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Gentleman's Magazine 1816 part 2 p.601

Boucher, Jonathan, loyalist divine, Saxon scholar, Blencogo, 1758.
Canon, John, schoolman, Canonby (flourished 1320).
Dalton, John, divine and poet, Deane, 1790.
Eaglesfield, Robert, founder of Queen's College, Oxford (died about 1370).
Egremont, William, schoolman, Egremont (flourished 1390).
Fletcher, Abraham, mathematician, Little Broughton, 1714.
Foster, Elizabeth, martyr, Greystock (burnt in Smithfield 1556).
Gilpin, Richard, divine, author of 'Satan's Temptations' (died 1657).
Gilpin, Sawrey, artist, painter of animals, Carlisle, 1733.
Gilpin, William, divine and tourist, Scaleby Castle, 1724.
Grindal, Edmund, Abp. of Canterbury, Hensingham, 1519.
Harvey, Thomas, divine and stenographist, Dovenby, 1740.
Herbert, St. friend of St. Cuthbert (died 688).
Hudleston, John, catholic priest, preserver of Charles II. Greystock, 1608.
Hudson, John, critic, editor of Josephus, Widehope, 1662.
Langbaine, Gerard, divine and antiquary, Kirk-Bampton (died 1657).
Layburn, Roger, Bp. of Carlisle, near Carlisle (died 1509).
Leake, John, physician, founder of the Westminster Lying-in Hospital, Ainstable, 1729.
Nicolson, William, Abp. of Cashel, antiquary, Orton, 1655.
Porter, George, civilian, Weary Hall (died about 1635).
Reay, William, divine, author of 'Sermons,' Nether Denton (died 1756).
Relph, Josiah, 'Cumberland poet,' Sebergham, 1712.
Ritson, Isaac, translator of Homer's Hymn to Venus, Penrith.
Robinson, Henry, Bp. of Carlisle, Carlisle, about 1556.
Seed, Jeremiah, divine, Clifton, 1605.
Senhouse, Richard, Bp. of Carlisle, Netherhall (died 1626).
Simpson, Joseph, editor of Epictus and Theophrastus, Redmain, 1710.
Skelton, John, satirical poet, Armathwaite (died 1529).
Taylor, John, lived to the age of 135, Garragill, 1638.
Tickell, Thomas, poet, Bridekirk, 1686.
Todd, Hugh, miscellaneous writer, Blencowe, about 1652.
Whelpdale, Roger, Bp. of Carlisle, logician and mathematician (died 1422).


From Whitehaven a packet to Man, on which isle it is intended to give a separate account.
Nov. 13, 1771, Solway Moss overflowed, covering and destroying every thing within a space of 500 acres.
'The wizard Michael Scot' was a monk of Holme Cultram about 1290. - The theologian Paley was rector of Salkeld, vicar of Dalston and Addingham, and archdeacon of Carlisle; his 'Horae Paulinae,' 'Evidences of Christianity,' 'Sermons,' 'Moral and Political Philosophy,' were composed at Carlisle. He was buried in the Cathedral. - Tan Wadling Lake and Castle Hewin are the scene of a ballad in Percy's Collection, entitled 'Sir Gawaine's Marriage.' - 'Adam Bell, Clym o' th' Clough, and William of Cloudeslee,' three Cumberland archers and outlaws, are but little inferior in ballad celebrity to Robin Hood and Little John.
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