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Kirkby Thore parish
Kirkby Thore
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY6426
10Km square:-   NY62
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Kirkby-thure
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Kirby Thewer
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.
"Kirby Thewer"

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 798 (1971)

place:-   Kirkby Thure Constablewick

NY6327 Birk Sike (2) 
NY64682575 Bowrang Plantation, Kirkby Thore 
NY64822696 Brackenbrough, Kirkby Thore 
NY63532533 Bridge End Inn, Kirkby Thore 
NY64672682 British Gypsum sidings, Kirkby Thore 
NY64562671 British Gypsum works, Kirkby Thore 
NY63852579 Chapel Cottage, Kirkby Thore 
NY63842567 chapel, Kirkby Thore 
NY63962575 chapel, Kirkby Thore (2) gone
NY65732760 Cobble Castle, Kirkby Thore 
NY63702551 Copping Hill, Kirkby Thore 
NY63812583 Cross End, Kirkby Thore 
NY63882583 Crossfell House Farm, Kirkby Thore 
NY64072573 Dobkinhow Well, Kirkby Thore 
NY63872567 drain, Kirkby Thore 
NY6525 Druid's Oak, Kirkby Thore 
 Eden Valley Railway 
NY63352687 fingerpost, Kirkby Thore 
NY63862577 fire station, Kirkby Thore L
NY62502492 Fitz Well, Kirkby Thore 
NY63872574 Foresters Hall, Kirkby Thore L
NY64052637 Green Lane, Kirkby Thore 
NY64222736 Hale Hill, Kirkby Thore 
NY63252676 Halefield Farm, Kirkby Thore 
NY64572740 Halehill Plantation, Kirkby Thore once
NY65082703 High Moor, Kirkby Thore 
NY62622597 Horse and Jockey, Kirkby Thore 
NY63732587 house, Kirkby Thore 
NY6525 Keld Sike (4) 
NY63542530 Kirkby Thore Bridge, Kirkby Thore 
NY64152562 Kirkby Thore Hall, Kirkby Thore L
NY63632604 Kirkby Thore Primary School, Kirkby Thore 
NY64172488 Kirkby Thore Station, Kirkby Thore 
NY66362981 limekiln, Kirkby Thore 
NY66402980 limekiln, Kirkby Thore (2) 
NY65202636 lineside hut, Kirkby Thore 
NY64882596 Long Rigg, Kirkby Thore 
NY651272 Low Abbey, Kirkby Thore 
NY62512525 Low Moor, Kirkby Thore 
NY62502603 Lowmoor Row, Kirkby Thore 
NY63382546 milestone, Kirkby Thore not found
NY62942577 milestone, Kirkby Thore (2) perhaps once
NY63612533 mill, Kirkby Thore gone?
NY64162579 Mount Pleasant Farm, Kirkby Thore L
NY63602543 Oak Tree Cottages, Kirkby Thore 
NY63612546 Oak Tree House, Kirkby Thore L
NY62932575 Oddfellows Arms, Kirkby Thore 
NY63872575 pinfold, Kirkby Thore L
NY63522569 Piper Lane, Kirkby Thore 
NY63872574 post box, Kirkby Thore 
NY642268 Potts Well, Kirkby Thore 
NY62722635 Priest Lane, Kirkby Thore 
NY64082737 railway bridge, Kirkby Thore 
NY65192635 railway bridge, Kirkby Thore (2) 
NY62422557 railway bridge, Kirkby Thore (3) 
NY64832671 railway crossing, Kirkby Thore 
NY64832669 railway footbridge, Kirkby Thore 
NY63842587 Rectory Farm, Kirkby Thore 
NY63782598 Rectory, Kirkby Thore 
NY63792552 Roman Arches, Kirkby Thore L
NY63802560 roman fort, Burwens 
NY63852562 seat, Kirkby Thore 
NY64552694 signal box, Kirkby Thore 
NY64542538 Sleastonhow Lane, Kirkby Thore 
NY651249 Sleastonhow, Kirkby Thore 
NY629253 Sober Well, Kirkby Thore 
NY62182630 Spitals, Kirkby Thore L
NY63512537 Spread Eagle, Kirkby Thore 
NY63802594 St Michael, Kirkby Thore L
NY65482615 Stamp Hill, Kirkby Thore 
NY63962571 Stone Cottage, Kirkby Thore L
NY632256 Street House, Kirkby Thore 
NY63882576 Thorneycroft, Kirkby Thore L
NY63612543 Town End, Kirkby Thore 
NY64182576 Town Head, Kirkby Thore 
NY63872568 Village Stores, Kirkby Thore 
NY63942574 War Memorial Hall, Kirkby Thore 
NY63712558 Whelp Castle, Kirkby Thore gone
NY64492579 Winthorn, Kirkby Thore 
NY63892568 Kirkby Thore 
 Settle and Carlisle Railway 
NY6624 Trout Beck (4) 
NY62 Maiden Way 
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