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Gentleman's Magazine 1816 part 2 p.600

Ponsonby Hall, Geo. Edw. Stanley, esq.
Rose Castle, Bishop of Carlisle.
Walton House, Wm. Ponsonby Johnson, esq.
Weary Hll, Mr. Geo. Drury, a quaker.
Wood Hall, J. Saunderson Fisher, esq.
Workington Hall, John Christian Curwen, esq.
Members to Parliament. For the County, 2; Carlisle, 2; Cockermouth 2; total 6.
Produce. Wadd or Black Lead, Lead, Coal, Iron, Limestone, Gypsum, Slate, Freestone. Oats, Potatoes, Cranberries, Butter. Herrings, Cod, Salmon.
Manufactures. Cotton, Coarse Cloths, Coarse Linen, Sail Cloths, Ship-building, Glass Bottle.


Wards, 5; Parishes, 104; Market-towns, 19; Houses, 24,552.
Inhabitants. Males, 63,433; Females, 70,311: total 133,744.
Familes employed in Agriculture, 10,868; in Trade, 11,448; in neither, 6,074: total, 28, 390.
Baptisms. Males, 1,965; Females, 2,001. - Marriages, 1,040. - Burials, Males, 1,199; Females, 1,260.
Towns having not less than 1000 Inhabitants; viz.
Carlisle (capital city)1,70912,531
Alston Moor4665,079
TotalTowns, 12Houses, 8,874Inhabitants, 53,787.


Anno 875, Carlisle destroyed by the Danes.
1001, Cumberland laid waste by Ethelred, because Malcolm its Prince assisted the Danes.
1053, Cumberland ganted by Edward the Confessor to Siward Earl of Northumberland, who afterward defeated Macbeth, and placed Malcolm, Prince of Cumberland, son of Duncan, on the throne of Scotland.
1153, At Carlisle, David, King of Scotland, died.
1306, July 7, at Burgh-upon-Sands, EDWARD I. died.
1315, Carlisle successfully defended, against Robert Bruce, by Andrew de Hercla, created for this service Earl of Carlisle.
1537, near Carlisle, Nicholas Musgrave, in rebellion against Heny VIII. defeated by the Duke of Norfolk.
1542, at Solway Moss, the Scots, under Sir Oliver Sinclair, favourite of James V. routed, and their principal Nobles taken, by Sir Thomas Dacre and Sir John Musgrave.
1568, May 16, at Workington, poor Mary of Scots landed.
1645, June 25, Carlisle, after a noble defence, surrendered to the Scottish army under General Lesley.
1645, October, near Carlisle, Lord Digby and Sir Marmaduke Langdale defeated by the Parliamentarians.
1745, Nov. 15, Carlisle surrendered to Prince Charles Stuart. - Dec. 18, at Clifton, skirmish between the rear of the Prince's army and the van of the Duke of Cumberland's. - Dec. 30, Carlisle retaken by the Duke of Cumberland.


Aglionby, John, one of the translators of the Testament, about 1565.
Annesley, Samuel, nonconformist divine and author, 1619.
Armstrong, Archibald, fool or jester to James I. and Charles I. Arthuret (died 1672).
Banks, Sir John, Chief Justice, Keswick, about 1590.
Benn, William, nonconformist divine and author, Egremond, 1600.
Benson, George, dissenter, biblical critick, Great Salkeld, 1699.
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