brow, Brampton 
NY53785941 Pepper Hill, Brampton once
NY53326116 Pickerings Hill, Brampton 
NY569619 pillbox, Brampton 
NY52856107 Pinfold, Brampton 
NY53526120 pinfold, Brampton (2) gone
NY5259 Powterneth Beck 
NY53006123 Prospect House, Brampton L
NY53236082 Pyet Hill, Brampton gone?
NY5462 Quarry Beck 
NY546622 Quarrybeck Lodge, Brampton 
NY55406308 Quarrybeck Wood, Lanercost 
NY49385927 Queen's Monument, Brampton 
NY53816106 railway bridge, Brampton 
NY56926194 railway bridge, Brampton (2) 
NY54245953 railway bridge, Bramptonfell 
NY55346028 railway bridge, Milton 
NY52466163 Red Barn, Brampton 
NY53746143 Ridge Cottages, Brampton 
NY53576130 Ridge House, Brampton L
NY53646190 Ridge Side, Brampton gone
NY54496205 Ridgefoot, Brampton 
NY53736141 Ridgevale Terrace, Brampton 
NY54825944 rifle range, Brampton gone?
NY51105963 Rob's Knowe, Brampton 
NY51736131 roman fort, Brampton 
NY51336117 roman fort, Brampton (2) 
NY50986148 roman fort, Brampton (3) 
NY5462 roman fort, Great Easby 
NY54286009 Rowbank Wood, Brampton 
NY53546077 Sand Hill, Brampton gone?
NY53526115 Sandhouse Inn, Brampton 
NY53556119 Sands, Brampton 
NY57206196 Scarrowhill Bridge, Brampton 
NY56686158 Scarrowhill Wood, Brampton 
NY53066116 school, Brampton gone
NY52946112 school, Brampton (2) 
NY52966114 Scotch Arms Hotel, Brampton L
NY4716 Sealhole Grain 
NY566612 Shaw Brow, Brampton 
NY46991665 sheepfold, Brampton (4) 
NY52966107 Shoulder of Mutton, Brampton 
NY52836103 St Martin, Brampton L
NY52786104 St Martin's Hall, Brampton L
NY52036124 Stanks Bottom, Brampton 
NY54316095 Station Road, Brampton 
NY53076108 stocks, Brampton 
NY54056167 Swartle, Brampton 
NY54525875 Talkin Tarn, Brampton 
NY54385834 Tarn End, Brampton 
NY55766330 Tenterbank Wood, Brampton 
NY53186024 Topping's Buildings, Brampton 
NY56496206 Tortie, Brampton 
NY53676024 Towan Bank, Brampton 
NY52316091 Townfoot, Brampton gone
NY53656094 Tree House, Brampton L
NY51426100 tumulus, Brampton 
NY51356089 tumulus, Brampton (2) 
NY54506175 Turning Course Lonning, Brampton 
 Tyne Solway Canal proposed
NY53065904 Unity, Brampton 
NY55366052 village hall, Milton 
NY53876110 Warren Bank, Brampton 
NY54056129 Warren House, Brampton 
NY55 Wear Valley Extension Railway proposed
NY52756047 Well Lonning, Brampton 
NY52636087 West Hill, Brampton gone?
NY53036113 White Lion Hotel, Brampton L
NY53395978 Wood's Hill, Brampton 
NY51425990 Wood's Hill, Brampton (2) 
NY53036056 workhouse, Brampton 
NY53315948 Wreay, Brampton 
NY54315910 wrestling ring, Brampton 
NY52605875 Written Rock of Gelt, Brampton 
NY51006156 Old Church, Brampton L
NY51096171 roman road, Brampton suggested
NY56956185 Scarrow Hill, Brampton L
NY55346325 Abbey Mill Bridge, Lanercost 
NY56296184 Caponcleugh Bridge, Brampton 
NY53436079 Old Brewery Bridge, Brampton 
NY5562 peat works, Boothby once
NY4758 Irthing, River 
NY52016212 Kirkbymoor Turnpike, Brampton gone
NY50596039 milestone, Brampton (2) L
NY52136080 milestone, Brampton (3) L
NY53656120 milestone, Brampton (6) L
NY52066211 milestone, Brampton (7) L
NY5456 Gelt, River 
NY53006105 Brampton: Front Street, 7 to 11 L
NY53036109 Brampton 
NY53046110 Brampton: High Cross Street, 2 L
NY53036111 Brampton: High Cross Street, 5 L
NY53066114 Prince Charlie's House, Brampton L
NY52575981 Capon Tree, Brampton L
NY52836106 monument, Brampton gone
NY53056108 Moot Hall, Brampton L
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