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Page 197:-
late Earl of Nottingham and Sister to the present Earl of Winchelsea and Nottingham. - Naworth Castle, the Sea[t] of the Right Honourable Henry Howard, Earl of Carlisle. - Kirkoswald and Dacre Castle, the late Earl of Suffex's. - Corby Castle, the Seat of the Honourable Charles Howard, Esq; - Moncaster, near Whitehaven, the Seat of Sir Joseph Pennington, one of the Knights of the Shire in the present Parliament. - Whitehaven, Sir James Lowther's, the other Representative in Parliament for this County. - Eden Hall, the Seat of Sir Philip Musgrave, Bart. and Knight of the Shire for the County of Westmorland. - Hayton Castle, Sir Richard Musgave's. - Hutton Hall, the late Sir George Fletcher's. - Kirkanders, upon the Eske, the late Lord Preston's. Penrith Castle, the Seat of the Right Hon. Sackvile Tufton, Earl of Thanet, who married one of the Daughters of the late Marquis of Halifax. - Workington, belonging to Henry Curwen, Esq; - Aglionby, and Stanwicks, Mr. Aglionby's. - Whitehall, Mr. Salkeld's Rose Castle, Bishop of Carlisle. - Armathwaite, the Seat of John Skelton, Esq; Blencow Magna, Mr. Blencow's. - Dale-Main, Lady Hassel's. - Dalston Hall, Sir George Dalston's. - High Close, Sir Wilfrid Lawson's. - Islekirk, Mr. Fetherstone's. - Hale Hall, Mr. Ponsonby's. - Croke Dake, Mr. Ballendin's. - Crofton, the Seat of John Briscoe, Esq; - Gaile, Mr. Hutton's. Haukesdale Hall. - John Nicholson's, Esq; - Nether Hesketh, the late Mr. Lawson's - Scalby, the Seat of William Glisson, Esq; - Lamplugh, the Seat of Thomas Lamplugh, Esq; - Raby Cate, Mrs. Chamber's. - Stonegarthside, Mr. Forster's. - Scales, the Seat of the late John Brougham, Esq; one of the Commissioners of the Excise.
And many other Gentlemens Seats and Houses.
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button -- Aglionby
button -- "Armathwaite Castle" -- Armathwaite Place
button -- "Blencow Magna" -- Blencow Hall
button -- "Corby Castle" -- Corby Castle
button -- "Crofton" -- Crofton hall
button -- "Croke Dake" -- Crookdake Hall
button -- "Dacre Castle" -- Dacre Castle
button -- "Dalemain" -- Dalemain
button -- "Dalston Hall" -- Dalston Hall
button -- "Eden Hall" -- Edenhall
button -- "Gaile" -- Gaile
button -- "Hale Hall" -- Hale Hall
button -- "Haukesdale Hall" -- Hawksdale Hall
button -- "Hayton Castle" -- Hayton Castle
button -- "High Close" -- High Close
button -- "High Close" -- High Close
button -- "Hutton Hall" -- Hutton-in-the-Forest
button -- "Issal" -- Isel Hall
button -- "Kirkanders" -- Kirkandrews Tower
button -- "Kirkoswald Castle" -- Kirkoswald Castle
button -- "Lamplugh" -- Lamplugh Hall
button -- "Nether Hesketh" -- Low Hesket
button -- "Moncaster" -- Muncaster Castle
button -- "Naworth Castle" -- Naworth Castle (?)
button -- "Penrith Castle" -- Penrith Castle
button -- "Raby Cate" -- Raby Cote
button -- "Scalby" -- Scaleby Castle
button -- "Scales" -- Scales Hall
button -- "Stanwicks" -- Stanwix
button -- "Stonegarthside" -- Stonegarthside Hall
button -- "Whitehall" -- Whitehall
button -- "Whitehall" -- Whitehall
button -- "Whitehaven" -- Whitehaven
button -- "Workington" -- Workington

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