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Muncaster parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD1296
10Km square:-   NY10
10Km square:-   SD09
10Km square:-   SD19
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 310 (1971)

SD13279590 Barnscar, Muncaster 
SD09249718 Barrow, Muncaster gone
SD08419624 Bay Horse, Ravenglass L
SD09449539 beacon, Muncaster 
SD144962 Birkby Fell, Muncaster 
SD12939859 Birks Coppice, Muncaster 
SD125982 Birks Plantation 
SD1395 Black Beck (3) 
SD09829697 Branken Wall, Muncaster 
SD102977 Brankenwalls Gill Iron Mine, Muncaster 
SD11409463 bridge, Muncaster 
SD08909532 Brighouse, Muncaster 
SD1095 Broadoak Beck 
SD108977 Chapel Hill, Muncaster 
SD11069728 Chapel Wood, Muncaster 
SD11079753 Chapels, Muncaster 
SD12929731 Cragg Farm, Muncaster 
SD09239678 Cranklands, Muncaster gone
SD12769733 Cray Cottage, Muncaster 
SD12879774 Cropple How, Muncaster L
SD10399656 cross, Muncaster 
SD08449658 drain, Ravenglass 
SD11469517 Dyke, Muncaster 
SD11669625 Ellerbeck, Muncaster 
SD13779997 engine shed, Irton Road 
SD08579660 engine shed, Ravenglass 
SD11729772 Eskdale Golf Course, Muncaster 
SD13109777 flow measurement station, Muncaster 
SD13079780 ford, Muncaster 
SD09809501 ford, Waberthwaite 
SD13689785 gate, Muncaster 
SD11369568 Graymains, Muncaster 
SD08839658 Grove, Muncaster 
SD11089749 Henry VI Monument, Muncaster 
SD11879791 High Eskholme, Muncaster 
SD12389728 Hinning House, Muncaster 
SD15439399 Holehouse Tarn, Ulpha 
SD13669991 Hollowstones, Irton Road 
SD11209832 Hooker Crag, Muncaster 
SD11339847 Hooker Moss, Muncaster 
SD11879659 house, Muncaster L
SD12859774 house, Muncaster (2) L
SD08499662 house, Ravenglass 
SD08519661 house, Ravenglass (2) 
SD08489661 house, Ravenglass (3) 
SD08449636 house, Ravenglass (4) 
SD11889659 Howbank, Muncaster L
SD114979 Ian's Wood, Muncaster 
SD131944 Intake, Muncaster 
SD13729997 Irton Road Station, Irton Road 
SD13419760 Knott End, Muncaster 
SD14379515 Knott, Muncaster 
SD14029818 Limbeck Bridge, Muncaster 
SD1497 Limbeck Gill 
SD14029819 Linbeck Bridge, Eskdale 
SD1497 Linbeck Gill 
SD13989813 Linbeck, Muncaster 
SD11549707 Low Eskholme, Muncaster 
SD08409630 market cross, Ravenglass gone
SD1194 Mill Gill (4) 
SD11279495 Mill Place, Muncaster once
SD08399637 Millenium Garden, Ravenglass 
SD11769586 monument, Muncaster 
SD118976 Moss Plantation, Muncaster 
SD11249642 Muncaster Bridge, Muncaster 
SD09839668 Muncaster Country Guest Hotel, Muncaster 
SD115982 Muncaster Fell, Muncaster 
SD14059896 Muncaster Head, Muncaster 
SD09449772 Muncaster Mill Bridge, Muncaster 
SD09549771 Muncaster Mill Station, Muncaster 
SD09589772 Muncaster Mill, Muncaster 
SD10599777 Muncaster Tarn, Muncaster 
SD11459960 Murthwaite Bridge, Muncaster 
SD11659929 Murthwaite, Muncaster 
SD11409536 Nether Stainton, Muncaster 
SD094953 Newton Knott, Muncaster 
SD09419534 Newtown Knott, Muncaster 
SD09319562 Newtown, Muncaster 
SD09809668 Old Police House, Muncaster 
SD12969852 Park House, Muncaster once
SD08439640 Pennington Hotel, Ravenglass 
SD08429628 Pennington House, Ravenglass L
SD08409639 post office, Ravenglass 
SD08429630 post office, Ravenglass (2) 
SD09429765 railway bridge, Muncaster Mill 
SD08469658 railway bridge, Ravenglass 
SD08599653 railway bridge, Ravenglass (2) 
SD083967 railway viaduct, Ravenglass 
SD13329691 Raven Crag, Muncaster 
SD08229613 Ravenglass Fishery, Ravenglass Harbour 
SD08159602 Ravenglass Harbour, Ravenglass 
SD08549652 Ravenglass Railway Museum, Ravenglass 
SD08539649 Ravenglass Station, Ravenglass 
SD08599650 Ravenglass Station, Ravenglass (2) 
SD15869473 Robert Cross, Ulpha 
SD08859580 roman fort, Ravenglass 
SD12069866 Ross's Camp, Muncaster 
SD10699546 Rougholme, Muncaster 
SD14469374 Rowantree Force, Muncaster 
SD1294 Samgarth Beck 
SD12279544 sheepfold, Muncaster 
SD13649935 sheepfold, Muncaster (2) 
SD08399623 Ship House, Ravenglass 
SD13329945 Silver Knott, Muncaster 
SD10849749 Spout Wood, Muncaster 
SD1394 Stainton Beck 
SD145945 Stainton Fell, Muncaster 
SD152942 Stainton Pike, Muncaster 
SD11979550 Stainton Tower, Muncaster 
SD12679474 Stainton, Muncaster 
SD13099779 Stock's Bridge, Muncaster 
SD11809475 stone wall, Muncaster 
SD12199516 stone wall, Muncaster (2) 
SD12269901 stone wall, Muncaster (3) 
SD1096 summer house, Muncaster 
SD105973 Tarn Wood, Muncaster 
SD11369732 tarn, Muncaster 
SD10399641 Tom Fool's Tree, Muncaster 
SD1120598317 trig point, SD1120598317 
SD08779565 Walls Bridge, Ravenglass 
SD08949576 Walls, Ravenglass 
SD09069668 war memorial, Muncaster L
SD08779587 well, Ravenglass 
SD15059563 White Pike, Muncaster 
 Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway 
SD157954 Woodend Height, Ulpha 
SD09989804 Woodend, Muncaster gone
SD11849791 Yew Tree Cottage, Muncaster L
SD156952 Yoadcastle, Muncaster 
SD19 forest, Muncaster 
 Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway (New) 
SD104963 icehouse, Muncaster 
SD09429534 pillar, Muncaster 
SD08779503 Sea Mark, Muncaster 
SD10359634 Muncaster Castle, Muncaster L
SD08589606 boat house, Ravenglass 
SD08759422 Eskmeals Viaduct, Waberthwaite 
NY1602 Mite, River 
SD10399657 St Michael, Muncaster L
SD08419633 Ravenglass 
SD08169573 Esk Estuary (2) 
NY2101 Esk, River (2) 
 Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway (Old) 
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