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stone wall, Dufton (4)
locality:-   Halsteads
civil parish:-   Dufton (formerly Westmorland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   stone wall
locality type:-   geological site
coordinates:-   NY69062672
1Km square:-   NY6926
10Km square:-   NY62

MN photo:-  
The stone wall includes Dufton Microgranite, this contains: quartz, pale grey, glassy; feldspar, orange; and mica, silver flakes. The rock was an igneous intrusion which has been exposed by erosion.

CGO72.jpg (taken 14.9.2017)  
CGO74.jpg  Dufton Microgranite
(taken 14.9.2017)  

CGO73.jpg (taken 14.9.2017)  

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