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Greystoke parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY4231
10Km square:-   NY33
10Km square:-   NY43
10Km square:-   NY42
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   descriptive text:- Ford 1839 (3rd edn 1843) 
source data:-   Guide book, A Description of Scenery in the Lake District, by Rev William Ford, published by Charles Thurnam, Carlisle, by W Edwards, 12 Ave Maria Lane, Charles Tilt, Fleet Street, William Smith, 113 Fleet Street, London, by Currie and Bowman, Newcastle, by Bancks and Co, Manchester, by Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh, and by Sinclair, Dumfries, 1839.
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"... For a long period, indeed, the population must either have been extremely small, or their religious interests neglect-"
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Page xi:-  "[neglect]ed; perhaps both might be the case. As proof of this, we need only point to the large and extensive parishes of Kendal, Greystoke, Crosthwaite, Brigham, and Saint Bees, and the numerous dependent chapelries which have been erected within them since the time of the Reformation. These chapels present no architectural features worthy of notice, and the mother churches are for the most part extremely plain, partaking of the progressive alteration of style from Norman to early English."

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 526 (1971)

NY43162956 Barffs Wood, Greystoke 
NY40423086 Berrier Hill, Greystoke 
NY39673478 Black Rash, Greystoke 
NY45023259 Blencow Hall, Greystoke L
NY45373277 Blencow Methodist Chapel, Little Blencow L
NY457327 Blencow Old Hall, Greystoke gone
NY45583262 Blencow, Greystoke 
NY44263092 Blue Hills, Greystoke 
NY44003083 Boot and Shoe, Greystoke L
NY44543115 boundary stone, Dacre/Greystoke 
NY44933243 boundary stone, Greystoke 
NY44423067 bridge, Greystoke 
NY44703053 bridge, Greystoke (2) 
NY42052928 Bright Tarn, Greystoke 
NY42303299 Brown Hills, Greystoke 
NY45553269 Burbank House, Little Blencow L
NY44043089 Bushby House, Greystoke L
NY44113188 Caldew Wood, Greystoke 
NY39933275 Calfhow Head, Greystoke 
NY44313081 Church House, Greystoke 
NY44013080 Church View, Greystoke L
NY39883099 Coal Wood, Greystoke 
NY45373284 Cottage, Little Blencow L
NY39983502 Cragsgate Wood, Greystoke 
NY44462958 Croft House Farm, Greystoke 
NY42832838 Croft House, Motherby 
NY43333147 Cromwell Holes, Greystoke 
NY44013087 cross, Greystoke L
NY45343281 Crown Inn, Little Blencow 
NY43153193 Deer Wells, Greystoke 
NY45413285 Down House, Little Blencow 
NY39903488 Duke's Pond, Greystoke 
NY41643128 earthwork, Greystoke 
NY42823155 Fair Bank, Greystoke 
NY42343345 Fanny Turner's Wood, Greystoke 
NY43872997 fence, Greystoke 
NY44583206 Fieldhouse, Greystoke 
NY44043087 fingerpost, Greystoke 
NY44253357 fingerpost, Greystoke (2) 
NY43923125 fingerpost, Greystoke (3) 
NY45343277 fingerpost, Little Blencow 
NY43903085 Foxglove Cottage, Greystoke 
NY44013093 Garth, Greystoke L
NY44562949 Ghyll House, Greystoke L
NY40493269 Gillcambon Tarn, Greystoke 
NY41083247 Gillcambon, Greystoke 
NY43153021 Greenthwaite Hall, Greystoke L
NY42792838 Greyhound, Motherby 
NY44572954 Greystoke Gill, Greystoke 
NY44933223 Greystoke Mill, Greystoke 
NY42582942 Greystoke Moor Cottage, Greystoke 
NY42072941 Greystoke Moor, Greystoke 
NY40673212 Greystoke Park, Greystoke 
NY44023078 Greystoke School, Greystoke L
NY44043084 Greystoke Village Hall, Greystoke 
NY44063079 Greystoke: Church Road, 3 
NY44083080 Greystoke: Church Road, 5 L
NY39303431 Hallsteads, Greystoke 
NY44362992 Haybarrow Hill, Greystoke 
NY43413113 Home Farm, Greystoke L
NY44093079 house, Greystoke 
NY44043078 house, Greystoke (2) 
NY42802839 house, Motherby 
NY43843084 Inglenook Cottage, Greystoke L
NY43333297 Johnby Bank, Johnby L
NY43323437 Johnby Brick and Tile Works, Greystoke 
NY44013222 Johnby Crags, Johnby 
NY43463274 Johnby Hall Cottage, Johnby L out of sight
NY43393293 Johnby Hall Farm, Johnby L
NY43413275 Johnby Hall, Johnby L out of sight
NY44243333 Johnby Limekiln, Greystoke 
NY42903409 Johnby Wythes, Greystoke 
NY43213312 Johnby, Greystoke 
NY43963265 Johnbypark Wood, Greystoke 
NY43093326 Johnston Farm, Johnby 
NY4334 Lamb Beck 
NY43663072 Lattendales Farm, Greystoke L
NY43733077 Lattendales, Greystoke L
NY43593066 Layton Manor, Greystoke L
NY41713218 limekiln, Greystoke 
NY42942958 limekiln, Greystoke (2) 
NY43743314 limekiln, Johnby 
NY45523291 Little Blencow Farm, Little Blencow L
NY45333278 Little Blencow, Greystoke 
NY43983090 lodge, Greystoke Castle 
NY39863469 Mabil Cross, Greystoke 
NY43043029 Marigold Spring, Greystoke 
NY43203315 Mid Farm, Johnby L
NY42752834 Midtown House, Motherby L
NY4330 mill, Greystoke suggested
NY42232875 Moorslack Wood, Greystoke gone?
NY42972847 Motherby House, Motherby L
NY42832840 Motherby, Greystoke 
NY39623169 Mowbray Wood, Greystoke 
NY42912847 Nettle How, Motherby L
NY38743495 Newsham Bridge, Greystoke 
NY39263511 Newsham Cottage, Greystoke 
NY3934 Newsham Sike 
NY39053518 Newsham, Greystoke gone
NY42852843 Newton House, Motherby 
NY4430 North Petteril 
NY44413092 Old Rectory, Greystoke L
NY420341 Old Wythes Wood, Greystoke 
NY41023336 Park House, Greystoke 
NY40913333 Parkhouse Quarry, Greystoke 
NY43052864 police station, Motherby 
NY43933126 Poplin Dub, Greystoke L
NY43923123 Poplin, Greystoke 
NY44043081 Post Office, Greystoke L
NY39933471 Pyet Tarn, Greystoke 
NY44103354 quarry, Johnby 
NY41803281 Racecourse Clump, Greystoke 
NY43023325 Rose Bank, Johnby L
NY44193079 Sanctuary Stone, Greystoke 
NY44003105 Sharkey Bridge, Greystoke 
NY44052934 sheep feeder, Greystoke 
NY43932990 sheepfold, Greystoke 
NY43913001 sheepfold, Greystoke (2) 
NY43973085 Smithy Cottages, Greystoke 
NY44323086 Spillers Stone, Greystoke 
NY43983105 Stafford House, Greystoke L
NY44013087 stocks, Greystoke gone
NY44543115 Storch Bridge, Greystoke L
NY41803203 Summerground Crags, Greystoke 
NY4230 Summerground Gill 
NY38813376 tarn, Greystoke 
NY39713505 Thanet Well Cottage, Greystoke 
NY44163093 Thorpe Bridge, Greystoke 
NY44223108 Thorpe Farm, Greystoke L
NY43313441 Tilery Farm, Greystoke 
NY39843356 Tippy Hills, Greystoke 
NY44472953 Watson Farm, Greystoke L
NY39723438 Whypot Crag, Greystoke 
NY42892844 Yew Tree House, Motherby 
NY435309 icehouse, Greystoke Castle gone
NY435326 icehouse, Johnby Hall 
NY39423287 Greystoke Forest, Greystoke 
NY43543089 Greystoke Castle, Greystoke L
NY4935 Petteril, River 
NY44023085 Greystoke 
NY4430 college, Greystoke 
NY42842838 fingerpost, Motherby 
NY44323079 St Andrew, Greystoke L
NY44043078 Crossways, Greystoke L
NY45403283 barn, Little Blencow 
NY44243078 War Memorial Bridge, Greystoke L
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