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Lowther parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY5322
10Km square:-   NY52
10Km square:-   NY51
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Lowther
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Lowther
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 307 (1971)

place:-   Lowther Constablewick

NY51892218 Andrew's Loom, Lowther 
NY52772511 Ashleymoor Plantation, Lowther Park 
NY53842447 Bainbridge Gate Bridge, Lowther 
NY54402305 barn, Hackthorpe L
NY52822102 Baxter Rash, Lowther 
NY5421 Bessy Gill 
NY53862285 Boonby Plantation, Lowther Park 
NY54242320 Boxwood Cottage, Hackthorpe L
NY53152372 Bracken Hill, Lowther Park 
NY54762206 brickworks, Lowther 
NY52112503 bridge, Lowther Park 
NY54362310 Brockle Bank, Hackthorpe L
NY52192462 Buckholme Drive, Lowther Park 
NY52672486 Buckholme Slip, Lowther Park 
NY52632528 Buckholme Wood, Lowther 
NY55462466 Burnbank Dubs, Lowther 
NY53392121 Burtree Bank, Lowther 
NY52572257 Burtree Scar, Lowther Park 
NY5425 Butts Sike 
NY53192442 Carterhow Wood, Lowther Park 
NY52392379 Castle Strip, Lowther Park 
NY51892402 Castlesteads Plantation, Lowther Park 
NY51892413 Castlesteads, Lowther Park gone
NY53682351 Church Walk, Lowther Park 
NY51802467 Church Wood, Lowther Park 
NY55622512 Clematis Cottage, Melkinthorpe L
NY52642417 College, Newtown 
NY52672414 Corner Cottage, Newtown L
NY52712147 Cragside Wood, Lowther 
NY52822422 Craika Bank, Newtown 
NY53312373 cricket ground, Lowther 
NY51752225 Crookwath Bridge, Lowther 
NY53092281 Decoy Hag Cover, Lowther Park 
NY53302295 Decoy Hag Pond, Lowther Park 
NY53482304 Decoy Hag Slip, Lowther Park 
NY53522262 Decoy Hag, Lowther Park 
NY53172262 Decoy House, Lowther Park 
NY53102258 Decoy Pond, Lowther Park 
NY53102225 Emperor's Drive, Lowther 
NY52652418 fence, Newtown 
NY52752227 Five Trees, Lowther Park 
NY55592524 Fossils, Melkinthorpe L
NY55032240 Great Strickland Bridge, Lowther 
NY52922304 Greatholme Plantation, Lowther Park 
NY53262314 Greatholme Slip, Lowther Park 
NY5421 Greenriggs Sike 
NY54352313 Greystone Cottage, Hackthorpe 
NY54252227 Hackthorpe High Plantation, Lowther 
NY54162237 Hackthorpe High, Lowther 
NY53502288 Hackthorpe Wood, Lowther Park erased
NY54242324 Hackthorpe, Lowther 
NY55092249 Hag Well, Lowther 
NY54932230 Hag Wood, Lowther gone?
NY54252326 Hermitage, Hackthorpe 
NY53102398 Highcross Wood, Lowther Park 
NY54382307 Hill Rise, Hackthorpe L
NY53992339 Hollies, Lowther L
NY52772409 Home Farm, Newtown 
NY53332423 Horsepasture Plantation, Lowther 
NY52182150 house, Whale L
NY52202148 house, Whale (2) 
NY52572355 Hugh's Garden, Lowther Park 
NY52602372 icehouse, Lowther Castle 
NY52412352 Jack Croft Pond, Lowther Park 
NY52432370 Jack Croft, Lowther Park 
NY52582428 Jacks Yak, Lowther Park 
NY55692511 Leith Beck Farm, Melkinthorpe 
NY5523 Leith, River 
NY52702401 Lilac Cottage, Newtown L
NY55642516 Lilac House, Melkinthorpe L
NY54252211 limekiln, Hackthorpe 
NY52672210 limekiln, Lowther 
NY53692380 limekiln, Lowther (2) 
NY53702432 long cairn, Lowther 
NY51982270 Low Deer Park Plantation, Lowther 
NY52102502 Low Gardens Bridge, Lowther Park L
NY53462468 Low Moor, Lowther L out of sight
NY53632363 Lowther L
NY53662359 Lowther Cottage, Lowther L
NY54032340 Lowther Endowed School, Hackthorpe 
NY531227 Lowther Miniature Railway, Lowther gone
NY52512450 Lowther Moor, Lowther 
NY52112428 Lowther Park, Lowther 
NY54252450 Melkinthorpe Bridge, Lowther 
NY55562522 Melkinthorpe, Lowther 
NY55562524 Midtown, Melkinthorpe 
NY53862374 milestone, Lowther L not found
NY54802255 milestone, Lowther (3) not found
NY53832470 milestone, Lowther (4) perhaps once
NY53762307 milestone, Lowther (5) perhaps once
NY51722420 mill, Lowther 
NY52732254 Morris Brow, Lowther Park 
NY54652433 New Close, Lowther 
NY53492408 New Road, Lowther 
NY52682436 Newtown Paddock, Newtown 
NY52722408 Newtown, Lowther 
NY5524 Noonhowe Sike 
NY5322 Park Foot, Lowther once?
NY53232198 Park House, Lowther 
NY52692405 Park Side, Newtown L
NY52432343 Peg Huck Well, Lowther Park 
NY52172154 Penfold Cottage, Whale L
NY54232321 Pheasant Bush Cottage, Hackthorpe L
NY55632516 post box, Melkinthorpe 
NY52692417 post box, Newtown (2) 
NY52152152 post box, Whale 
NY53622365 pump, Lowther L
NY54842356 railway bridge, Lowther 
NY54662382 railway bridge, Lowther (2) 
NY54152474 railway bridge, Lowther (3) 
NY51922393 Rash, Lowther Park 
NY55642515 Red Barn Gallery, Melkinthorpe 
NY55602520 Rose Cottage, Melkinthorpe L
NY53512329 Rough Ground Plantation, Lowther Park 
NY51932356 Roughly Bank Plantation, Lowther Park 
NY52752186 Rowlandfield Plantation, Lowther 
NY55102378 Rowland's Lum, Lowther 
NY53992340 school, Hackthorpe 
NY52142151 school, Whale 
NY53922339 seat, Hackthorpe 
NY52702151 settlement, Cragside Wood 
NY55302405 Short Wood, Lowther 
NY52942446 Skellands Cover, Lowther Park 
NY53242457 Skellands Plantation, Lowther 
NY528245 Skellands Pond, Lowther 
NY52942433 Skellands Strip, Lowther Park 
NY55622512 Sycamore Cottage, Melkinthorpe L
NY52312331 Terrace Strip, Lowther Park 
NY52102346 Terrace, Lowther Park 
NY54272328 Townend Farm, Hackthorpe L
NY54032439 Trainford Brow, Lowther 
NY53922338 village hall, Hackthorpe 
NY53642384 Village Quarry, Lowther 
NY53722355 Village Wood, Lowther Park 
NY53792441 Walker's Wood, Lowther gone?
NY539239 Warren House, Lowther suggested
NY53892399 Warrengill Plantation, Lowther 
NY53812392 Warrenhouse Well, Lowther 
NY55082401 Waterfalls Bridge, Lowther 
NY54812441 Waterfalls Road, Lowther 
NY55412518 Watergates Lane, Melkinthorpe 
NY51762404 weir, Lowther 
NY5221 Whale Beck 
NY52112153 Whale Farm Cottage, Whale 
NY52212169 Whale Farm, Whale 
NY53092126 Whale Moor, Lowther 
NY52242192 Whale Plantation, Whale 
NY52202153 Whale, Lowther 
NY53102060 Whalemoor, Lowther 
NY52712399 Woodside, Newtown L
NY51902446 St Michael, Lowther L
NY5223 old village, Lowther gone
NY54442286 Hackthorpe Hall, Lowther L
 Lancaster and Carlisle Railway 
NY5124 Lowther, River 
NY54302314 Lowther Castle Inn, Hackthorpe L
NY52272385 Lowther Castle, Lowther L
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