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Langwathby parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY5632
10Km square:-   NY53
10Km square:-   NY63
10Km square:-   NY52
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 621 (1971)

NY6032 Aigill Sike 
NY55033144 Airy Hill, Langwathby 
NY56843267 Apar Plantation, Edenhall 
NY59223221 Appleside Hill, Langwathby 
NY54353134 Arthursgill Wood, Langwathby 
NY54623291 Ashby Hill, Langwathby 
NY55223138 Barbary Plains, Langwathby 
NY56963353 Bird House, Langwathby 
NY56543516 boundary stone, Langwathby 
NY53973198 boundary stone, Langwathby/Penrith 
NY53973199 boundary stone, Langwathby/Penrith (2) 
NY55853023 Bramery Bank, Langwathby 
NY56543516 bridge, Langwathby 
NY5635 Briggle Beck (2) 
NY58293412 Briggle Bridge, Langwathby 
NY55043124 Bulldog Hill, Langwathby 
NY57893077 Carwood Cottage, Langwathby 
NY57153355 chapel, Langwathby 
NY56773216 Church Wood, Edenhall 
NY54873268 Coatsgill Wood, Langwathby 
NY54643094 Combe Pot, Langwathby 
NY55113267 Cote Ghyll Cottage, Langwathby 
NY56763224 cross, Edenhall 
NY55743129 Crosspots Wood, Langwathby 
NY56553250 Crostway, Edenhall 
NY57713152 Crow Wood, Langwathby 
NY57633118 Dolphenby, Langwathby 
NY564322 dovecote, Eden Hall 
NY55773524 Easy Foot, Langwathby 
NY56993347 Eden Bank, Langwathby L
NY56353321 Edenhall Cottage, Langwathby 
NY56523232 Edenhall Farm, Edenhall L out of sight
NY54533102 Edenhall Fell, Langwathby 
NY54663327 Edenhall Grange, Langwathby 
NY56543242 Edenhall, Langwathby 
NY56913394 Edenview, Langwathby 
NY56423232 fence, Edenhall 
NY56893358 fingerpost, Langwathby 
NY56893355 Fish Hotel, Langwathby 
NY56473237 Garthside, Edenhall 
NY54553081 Gibbet Hill, Langwathby 
NY56723122 Great Wood, Edenhall 
NY587315 Greenlands, Langwathby 
NY54673006 Hackmoor Hills, Langwathby 
NY55343137 Hazel Dub, Langwathby 
NY57893222 High Barn, Langwathby 
NY57023350 High Farm, Langwathby L
NY57283381 High Mill, Langwathby 
NY56313063 Highbarn Cottage, Langwathby 
NY55943180 Home Farm, Langwathby 
NY55743012 Honeypot, Langwathby 
NY59113298 Hope Hill, Langwathby 
NY59073317 Hopehill Wood, Langwathby 
NY54363162 Hydepark, Langwathby 
NY56253218 hydrant plate, Edenhall 
NY56513240 hydrant plate, Edenhall (2) 
NY55693162 hydrant plate, Edenhall (3) 
NY56873379 hydrant plate, Langwathby 
NY56243205 icehouse, Eden Hall 
NY56473241 Ivy Cottage, Edenhall L
NY55353194 Jacksfell Wood, Langwathby 
NY56963359 Langley House, Langwathby L
NY56893362 Langwathby 
NY56723398 Langwathby CofE Primary School, Langwathby 
NY56743370 Langwathby Hall, Langwathby 
NY56623520 Langwathby Mill, Langwathby 
NY58643279 Langwathby Moor, Langwathby 
NY57313346 Langwathby Station, Langwathby 
NY56603240 Limes, Edenhall L
NY56843430 lineside hut, Langwathby 
NY5534 Liquorice Sike 
NY56653521 Little Salkeld Viaduct, Hunsonby L
NY56673229 lodge, Edenhall 
NY56903383 Low Farm, Langwathby 
NY56803379 Low Mill, Langwathby 
NY56043028 Maiden's Step, Langwathby 
NY56343103 memorial, Edenhall 
NY56983375 Middle Farm, Langwathby 
NY57623368 milestone, Langwathby not found
NY56033300 milestone, Langwathby (2) not found
NY55313174 milestone, Langwathby (3) not found
NY54353057 milestone, Langwathby (4) 
NY57273202 mill, Edenhall suggested
NY58103389 Moor Cottage, Langwathby 
NY56213307 Moss Bridge, Langwathby 
NY57543425 Nethermoor Plantation, Langwathby gone
NY56563273 Old School House, Edenhall 
NY57213352 Old School, Langwathby 
NY56573245 Old Vicarage, Edenhall L
NY56273221 Pheasantries, Edenhall 
NY55893151 Pheasantries, Langwathby L out of sight
NY566336 pillbox, Langwathby 
NY56553261 pinfold, Edenhall 
NY57113358 police house, Langwathby 
NY56543243 post box, Edenhall 
NY586327 race course, Langwathby Moor 
NY57123368 railway bridge, Langwathby 
NY58623153 railway bridge, Langwathby (2) 
NY57263353 railway bridge, Langwathby (3) 
NY56833428 railway bridge, Langwathby (4) 
NY56943398 railway bridge, Langwathby (5) 
NY57373340 railway milepost, Langwathby 
NY56573272 Rosehill Cottage, Edenhall 
NY56733353 Scar, Langwathby 
NY54352996 Sceugh Farm, Langwathby 
NY55173085 Shadow Burgh, Langwathby 
NY56923358 Shepherds Inn, Langwathby L
NY55093209 Slatequarry Wood, Langwathby 
NY569326 South Rising, Langwathby 
NY5933 Sowyers Beck 
NY59273296 Sowyersteps Bridge, Langwathby 
NY59593272 Sowyersteps Wood, Langwathby 
NY56403210 St Cuthbert's Well, Edenhall 
NY56903372 St Peter, Langwathby L
NY57473328 Station Signal Box, Langwathby 
NY55553323 stone wall, Langwathby 
NY53973199 stone wall, Penrith (2) 
NY552299 stone, Honeypot gone
NY57183337 Stratheden, Langwathby 
NY56263209 summer house, Edenhall 
NY57003353 summer house, Langwathby 
NY56603235 Tea Rose Cottage, Edenhall L
NY56983355 telephone box, Langwathby L
NY55913296 toll gate, Langwathby gone
NY55633160 Townhead Wood, Edenhall 
NY55883178 Townhead, Edenhall 
NY57723048 Ud Ford, Langwathby 
NY57263033 Udford Crags, Langwathby 
NY57403048 Udford, Langwathby L
NY56803374 village hall, Langwathby 
NY56533243 war memorial, Edenhall 
NY56893358 war memorial, Langwathby 
NY56543241 waterworks sign, Edenhall 
NY55733158 West Lodge, Edenhall L
NY55543079 Whins Pond, Langwathby 
NY553311 Whinsfield, Langwathby 
NY56843362 White House, Langwathby L
NY54483232 Woodhead, Langwathby 
NY55683388 fingerpost, Langwathby (2) 
NY55013104 bridge, Langwathby (2) 
NY56463226 Eden Hall, Edenhall L C19 buildings on old site
 Settle and Carlisle Railway 
NY56103027 Giant's Caves, Langwathby 
NY4624 Eamont, River 
NY57723375 fingerpost, Langwathby (3) 
NY3658 Eden, River 
NY56603353 Langwathby Bridge, Langwathby 
NY56903205 St Cuthbert, Edenhall L
NY55553319 Luham, Langwathby L
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