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Bridekirk parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY1034
10Km square:-   NY03
10Km square:-   NY13
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 801 (1971)

NY11873250 Anns Hill Lodge, Bridekirk L
NY11903259 Anns Hill, Bridekirk L
NY12003338 Appleton Hall, Bridekirk 
NY10413324 barn, Bridekirk L
NY11823358 Bridekirk 
NY10533342 Bridekirk Dovenby School, Dovenby 
NY11973352 Bridekirk House, Bridekirk gone
NY11713366 Bridekirk Vicarage, Bridekirk L
NY1133 Brides Beck 
NY10713346 bridge, Dovenby 
NY09333325 bridge, Dovenby (2) 
NY09283323 bridge, Dovenby (3) 
NY10923564 Brook Cottage, Tallentire 
NY0931 Broughton Beck 
NY10833539 Burton House, Tallentire L
NY10843539 Bush Inn, Tallentire L
NY0732 Carr Beck (2) 
NY10663506 chapel, Tallentire 
NY11023551 Chestnuts, Tallentire L
NY09103311 coal mine, Dovenby suggested
NY09043314 Coalpit Wood, Dovenby 
NY12493280 Copstone, Bridekirk 
NY10973545 Dale House, Tallentire L
NY12293198 Dangerous Wood, Bridekirk 
 Derwent branch railway 
NY0933 Dovenby Beck 
NY07963544 Dovenby Close, Bridekirk 
NY09933352 Dovenby Common, Dovenby 
NY09583331 Dovenby Cross, Dovenby L
NY10423325 Dovenby Mill House, Dovenby L
NY10443327 Dovenby Mill, Bridekirk L
NY10733357 Dovenby Saw Mill, Dovenby 
NY09563347 Dovenby Ship, Dovenby 
NY09463336 Dovenby, Bridekirk 
NY10443381 Fieldside, Bridekirk 
NY10473339 fingerpost, Dovenby 
NY10813535 fingerpost, Tallentire 
NY07973406 Folly Bridge, Broughton Moor 
NY12043298 Gale House, Bridekirk 
NY11543152 Green Garth, Bridekirk 
NY1037 Greengill Beck 
NY12273174 Hamesbottom Wood, Bridekirk 
NY11943362 Home Farm, Bridekirk 
NY10903541 house, Tallentire 
NY09223326 hydrant plate, Dovenby 
NY10733513 hydrant plate, Tallentire 
NY10563504 hydrant plate, Tallentire (2) 
NY09273323 Lanefoot Cottage, Dovenby 
NY10723523 Larch House, Tallentire L
NY09303327 Lime Tree House, Dovenby L
NY10083312 lodge, Dovenby Hall gone
NY11883215 lodge, Woodhall 
NY09113589 Low House, Bridekirk 
NY10813534 Midtown Farm, Tallentire L
NY11913226 milestone, Bridekirk L
NY09213389 milestone, Bridekirk (2) L
NY11413165 milestone, Bridekirk (3) L
NY10463327 Mill Bridge, Dovenby 
NY09663277 monument, Bridekirk L
NY09313671 New Grange, Bridekirk 
NY10953565 North Lodge, Tallentire 
NY082342 pillbox, Bridekirk 
NY10563504 post box, Tallentire 
NY12233303 Quarry House, Bridekirk 
NY09473339 Reading Room Cottage, Dovenby 
NY09433350 Rosehill, Dovenby 
NY10923544 Rowan House, Tallentire 
NY10603505 School House, Tallentire 
NY09503348 School of Nursing, Bridekirk L
NY10913658 Scuskeld Spring, Bridekirk 
NY0734 Sepulchre Beck 
NY07413457 Sepulchre Bridge, Dearham 
NY11643368 St Bridget, Bridekirk L
NY10023670 Tallentire Common, Bridekirk 
NY10453518 Tallentire Hall, Tallentire L out of sight
NY12173578 Tallentire Hill, Bridekirk 
NY10813536 Tallentire, Bridekirk 
NY12153634 Tallentirehill Farm, Bridekirk 
NY08943430 Tollbar Cottage, Bridekirk 
NY09393333 Trough House, Dovenby L
NY09533346 watering place, Dovenby 
NY11823341 well, Bridekirk 
NY08603481 West House, Bridekirk 
NY12503236 Wood Hall, Bridekirk 
NY12103200 Woodhall Park, Bridekirk 
NY08663446 Woodside Farm, Bridekirk 
NY09563345 bridge, Dovenby (4) 
NY10453300 bridge, Papcastle 
NY10183308 Dovenby Bridge, Bridekirk 
NY08353477 Westhouse Bridge, Bridekirk 
NY09483319 Dovenby Hall, Dovenby L
NY11783369 Bridekirk Hall, Bridekirk 
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