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Drigg and Carleton parish
Drigg and Carleton
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD0697
10Km square:-   NY00
10Km square:-   SD09
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 502 (1971)

SD08239818 Amethyst Green, Drigg and Carleton 
SD08199873 Barbary Plantation, Carleton 
SD04259830 Barn Scar, Irish Sea 
SD08189801 Bell Hill Farm, Drigg and Carleton L
SD0799 Black Beck (14) 
SD07859970 Blackbeck Bridge, Holmrook 
SD08289846 Boadle Grounds, Carleton 
SD05169960 Brown Knott, Drigg and Carleton gone
SD0498 Burr Sand, Drigg and Carleton 
SD04519936 Carl Crag, Drigg and Carleton 
SD08209859 Carleton Green, Carleton L
SD08249877 Carleton Hall, Carleton L out of sight
SD08099835 Carleton Head, Drigg and Carleton 
SD08239869 Carleton, Drigg and Carleton 
SD07069917 Church Style House, Drigg 
SD06519874 coal depot, Drigg 
SD08229819 Cottage, Drigg and Carleton L out of sight
SD08419779 Cumblands, Drigg and Carleton L
SD06849915 Drigg 
SD05949741 Drigg Common, Drigg and Carleton 
NY05860092 Drigg Cross, Drigg and Carleton 
SD06679908 Drigg Hall, Drigg L
SD0698 Drigg Haws, Drigg and Carleton 
SD05579982 Drigg Moorside, Drigg and Carleton 
SD07109526 Drigg Point, Drigg and Carleton 
SD046957 Drigg Rock, Irish Sea 
SD06329890 Drigg Station, Drigg 
SD05689753 Drigg Well, Drigg and Carleton 
SD06439825 ford, Drigg and Carleton 
SD06329912 Greenside, Drigg 
SD07019953 Groundy Croft, Drigg and Carleton 
SD07069788 Hall Carleton, Drigg and Carleton 
NY06470060 Hallsenna Moor, Drigg and Carleton 
SD07829961 Hill Farm, Holmrook 
SD07819945 Hill, Holmrook 
SD07709872 Holme Bridge, Drigg and Carleton 
SD07859959 Holmrook, Drigg and Carleton 
SD08019954 Irt Bridge, Holmrook 
SD04429696 Kokoarrah, Irish Sea 
SD07899728 level crossing, Saltcoats 
SD04969903 Low Holm, Drigg and Carleton once
SD08269733 Mite Bank, Drigg and Carleton gone
SD08019747 Mite Houses, Drigg and Carleton 
NY05140007 Moor House, Drigg and Carleton 
SD05369996 Moor House, Drigg and Carleton (2) once
SD05929950 Mountain View, Drigg and Carleton 
SD05949741 race course, Drigg 
SD06199900 railway bridge, Drigg 
SD07369792 railway bridge, Drigg and Carleton 
SD0598 railway sidings, Drigg 
SD08159602 Ravenglass Harbour, Ravenglass 
SD06979914 Rose Cottage, Drigg L
SD07959688 Saltcoats, Drigg and Carleton 
SD08189823 school, Carleton 
SD07019920 school, Drigg 
SD07049921 St Peter, Drigg 
NY05300032 Stony How, Drigg and Carleton 
SD05739969 Stubble Green, Drigg and Carleton 
SD05639949 Stubble, Drigg and Carleton 
SD088977 Thornflatt, Drigg and Carleton 
SD06319892 Victoria Hotel, Drigg 
SD07849958 well, Holmrook 
 Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway 
SD06209675 Drigg Dunes, Drigg and Carleton 
SD0698 Railway Hotel, Drigg 
SD06789852 Irt Viaduct, Drigg and Carleton 
SD0799 Holmrook: Spencer, electrician 
SD0799 Lutwidge Arms Hotel, Holmrook 
SD0699 Park House, Drigg 
NY1002 Irt, River 
NY2101 Esk, River (2) 
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