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Dufton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY7428
10Km square:-   NY73
10Km square:-   NY83
10Km square:-   NY62
10Km square:-   NY72
10Km square:-   NY82
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Dufton
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Doffton
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 204 (1971)

place:-   Dufton Constablewick

NY72672631 Backstone Edge, Dufton 
NY69912480 Bale Hill, Dufton 
NY69962437 barn, Dufton 
NY6924 Billy's Beck 
NY69402480 Billysbeck Bridge, Dufton 
NY80432786 Birkdale, Dufton 
NY81182991 Black Brae Nook, Dufton flooded
NY77512966 Black Well, Dufton 
NY70932685 Bluethwaite Hill, Dufton 
NY70242504 Bow Hall, Dufton 
NY675241 Brampton Beck (2) 
NY81412877 bridge, Dufton 
NY68652560 bridge, Dufton (2) 
NY69082485 bridge, Dufton (3) 
NY69352487 Brow Farm, Dufton L
NY70512762 Brownber Hill, Dufton 
NY6923 Burthwaite Beck 
NY69472333 Burthwaite Wood, Murton 
NY69942330 Burthwaite, Dufton 
NY68982501 bus shelter, Dufton 
NY70162301 Castle Hill, Dufton 
NY69412478 chapel, Dufton 
NY68422604 Church Bridge, Dufton 
NY6825 Coat Sike 
NY68952550 Coatsike Lane, Dufton 
NY69012602 Coatsike Tile Works, Dufton gone
NY68962589 Coatsike, Dufton 
NY8028 Cocklake Sike 
NY7930 Cockle Sike 
NY68512576 Coney Garth, Dufton 
NY69112722 Cosca Hill, Dufton 
NY71402697 Cow Band, Dufton 
NY80503020 Cow Green Reservoir, Dufton 
NY77193364 Crookburn Foot, Alston Moor 
NY80702817 Dale Byre, Dufton 
NY802303 Dead Crook, Dufton 
NY7929 Deadcrook Sike 
NY76492687 Dobson Mere Foot, Dufton 
NY7727 Dobson Mere Sike 
NY71212526 Dod Hill, Dufton 
NY76443252 Dodgen Pot, Dufton 
NY69012422 Dudmire, Dufton 
NY68892509 Dufton 
NY69102504 Dufton and Knock Methodist Church, Dufton 
NY754293 Dufton Fell, Dufton 
NY6825 Dufton Gill 
NY69042504 Dufton Hall, Dufton L
NY69172503 Dufton House, Dufton 
NY68462519 Dufton Mill, Dufton gone
NY699266 Dufton Pike, Dufton 
NY68812354 Dufton Smelting Mill, Dufton 
NY68442404 Dufton Wood, Dufton 
NY68832507 Dufton Youth Hostel, Dufton 
NY7229 East Grain (2) 
NY79852868 East Shelvingmea, Dufton 
NY8027 East Sike (2) 
NY6825 Eller Beck (3) 
NY68742556 Ellerbeck Bridge, Dufton 
NY80093052 Emerson's Pool, Dufton flooded
NY68762706 Far Close, Dufton 
NY80512965 Far Foolmire, Dufton 
NY71082546 Fell Pastures, Dufton 
NY68812526 fingerpost, Dufton 
NY69612780 Flascow, Dufton 
NY8029 Foolmire Sike 
NY70032855 footbridge, Dufton 
NY76812678 footbridge, Murton 
NY7730 Force Burn 
NY69222734 ford, Dufton 
NY6825 forest, Dufton 
NY7828 Foxyard Sike 
NY7929 Furness Lodge 
NY68952511 Ghyll House, Dufton L
NY78472776 Golden Mea, Dufton 
NY78052778 Goldenmea Head, Dufton 
NY7827 Goldenmea Sike 
NY7927 Grain Beck 
NY801290 Great Cocklake, Dufton 
NY7632 Great Dodgen Pot Sike 
NY7527 Great Millstone Sike 
NY7027 Great Rundale Beck 
NY73012826 Great Rundale Tarn, Dufton 
NY71202736 Great Rundale, Dufton 
NY7731 Green Burn 
NY6825 Green Gill 
NY68902508 Green, Dufton 
NY69482437 Greenhow, Dufton 
NY69112704 Halsteads, Dufton 
NY73702586 Hannah's Well, Dufton 
NY70752489 Harthwaite Cottage, Dufton 
NY6924 Harthwaite Sike 
NY78313135 High Crag Pool, Dufton 
NY76912807 High Crag, Dufton 
NY73912553 High Cup Gill 
NY73922551 High Cup Gill, Dufton 
NY72822512 High Cup Kiln, Dufton 
NY74442620 High Cup Nick, Dufton 
NY74622644 High Cup Plain, Dufton 
NY74552606 High Cup Scar, Dufton 
NY7325 High Cupgill Beck 
NY717285 High Scald Fell, Dufton 
NY69742562 Hindriggs, Dufton 
NY7826 Horseman Sike 
NY6825 house, Dufton 
NY69392477 house, Dufton (2) 
NY68932790 Howe Cauldron, Long Marton 
NY69002634 Hurning Lane, Dufton 
NY68772631 Hurning, Dufton 
NY709287 hush, Dufton 
NY71242409 Keisley Bank, Dufton 
NY71012386 Keisley, Dufton 
NY70762403 Keisley, Dufton: High Cup Winery 
NY69492456 Kemplar Bridge, Dufton 
NY7828 Kettlegrain Sike 
NY73872998 Knock Coal Shop, Dufton 
NY68652725 Knock Gill 
NY72013007 Knock Old Man, Dufton 
NY72272507 limekiln, Dufton 
NY71972526 limekiln, Dufton (2) 
NY71362743 limekiln, Dufton (3) 
NY79082897 Little Cocklake, Dufton 
NY7632 Little Dodgen Pot Sike 
NY7427 Little Millstone Sike 
NY7126 Little Rundale Beck 
NY73202718 Little Rundale Tarn, Dufton 
NY72042689 Little Rundale, Dufton 
NY7830 Lodgegill Sike 
NY80092901 Long Mea, Dufton 
NY76712761 Low Crag, Dufton 
NY77502678 Low Fold, Dufton 
NY80742938 Low Moss, Dufton 
NY71362847 Low Scald Fell, Dufton 
NY69072498 Lwonin Fyeat, Dufton 
NY7527 Mail Sike 
NY7828 Maingrain Sike 
NY7626 Maize Beck 
NY80832790 Maizebeck Bridge, Dufton once
NY80162724 Maizebeck Force, Dufton 
NY74902695 Maizebeck Scar, Dufton 
NY7730 Mattergill Sike 
NY77642896 Meldon Hall, Dufton 
NY771291 Meldon Hill, Dufton 
NY7229 Middle Grain (2) 
NY68862515 Midtown Farm, Dufton L
NY6825 Mill Beck (6) 
NY68592537 Mill Bridge, Dufton 
NY68592547 mill, Dufton 
NY7131 mines, Milburn 
NY75743279 Moor House, Dufton 
NY7431 Moss Burn 
NY68102378 Moss Cottage, Dufton 
NY79552725 Moss Shop, Dufton 
NY8027 Moss Sike 
NY73602584 Narrow Gate, Dufton 
NY73712604 Narrowgate Beacon, Dufton 
NY80582919 Near Foolmire, Dufton 
NY75753296 Nether Hearth, Dufton 
NY7518 Netherhearth Sike 
NY731308 Nine Wells, Dufton 
NY69022493 Nook Fold, Dufton 
NY68812514 Old School, Dufton 
NY72072529 Peeping Hill, Dufton 
NY64 Pennine Way 
NY68892505 post box, Dufton 
NY7026 Pus Gill 
NY69612568 Pusgill House, Dufton 
NY69192480 quarry, Dufton 
NY71312381 quarry, Keisley 
NY68812510 railings, Dufton 
NY77842726 Rasp Hill, Dufton 
NY68442616 Rectory, Dufton L
NY69372446 Red Banks, Dufton 
NY69392450 Redbanks Bridge, Dufton 
NY717268 Renny Fold, Dufton 
NY70882785 Rossgill Edge, Dufton 
NY7532 Rough Sike (2) 
NY7830 Rowantree Sike 
NY68442657 Sandriggs, Dufton 
NY73032746 Seamore Tarn, Dufton 
NY68882508 seat, Dufton 
NY81102837 sheepfold, Dufton 
NY77322679 sheepfold, Dufton (2) 
NY69802591 sheepfold, Dufton (3) 
NY70452667 sheepfold, Dufton (4) 
NY7928 Shelvingmea Sike 
NY74342713 Slegistone Band, Dufton 
NY6927 Small Burn 
NY68492620 St Cuthbert, Dufton L
NY68912512 Stag Inn, Dufton 
NY7428 Stake Beck 
NY74562958 Stakebeck Mine, Dufton 
NY68582347 Stock Bridge, Long Marton 
NY70292496 stone wall, Dufton 
NY80452798 stone wall, Dufton (2) 
NY69622792 stone wall, Dufton (3) 
NY69062672 stone wall, Dufton (4) 
NY69422561 stone, Dufton 
NY769279 Stony Mea, Dufton 
NY7826 Stonymea Sike 
NY7325 Strands Beck 
NY71482409 Studgill Tarn, Dufton 
NY71492613 Sturthwaite Nook, Dufton 
NY68822518 Swallow Cottage, Dufton 
NY6928 Swindale Beck 
NY72302931 Swindale Head, Dufton 
NY68872515 Sycamore House, Dufton L
NY7328 Tarn Sike (3) 
NY78772810 Thistly Hill, Dufton 
NY7828 Thistlyhill Sike 
NY69932570 Thornburgs, Dufton suggested
NY711277 Threlkeld Side, Dufton 
NY74022873 Tommy Bayles Spring, Dufton 
NY68812521 Town End, Dufton 
NY69372483 Town Head, Dufton 
NY7533 Trout Beck (2) 
NY68772513 village hall, Dufton 
NY74952658 Watch Hill, Dufton 
NY70032855 water gate, Dufton 
NY69272495 water trough, Dufton (2) 
NY69372484 water trough, Dufton (3) 
NY7728 Watersinking Sike 
NY68802518 waterworks sign, Dufton 
NY80523019 Weel Head, Durham flooded
NY8030 Weel, Dufton flooded
NY68932502 Wesley House, Dufton 
NY79682860 West Shelvingmea, Dufton 
NY7926 Westerhole Sike 
NY69812466 Wharleycroft, Dufton 
NY74562617 Whin Sill 
NY71572742 White Rake, Dufton 
NY80342961 Whitespot Fold, Dufton 
NY8029 Whitespot Sike 
NY68312423 Woods Lane, Dufton 
NY68342423 Woods, Dufton 
NY7428 Wool Beck 
NY73942894 Woolbeck Band, Dufton 
NY68892514 Yew Tree House, Dufton 
NY71692781 Dufton Mines, Dufton 
NY81452862 Cauldron Snout, Dufton 
NY6624 Trout Beck (4) 
NY7831 Tees, River 
NY68922507 water trough, Dufton L
NY68852507 Burnside House, Dufton 
NY69312487 seat, Dufton (2) 
NY68802491 Dufton Gill Woods, Dufton 
NY74082604 Nichol Chair, Dufton 
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