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Askerton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY5673
10Km square:-   NY57
10Km square:-   NY67
10Km square:-   NY56
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   old map:- Cooper 1808
placename:-  Askerton
source data:-   Map, uncoloured engraving, Cumberland, scale about 10.5 miles to 1 inch, drawn and engraved by Cooper, published by R Phillips, Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London, 1808.
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circle; village or hamlet 
item:-  JandMN : 86
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 127 (1971)

NY52997141 Allergarth, Askerton 
NY64707651 Andrew's Haugh, Askerton 
NY56927216 Ashy Cleugh (2) 
NY55036927 Askerton Castle, Askerton L
NY55327105 Askerton Park, Askerton 
NY59637520 Barron's Pike, Askerton 
NY58647537 bastle house, Askerton L
NY57307182 Beacon, Askerton 
NY53117302 Birch Bush, Askerton 
NY60397681 Black Murches, Askerton 
NY61147655 Black Rigg, Askerton 
NY6176 Blackrigg Sike 
NY55486847 Bog Well, Askerton 
NY55207434 Bogside, Askerton 
NY59997702 Bottle Crag, Askerton 
NY64367713 Braid Loans, Askerton 
NY63357755 Breakshaw Hill, Askerton 
NY5672 Broadford Beck 
NY53786810 Broom Plantation, Askerton gone
NY57907301 Brown Hill, Askerton 
NY58887617 Bull Cleugh 
NY59637674 Bullcleugh Gate, Askerton 
NY57267451 Bush, Askerton 
NY57867358 Bushley Bank, Askerton 
NY58067175 Butt, Askerton 
NY56717447 Byer Cottage, Bewcastle gone
NY61057779 Cammock Rigg, Askerton 
NY6172 Caud Beck 
NY58857216 Caudbeck Flow, Askerton 
NY61027809 Chalybeate Spring, Askerton 
NY52117217 Clarksclose Burn 
NY60787698 Cock Play, Askerton 
NY55457309 Cocklet Rigg, Askerton 
NY6176 Cockplay Sike 
NY5569 Cold Sike 
NY57427301 Collin Bank, Askerton 
NY5669 Craig Burn 
NY56476876 Craigburn, Askerton 
NY5269 Cross Sike 
NY61147637 Die Rigg, Askerton 
NY54517004 Doe Hill, Askerton 
NY64387730 Double Haugh, Askerton 
NY6276 Dry Sike 
NY54657423 Elliotstown, Askerton 
NY56857296 Espy Well, Askerton 
NY56467356 Fawcettlees, Askerton 
NY54536866 Fell Hill, Askerton 
NY56487446 Florence Hall, Bewcastle 
NY5270 Flosh, The 
NY61637746 Foulbog Rigg, Askerton 
NY62447712 Foulbog Shield, Askerton 
NY6376 Foulbog Sike 
NY637781 Foulbog Waste, Askerton 
NY54266872 Gallowberry, Askerton 
NY55336958 Gallows Hill, Askerton 
NY59437455 Gilbert's Hill, Askerton 
NY57307184 Gillalees Beacon, Askerton 
NY56967125 Gillalees, Askerton 
NY61107621 Gowany Hill, Askerton 
NY6076 Gowany Sike 
NY57427434 Graham's Rigg, Askerton 
NY61607672 Grainses Lone Sheepfold, Askerton 
NY58007282 Green Knowe, Askerton 
NY5874 Green's Burn 
NY63427697 Harry's Well, Askerton 
NY6175 Hazel Gill 
NY59607597 Hazelgill Crag, Askerton 
NY60177320 Hen Hill, Askerton 
NY54667204 Hennan Bank, Askerton gone?
NY58267504 Hennel Cleugh, Bewcastle 
NY57057350 Herd Hill, Askerton 
NY52727247 High Floweryhirst, Askerton 
NY58787538 High Grains, Askerton 
NY57337426 High Hall, Askerton gone?
NY57237281 High House, Askerton 
NY55687126 High Park, Askerton 
NY60517602 Highgrains Waste, Askerton 
NY569723 house, Askerton gone
NY52796910 Howdale, Askerton 
NY59607508 inscribed rock, Askerton 
NY5473 Job's Cleugh 
NY53927315 Jobscleugh, Askerton 
NY55696998 Keep, Askerton 
NY5571 Kettle Beck 
NY5272 Kiln Sike 
NY5674 Kirk Beck 
NY53446894 Kirkcambeck Bridge, Kirkcambeck 
NY53376897 Kirkcambeck Church, Kirkcambeck L gone?
NY53406896 Kirkcambeck, Askerton 
NY5573 Kitty Beck 
NY5467 Knorren Beck 
NY53716767 Knorren Bridge, Askerton 
NY54276796 Knorren Fell, Askerton 
NY53586798 Knorren Lodge, Askerton L
NY53706867 Lane Head, Askerton 
NY54247254 Lay Holes, Askerton 
NY60667545 Leafy Rigg, Askerton 
NY6277 Leafy Sike 
NY55366791 Lees Hill CofE Primary School, Lees Hill 
NY55546802 Lees Hill, Askerton 
NY58357396 limekiln, Askerton 
NY56667179 Lion's Brae, Askerton 
NY52567223 Low Floweryhirst, Askerton 
NY540713 Low Park House, Askerton once
NY54457080 Low Park moss, Askerton 
NY56417204 Low Park, Askerton 
NY56497316 Luke's Cottage, Askerton 
NY56457312 Luke's House, Askerton 
NY54247340 Lynes, Askerton 
NY60687591 Matthew's Hill, Askerton 
NY6175 Matthew's Sike 
NY5571 Melefarm Beck 
NY52257202 Mewsgate, Askerton 
NY56107092 Mollen Wood, Askerton 
NY55857394 Moorfoot, Askerton 
NY53327259 Mossfoot, Askerton 
NY533689 motte, Kirkcambeck 
NY58467438 Mount Hulie, Askerton 
NY57177405 Oakstock, Askerton 
NY55687028 Park Gate, Askerton 
NY55707058 Parkgate Bridge, Askerton 
NY55026920 post box, Askerton 
NY56257264 Pumptree Gate, Askerton gone
NY53846874 Red Hall, Askerton 
NY53896869 Red Hills, Askerton 
NY6377 Red Sike 
NY6076 Redpath Sike 
NY63897779 Redsike, Askerton 
NY57737463 Rigghead, Askerton 
NY57687161 Robin Hood's Well, Askerton 
NY57957178 roman signal station, Askerton 
NY53817163 Room's Crag, Askerton 
NY57837157 Sandy's Crag, Askerton 
NY54006860 school, Askerton 
NY56497444 Shopford, Bewcastle 
NY59257415 Shopmoss Knowe, Askerton 
NY5371 Show Burn 
NY53597203 Show, Askerton 
NY59097319 Side Fell, Askerton 
NY57577305 Side, Askerton 
NY56467387 Smithsteads, Askerton 
NY6178 Sough Sike 
NY53356895 St Kentigern, Kirkcambeck 
NY5874 Stack Cleugh 
NY61337579 Sword Hill, Askerton 
NY6178 Tarn Beck 
NY53856861 tile works, Askerton 
NY5368 Tod Burn 
NY53606826 Todburn Plantation, Askerton gone
NY56667262 Tower Brae, Askerton 
NY557724 tower, Winter Shields gone
NY56867282 Towerbrae Cairn, Askerton 
NY53516886 Wheat Sheaf, Kirkcambeck 
NY5773 White Beck (3) 
NY62547748 White Brae, Askerton 
NY57267380 White Knowe, Askerton 
NY4973 White Lyne 
NY56587425 Whitebeck, Bewcastle 
NY55687232 Winter Shields, Askerton 
NY58347364 Woodhead Crags, Askerton 
NY57707395 Woodhead, Askerton L
NY53566886 Woodview, Kirkcambeck 
NY5267 Cam Beck 
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